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  1. Thought I'd share the funniest moment on RLC with all of you. Years back when Paul and Leora were living in the old apartment I tuned one day to see Leora doing what she does best. Bating. She had just finished the laundry, and taking a bath. Suddenly, she stops, and frantically dashes around the house. All hell breaks loose. She darts around room to room, visibly angry. Her spunky dog comes screaming around the corner, her panties firmly in his mouth. There was no way she could catch him. I laughed so hard I cried. You just can't script that.
  2. Is this house arrest ever going to end? Stella has not been allowed any visitors since her stay. OK Gina was allowed to visit her once. Even in jail you are allowed more than one visitor. Her boyfriend is not allowed to visit. Her friends can't visit. Would it be OK for her to have a glass of wine tonight? It may be real life, but it is under some kind of marshall law.
  3. Really glad you and Yanai worked things out. Arguments just clear the air, all couples go through ups and downs - and the making up, is that much sweeter.
  4. The new management seem to keep a tight rein on things. Stella does not seem to be allowed any visitors. It has always been the downfall of RLC. They are too controlling. New couples have a lot of sex, it is what most of us want to see .Let Leo visit. It is real life. Some of us are more into the voyeur aspect of it, to each his own. Real life also has boring moments and it also has its fun moments. All RLC needs to do is let real life happen. Stella has never looked anything , but amazing. Loosen the reins. Allow the parties, its what young people do, it is real life.
  5. And so it goes, people always talking crap about one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman ever on this site. Accusations never ending, with no foundation to them. Stella has never done anything ,but entertain us with her girlfriends, and her boyfriend Leo. She has the respect of all the girls on RLC and appears to be nothing more than a wonderful person. I am on this site to see the girls.To a certain extent they all seem to follow a script, whether its a massage or playing games, I guess it keep things exciting. I would hope we all are all here to see the girls The true question should be what happened to the RLCF site. Most of the information in the past was very informative and we would joke around with one another. There was always a positive vibe coming from people. One looked forward to chatting all the time. Two of my favorite girls are on this site right now, Stella and Carla, I hope both of them stay a long time. RLC they are finally doing something right, adding more diversity was a long time coming.
  6. Gina and Stella together would be incredibly hot. When Leo was here last, he and Stella had sex all the time . It was amazing.
  7. Stella, Gina and Leo in the same apt sounds like everyday, would be a good day, especially for all of us
  8. Some suggestions for RLC. Most of these apts are located in Spain. Why not have a big party and invite all the girls from all the apts . Let them have fun together. Maybe for one of the holidays. Just a thought. Girls who have been on RLC in the past could also be invited. Probably, will never happen, but would be nice to see
  9. Carla had a lot of friends in the past, seem to remember alot of people coming over. Things could have changed with Mario gone.
  10. Stella you looked stunning tonight. Some of the girls at GP will have a difficult time sleeping. One day RLC give you the respect you deserve, and they will do right by you. You did a good job helping out tonight.
  11. I heard the apt went U/M the other day when Gina was there. Odd that it would happen at that time. It would be great to see Gina back. Sofie and Naomi only socialize with each other. There are girls who don't follow the RLC script, Stella, Gina and Carla to name three. They are as real as one can hope for. They always entertain us. Respect.
  12. It's great to have you back Carla, this apartment has not seen this much action since the days of Alma. The sex is really good. This great interest in video games must be a generational thing. Yanai seems to love this stuff. When you have a choice Yanai the controller, or the hot woman in front of you, make the right choice.
  13. I see how this works, you like a woman on RLC, and you become an agent of RLC, and her as well.. Yes, makes perfect sense Incredible, Thankfully, here on location - earth, a fan can just be a fan. The truth is I have only ever been a fan of four or five women on this site, tops. Stella and Carla are two of them. The only time I bother with RLC is when one or the other is present. In my opinion the lack of diversity on this site has always been its biggest problem. Russian white girls are pretty, but they are not the only women in the world. We live in a world where there are beautiful black, asian and indian women. I am glad RLC is finally catching up to the rest of the world. It took a very long time. I like voyeur sites, what I don't like, is the lack of diversity.
  14. Agent?! Rubberman I have read a lot of your posts through the years. I find your posts both informative and at times humorous. Most of the people on RLCF are good eggs Stella is my favorite. We all have our favorites. I have found that RCLF has devolved over the years. Negative comments seem to be the norm It is OK when people bitch about RLC, but we all should try to show respect to the girls, and to each other. Carla is another one of favorites too. You should know with Carla and Stella I 've got their back
  15. Stella should have her own apartment. She is stunningly gorgeous.
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