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  1. Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    I've only seen Julia bate once, back when the couch was on the other side of the room. She rubbed her slit with her middle finger for a few minutes, suddenly and briefly tensed, and it was over. Hopefully, the pink BOB will bring her (and us) greater pleasure more often.
  2. Maya Fan Page

    I've not seen the place that clean in a long time. Stepan leaving is a great turn of events and I'm looking forward to seeing how things play out for Maya. Wishing her all the best.
  3. Leora Fan Page

    Leora and Paul were on the living room couch chatting, maybe an hour ago. Now Paul is asleep on the LR couch and Leora is in the GR stroking her pussy. I wonder if she ever tells him, "Sleep now, Paul. I'm going to pay the rent."?
  4. Hey, what's life without a dream?
  5. Leora Fan Page

    Damn! Missed another.
  6. Newbie

    In what aspect should newbies not be trusted? It's not like they can pick your pocket or superglue your mouse to the pad.
  7. Leora Fan Page

    Yep. Sucks, too.
  8. Fucking Crazy.

    That is one fucked up couple. smh
  9. happy new year 2018

    Happy New Year, all.
  10. Rules about RLC

    Scotsman is right. As long as the money is coming in, all is right in the RLC management world.
  11. Maya & Stepan

    Sounds like RLC is getting as flaky as Facebook.
  12. What stops you getting involved in chat?

    Something to consider which may or may not have an influence is the time of day and global distribution of the members of the two sites. If the bulk of the members of one site are asleep when you happened to look, yet awake on the other, that would skew the results.
  13. leora and pauls friends

    Paul has a male friend (?) over. They are doing something with his computer. Leora is closed up in the guest room in her usual T-shirt-only attire. The barking rat is freaking out. Paul has it on his lap at the computer at the moment to keep it calm.
  14. Leora Fan Page

    There is some dysfunction in that relationship. Leora acts as though she really loves Paul, but until very recently he's not shown any return of feelings. I've often wondered if he was her first and only, and I've wondered if perhaps they came together for the purpose of sharing a RLC apartment, sort of an expenses-paid job. Back in their original apartment, Leora was quite shy about being nude and they rarely had sex on a free cam. I recall the first time I saw them in the living room, Paul lasted about 10 seconds and was up and gone to the bathroom, leaving Leora on the floor in what appeared to be pre-orgasmic distress. Once in their current place she began to walk around nude, but would cover her breasts and crotch with her hands and arms. Since then she's morphed into a self-pleasuring porn star who has progressed through basic finger bating, dildo, tasting herself, and now sticks two fingers up her butt. Paul still feels the need to hide sometimes, but his performance has improved, even though Leora is still her own best source of pleasure, even when they are together.
  15. Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Earlier today it was moved, but there was nobody on the couch. I suspect it's being placed there to block the camera's view.