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    Good question. All the Russian apartments were shut down. Although there has been much speculation and RLC put out a rather vague corporate-speak email, nobody really knows why. Leora has relocated to Prague (so far, without Paul), so she's back in business, and I've heard Nina & Kira are on VHTV, although I've not checked that out myself.
  2. I don't think they were, although for a moment earlier this year I thought maybe they had done that, based on what appeared to be a wedding band on Leora's hand. I've often wondered how many other partners each has had in the past because back in their original apartment neither one seemed to have a good feel of what they were doing. Paul was really hair-triggered and would often barely last a minute. Leora wasn't so much into masturbation from what I saw, nor did I ever see her push him out of the way so she could finish herself off (something common before the loss of the Russian apartments). It wouldn't bother me one bit if Paul never showed his nose-picking self again. Leora needs a guy with some stamina and fewer inhibitions. Two guys, for that matter. Or three, one for each hole. Toss in a lady from time to time so Leora gets some girly flavor other than her own. Of course, I'll never see it since I won't sign up with Segpay. Heard too many bad reports about them. But hey, what's life without a dream?
  3. I'm hoping Leora has left Paul behind. I've said all along she needs someone much better (more endurance) in the sack. I'm not suggesting anyone could ever please her as well as she pleases herself, but at least it would up the game considerably.
  4. Reading all this is so fucking hilarious. When reality (as much as RLC is reality) doesn't fit the bill, make shit up. Dream big, it might be all you get. lmao
  5. I don't have enough to say to earn access to the privileged areas and paid the $12 back in December for access to the photos and videos. Yeah, see what that got me? That won't happen again.
  6. Sounds like the chatters are more fucked up than the people they are watching/talking about. Birds of a feather, which is why I don't even read that crap.
  7. Hotscopes.net has some that claim to be recent, but from what I've seen they are old and resurrected. Giveaways are the bed covers, Leora's hair (above & below), room decorations, etc. They're still milking that dry teat for all they can.
  8. To someone new, who has never seen RLC before, what's there now may seem like a goldmine. They'll see little activity on the free cams, but also see what they're looking for probably happening on the fuzzy thumbnails, so they'll check the pricing, find it reasonable, and sign up. RLC will take the money and maintain the system they have now, staying relatively small. Those of us who remember the glory days will move on from boredom, but few, if any, will ever notice our going. RLC appears to have played out the same story of rapid over-expansion that U-Haul and Circle K did years ago. It would be nice if they would focus on quality over quantity, but the reality is they will probably focus on the types of apartments which bring it the most revenue which now seem to be the ones which appeal most to adolescents.
  9. Typical corporate damage control BS.
  10. Wouldn't that constitute a staged show, which so many bitch about, rather than the real life those who claim to be a true voyeur would want? The shakeup is starting to show that many who call themselves voyeurs are really just wanting to watch porn.
  11. One of the reasons I've never subscribed to RLC. They are f'd up and I won't fund that.
  12. If you'll notice, the apartments which are gone are all in Russia. There has been talk for much of this year about Russia walling off its Internet access. Maybe that's what happened and it has nothing to do with RLC, but since RLC subscribers are adversely affected RLC is freaking out over the possible demands for refunds and loss of subscribers (revenue). RLC has already shown repeatedly their minimal business sense, so if the "wall" is true they are truly in over their heads.
  13. A big reason I never signed on. I don't trust autopay setups.
  14. Not me. They want way too much and I've seen people complaining about the company payments are made through.
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