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  1. Has anyone noticed how similar this apartment is to the last one? From what I can see, about the only room that is significantly different is the bathroom.
  2. A pro in a house full of wanna-be amateurs.
  3. Something just occurred to me. I wonder if RLC's contracts with the Russian tenants included any protection for RLC if an apartment could no longer participate? I would imagine there is, but who knows? A country's government pulls the plug and RLC is left holding the bag to provide for the tenants with no way to have income from that feed. Tenants bailing, building owners shutting it down, ISPs for apartments flaking out, yes to all, but a government pulling the plug? Who would predict that?
  4. I imagine there is a sufficient flow of new people into RLC to keep the doors open. Eventually, if nothing at RLC changes, most will become bored and leave, only to be replaced by fresh blood. Shyster businesses have been successfully using this model forever.
  5. Maybe the jump in September are new college kids fresh outta the parents' house and "on their own", so they hop on the Segway bandwagon with the bottomless card they were given. Or maybe the parents, finally free of prying little eyes.
  6. I like her the way she is, too, but I would love to see her with one or two guys with some stamina, and one or more females, too. Not necessarily at different times. I have to agree, though, her masturbating had gotten pretty routine before the Russian disembowelment. The only thing that made it worth watching was her damned fine looking self.
  7. I believe if a second chat was opened up the folks buggering up the current one would spread and infect the new one, too. Then they'd have two chats to spew their sludge in. Happy day for them!
  8. Not as long as there are sad little haters who have to step on everyone else's enjoyment. Their mamas never taught them "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." I'm quite ambivalent about Leora. When she was at the previous place I'd be overjoyed to catch her bating, or even better, with Paul. Granted Paul never could satisfy Leora, but I suspect that has more to do with Leora than him. Regardless, she has a smoking body (even with the added weight and dimply butt) that I could watch all day. All that said, I find I don't really miss her now that I can't see her at all. Certainly not enough to risk doing business with Segpay. What I really miss are the pictures and videos posted here at RLCF, and that's not just for Leora. Those were a true loss.
  9. Personally, I get a kick out of all the whining and complaining. Kinda like the freak show at the carnival.
  10. I started here, I believe, as a true real voyeur, but have degraded to a fake voyeur. I want to see sex and nudity, REAL sex and REAL nudity, not that crap going on in the girlie apartments where they dress like Victoria Secret models, even though most are ugly as sin. The couples apartments were great, for the most part, even with the whack jobs like Julia. I think basically, I want cam porn, but without the attention paid to the camera and computer every 15 seconds, or the "ka-ching" and sound activated vibrators that make it all so f'n fakey. I also have no interest in a party where everyone is getting drunk (drunks are disgusting), not having sex, and yammering in a language I don't know.
  11. PoeBoy

    Fan Pages

    Not surprising since much of the stuff said is either haters bitching about so-and-so or making stuff up (I call that Chat Room overflow).
  12. OMG, please, no. They're all too boring and ridiculous to watch as it is.
  13. PoeBoy

    i miss Paul

    I'm going to guess that you are, if not the only one, you are in at quite tiny minority. The only character in the previous iteration I miss less than Paul is that f'n barking rat.
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