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  1. What a difference a few weeks make. If RLC was an amusement park you would have to say all its roller coasters are now out of commission. Stella, Sara, Dami, Annabelle, Belle and Megan you gave us the ride of our lives. I literally went from watching RLC 8 hours a day, to now, just a few hours a week. I went from being happily addicted, to meh. The Leora and Carla ride is all that's left. The amusement park is a shadow of its former self. Patiently I wait, getting ready for that edge of your seat thrills, and excitement, coming soon. The question is, how long is the wait? Are new roller coasters still under construction? Is the Polya or Irma ride going to re-open? So many questions, so few answers.
  2. The two girls at Carla's party were hot. These days I only check in, to RLC to see Carla(shes always worth seeing}. Hopefully those two girls come back again.
  3. Carla may not be feeling well right now, hope she feels better soon.
  4. Stella good luck in the future, I hope all your dreams and wishes come true. You are very much respected by all the other girls on RLC . it does not go unnoticed how much you help them. I am sure the staff respect very much as well. It was an unexpected pleasure to hear you speak english, during this stay. Hope to hear that again someday.We got to know you more as a person. Take care. Hope to see you soon
  5. If I ran RLC i would build two statues, one of Stella, and one of Sara. They would be outside the head offices. Every girl that came in I would say to them. You can bate, and you can leave - or you can be goddesses like these two fine women. When these two women were here, customers tuned in, and they never left. They lost sleep watching these women. Night after night these women partied like there was no tomorrow. You knew you were hooked. Just for laughs I recently tuned into B1. i think a heard a cricket, maybe it was two.
  6. Stella is gone. I will go to the bar, and have a drink. RLC its just not fun anymore.
  7. One more thing I am a fan, nothing more, nothing less. The false accusations hurled at me are not very nice. Just because you disagree with someones opinion does not give you the right to say BS about him. I do not accuse people of things, and I respect their opinions. I expect the same in return
  8. Stella you are a wonderful woman who gives everything of yourself when you are here. We witness an amazing lady giving us the greatest show of anyone ever on this site. Some girls they come here, they bate, they leave. I respect them, its their choice You give us all the whole package, everything we could ever want and more. Giving your ALL to ALL of us. We are the lucky one Come up on stage Stella, there is a full house. Loud applause is heard. A standing ovation. A few malcontents leave. Ignore them. TAKE A BOW .DROP THE MIC. YOU ARE THE QUEEN. PS I miss you already. I hope you are back soon
  9. I am sick and tired of people making up lies about members, calling others agents, or making false accusations based on nothing but disagreement with another's opinions
  10. The stuff people say about Stella and Sara on this site are all lies. Jessica had nothing but respect for these two beautiful ladies . The respect shown on this site for other people is a disgrace
  11. I believe that people who like to accuse other people of things on this site -when they have no REASON or CAUSE to do so, are themselves the person with the hidden agenda. After all it is the best disguise
  12. I think all the girls work as a team. Respecting each other and enjoying the contributions each give to one another. You know the opposite of RLCF.
  13. Stella, people never stop talking crap about you. The disrespect started when RLC wrongfully made you a scapegoat for drugs, you never brought in, to one of the apts. I have watched your epic journey from a shy girl bating under covers, to being the queen of RLC. On this, your most recent stay I have seen you in the most erotic lesbian scene I have ever seen on this site. The night you had your threesome is the most sensual moment RLC has ever had. We have all watched how you and Sara make grown men cry like babies, while neither of you shed a tear. You both party like beasts. Fans on this site cry foul, when either one of you could drink them all under the table laughing while you do it. RESPECT. I can only hope you and Sara get your own apt soon. You deserve it. Stella as always I wish you luck with all your future endeavers. You are smart, funny, incredibly sensual and an amazing person that anyone would be lucky to meet. Every day people tuned in, you already knew who was on the most popular camera: Stella and Sara. Entertaining us all on this site like no one else before you, or after. The rest of us will go back to boring life cam, please have a safe flight home
  14. WTF. STELLA IS PACKING. HAVE THEY ALL LOST THEIR MINDS AT RLC. Where is the respect.The only place Stella should be going is her own apt. They have 7 new girls at GP, I have not watched any of them once. I have not one speck of interest.Why would I want to watch anyone's boring life. I hope one day someone at RLC will give Stella the respect she deserves. On this occasion, what she deserves is a monumental party, at the end of her 90 days
  15. Sara your stay was epic. You are a beast, you are in that zone of being a party legend. Sadly, I see you are packing, it is a sad day for all. RLC should let your journey continue. I look forward to your return. You and Stella deserve your own apt.
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