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  1. Leora has bated a few times I know of when Paul was home. Once in the guest room while he was snoozed on the couch. Afterward she went to the bathroom to wash her crotch and legs, and on the way back she gave him a look that said "Boy, did you miss out." Another time she was in the guest room and he was in bed. That damned dog did her barking when Leora was cumming and woke Paul. By the time he got up, she was in the tub. Not long after they moved into the current place Paul was at his computer, Leora was on the couch naked, legs spread with a finger running up and down her slit. Paul turned to her, they said a few things, and he turned back to the computer totally unaffected and her finger never stopped. Then she got up and dressed. smh Oh, and once he came home as she was recovering from a particularly strong climax on the floor of the guest room. She jumped slightly, then smiled. He got down and took a few licks, but it was pretty obvious he was too little too late. I swear sometimes she has him leave the place so she can pay the rent.
  2. I rarely look in on this circus, but I was bored silly that day and found Masha wrapped around Sasha on the living room "bed" while he looked at his phone. At first I thought she was coughing (her head was buried between him and the covers), but turning up the sound I heard crying. That went on for almost a half hour with no sign of Dasha. Then Sasha seemed to have had enough, got up, Dasha appeared from somewhere, those two got dressed and left. Masha continued crying, it became more boring than doing nothing, so I left. That's one fucked up nest.
  3. If folks are writing about them, then those folks must be watching them, regardless of how much they claim to dislike or disapprove of them. I get such a kick out of reading these posts about how terrible/boring/predictable/scripted/fake/yaddayadda the tenants are, yet folks just keep on watching. Some even pay for the misery.
  4. Come on, folks, lighten up on the tenants. Sitting around in underwear poking at a phone all day is hard work. Thank God there are these heroes willing to do it.
  5. These two are getting more activity on their "fan" page now than when they were here.
  6. I do. About a year and a half back Paul wrote their address on a large piece of paper and held it up to a camera for about 30 seconds. I saved it for whatever reason. Post your address and I'll send it to them, along with a message if you'd like. If they want to be pen pals, they'll write you.
  7. Lately it appears Leora is wearing a wedding ring. Did her and nose-picker finally get hitched?
  8. I find it interesting that Sasha ended up with the titless wonder after Masha went through all that money and discomfort having her bullet boobs installed.
  9. I'm interested to know how smoothly and quickly they disconnect from your card, and if they slip some odd other charges in.
  10. I think the biggest difference between the cam shows and the "real life" shows is that those in the latter tend to not stare at the cameras (other than Chloe and Kitty which is why I don't watch them). Leora puts on a show, but rarely looks at the camera so it has the illusion of being real. For me, there's no bigger turn off than the people I'm watching stopping what they're doing to read comments.
  11. Same illusions, different names. Sorta like political parties and folks fall for them, too.
  12. I swear, as juicy as Leora appears to be, always wiping up the place she came during a bate, and as often as she does, that whole place must smell like pussy.
  13. Kitty reminds me of a woman I know who is diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic (with psychotic episodes), PTSD, and bipolar. Everything can be wonderful, warm and fuzzy until one word is taken wrong and then she goes ballistic. Rants, raves, sometimes becomes physically violent by hitting the person who set her off or smashing things, then in another blink it's over and all is right with her world again.
  14. Sometimes he will fall asleep in either the bedroom or living room and she'll have at it in the guest room or bathtub. Sometimes he leaves for a while, too. I've wondered if she's ever ran him out, so to speak, so she could pay the bills. What I'd like to see is for her to jill off on the living room couch while numbnuts is on his computer.
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