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  1. Sometimes he will fall asleep in either the bedroom or living room and she'll have at it in the guest room or bathtub. Sometimes he leaves for a while, too. I've wondered if she's ever ran him out, so to speak, so she could pay the bills. What I'd like to see is for her to jill off on the living room couch while numbnuts is on his computer.
  2. PoeBoy

    Masha's Boob Job

    They will probably come in handy if a hole in the drywall is required.
  3. PoeBoy


    I notice a lot of talk (complaining) about how the tenants, especially the newer ones, spend all day lying around focused on their phones and how that's not real life. Perhaps nowadays it is, or it's becoming that way. Just look around at bars/clubs and restaurants that cater to that set. You'll see a lot of the same thing. Brain dead ... definitely. Real life ... mmmmm, could be.
  4. PoeBoy

    Do they ever fuck?

    From what I've seen on RLC and read here, Julia has some issues with sex. One time I watched them, Eric was being gentle, but Julia was obviously in pain even through she wanted him inside her. Reminded me of a couple of women I know who were severely molested when they were pre-teen children. Now, about all they think about is sex, dildo use is prolific by themselves or a female partner, but when it comes down to penetration by a male it's very painful.
  5. PoeBoy

    Leora Fan Page

    Even that is iffy. Those places are where the speculators and imagineers focus their spinning on. If anything REAL was happening, there would be no nothing for them to build anything from.
  6. PoeBoy

    I can do her better than Paul

    I've often suspected they've only been with each other. For one thing, if she had more experience, she probably wouldn't put up with his lousy fuck. If he'd been with others, he shouldn't be such a lousy fuck. It wasn't until just recently that she would reach orgasm with him (assuming it isn't just faked). Years ago, back in the other apartment, I never saw her get off with him. He always ended before she was ready, then would leave her lying there while he went to get cleaned up.
  7. PoeBoy

    Leora Fan Page

    Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!
  8. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    From what I've seen posted here, this seems to have gone on for months. If Segpay management is aware of a possible hack, why have customers not been notified?
  9. PoeBoy

    Maya Fan Page

    Looks like she's gone the dreadlock extensions route like Masha did. I like the look on her (having real boobs helps), especially how they hang down into the crack of her ass when she's on top.
  10. PoeBoy

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Yep, they're back and it doesn't look like anything has been packed. They're not going anywhere. Once again, speculation faceplanted. lmbo To me, the apartment seems much brighter, as if lighting was added or upgraded, or maybe they just have more turned on than usual.
  11. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    Well, seeing all this reinforces my decision to NOT be a paying RLC member.
  12. PoeBoy

    Do you care if its FAKE?

    Real people don't have jobs which stream their home activities to the Internet 24/7. Real people don't position themselves during sex or masturbation for the best (or sometimes worst) view of the cameras. It's closer to reality than the webcam sites, but still not completely real. At least the folks here aren't checking the computer every 15 seconds to see what their "fans" posted. Or maybe they are ... way too much time is spent poking at phones. In that respect, they are 100% real.
  13. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    Click here for Florida's info on shstrok.com Click here for Florida's info on the company which owns shstrok.com
  14. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    dave0000, are you also running a firewall other than the one built into XP? Antivirus won't keep out hackers, just their droppings.
  15. PoeBoy


    I find it interesting that people will spend hours a day of their lives watching the lives of others online and making up stories about what they see that is basically irrelevant to what they see, rather than going out and living their own lives. They would be entertaining if it wasn't all so pointless.