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  1. PoeBoy

    Leora Fan Page

    Fuck yeah, fuck yeah!
  2. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    From what I've seen posted here, this seems to have gone on for months. If Segpay management is aware of a possible hack, why have customers not been notified?
  3. PoeBoy

    Maya Fan Page

    Looks like she's gone the dreadlock extensions route like Masha did. I like the look on her (having real boobs helps), especially how they hang down into the crack of her ass when she's on top.
  4. PoeBoy

    Nina and Kira Fan Page

    Yep, they're back and it doesn't look like anything has been packed. They're not going anywhere. Once again, speculation faceplanted. lmbo To me, the apartment seems much brighter, as if lighting was added or upgraded, or maybe they just have more turned on than usual.
  5. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    Well, seeing all this reinforces my decision to NOT be a paying RLC member.
  6. PoeBoy

    Do you care if its FAKE?

    Real people don't have jobs which stream their home activities to the Internet 24/7. Real people don't position themselves during sex or masturbation for the best (or sometimes worst) view of the cameras. It's closer to reality than the webcam sites, but still not completely real. At least the folks here aren't checking the computer every 15 seconds to see what their "fans" posted. Or maybe they are ... way too much time is spent poking at phones. In that respect, they are 100% real.
  7. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    Click here for Florida's info on shstrok.com Click here for Florida's info on the company which owns shstrok.com
  8. PoeBoy

    Unauthorized transactions

    dave0000, are you also running a firewall other than the one built into XP? Antivirus won't keep out hackers, just their droppings.
  9. PoeBoy


    I find it interesting that people will spend hours a day of their lives watching the lives of others online and making up stories about what they see that is basically irrelevant to what they see, rather than going out and living their own lives. They would be entertaining if it wasn't all so pointless.
  10. PoeBoy

    Linda Or Leora?

    Both. Together. In 69.
  11. PoeBoy

    The Dog

    They are taking the dog for a walk now. 13:10 their time.
  12. PoeBoy

    maya is a ???????

    A tasty morsel.
  13. PoeBoy

    Annoying Bimbos

    I fall into the old-fart category and I cannot stand the single girls. Just saw some of them in the Rosemary, Blair, Serena, yada apartment because that's what came up first. Thought to myself "This isn't Real Life Cam. More like BS Cam." Annoying Bimbos is right.
  14. PoeBoy

    Artists/Bands A - Z

  15. PoeBoy

    Chat Box

    Any chat box is made by the chatters, not the tech. Changing the tech does not change the chatters or their topics.