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  2. if memory serves Stella and Kylie do not like each other. Back when they were both here last time together, they got into a heated argument. I agree with you Delta, I'd rather see Stella than anyone else. New girls are nice, especially more diversity would be welcome. As for Leo, both Stella and him look very much in love. Truly, they should have their own apartment. Perhaps when Kylie leaves, Stella and Leo will be back in the couples apartment
  3. Stella you always be the Queen of this project. Hopefully you and Leo return soon
  4. Thank you Stella and Leo for sharing a small part of your life with us. It was amazing. Stella you are nothing but a class act and I hope, beyond hope you and your boyfriend return soon. RLC need to bring you back. Take good care of Stella, Leo you are a very lucky man. All the best to both of you. I wish all of your endeavers come true
  5. WTF...Stella and Leo are packing. This couple have been the best thing that has ever happened to RLC period. Hopefully, RLC has not lost their minds and this couple are simply moving to their own apartment. If they leave, I may leave site for good
  6. Enjoyed the party at barca tonight. Stella looked really hot. Hoping for some massage play by anyone, but didn't happen on this night. Stella and Jenn did some nice work on those bananas. Nice to see these parties again. Hope we see more of the same. All the girls looking great.
  7. Still getting use to being back with RLCF I was reading different forums. It's great to see some old faces { members} still here. They use to have a joke of the day, where people would write in gags, hope they still do that. Most of the people on RLCF are good eggs. Its the reason I like this site
  8. it's good to be back with RLCF. I am glad it hadn't devolved into a site where people just bitched or complained about the apartments. It still remains a quality site that is mostly informative, and where you can a good laugh, from time to time. Still waiting to see if Frank and Jenn spend any time with Stella and Leo. There seems to be no chemistry there. Still having Gina over, is great to watch. Back when, Stella and Gina were at the barca apts they use to give each other a nice massage from time to time, would love to see that again
  9. Diverse opinions are always welcome rubberman. We disagree on a few things, no problem with that. People have been discrediting Stella ever since she arrived at RLC. I am sick of it. She has been scapegoated and maligned and yet all she ever done is help RLC Always giving us a great show. We all know these are sex cam girls and couples and they follow fake scripts to some extent. They are employees of RLC. It seems bonuses are also in the picture, but these are real couples who have a real relationship that evolves in real time. Lets not malign them. They are great at what they do, putting on a show for us. RLC is a one of a kind, and we all enjoy it. Lets show the proper respect for them and in chat with each other. We are not always going to agree. It would be a boring world if we did. As for the drugs most of us took them we were young. I did. As we get older we change.The other girls on this site are pretty girls, and they all seem to have respect for one another. There really is nothing to be displeased about, RLC are trying their best to please their customers. Can we start cutting some slack?
  10. There are two kinds of truth. What one can see with their own two eyes. And what one imagines in their mind. You would have me believe that all three of these people are incredible actors, like say, Jack Nicholson. It really is incredible what people imagine {behind the scenes} Stella and Leo are helping Gina and vice versa.
  11. The night is young, who knows what can happen. It must be an enclosed balcony with some heat available and they all enjoy each others company. They are hypnotizing to watch Stella and Leo should have their own apartment
  12. Leo is always hard because Stella keeps it that way. Leo barely notices Gina, and there is no evidence of any hard drugs. Stella and leo are having a good time with Stellas friend They are all young and having fun. Enjoy.
  13. Have to disagree. Stella makes things happen with the other girls. A few years back Stella along with others had parties that are the stuff of legend. She has been disrespected by everyone, even RLC did it when she was used as a scapegoat. We all have our favorites though, nothing wrong with that.
  14. Stella and Leo are quickly becoming my favorite couple of all time on RLC. They are a very good looking couple Fun and exciting to watch Don't quite understand this business with emojis. Seems a bit weird for a guy to send this to another guy. Likes and dislikes make sense, I don't know if I can get use to all the other ones.
  15. Stella will never stop being crapped on ! As i said people love to be wrong about her. What I saw in reality is two friends, Gina and Stella partying, having fun. Stella and her boyfriend look in love and nothing else, is going on, other than members of this site going wild with their imagination. She is good for RLC as she always gives so much to them in organizing get togethers with the other girls. She can never to this day get the respect she deserves. She is beautiful, has a sizzling hot body, is respected by the other girls, and any man would be lucky to have her. Leo seems like a nice guy. Try to raise your head out of the gutters guys. Every single time she has been dissed, she always proves everyone wrong!
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