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  1. Hotscopes.net has some that claim to be recent, but from what I've seen they are old and resurrected. Giveaways are the bed covers, Leora's hair (above & below), room decorations, etc. They're still milking that dry teat for all they can.
  2. To someone new, who has never seen RLC before, what's there now may seem like a goldmine. They'll see little activity on the free cams, but also see what they're looking for probably happening on the fuzzy thumbnails, so they'll check the pricing, find it reasonable, and sign up. RLC will take the money and maintain the system they have now, staying relatively small. Those of us who remember the glory days will move on from boredom, but few, if any, will ever notice our going. RLC appears to have played out the same story of rapid over-expansion that U-Haul and Circle K did years ago. It would be nice if they would focus on quality over quantity, but the reality is they will probably focus on the types of apartments which bring it the most revenue which now seem to be the ones which appeal most to adolescents.
  3. Typical corporate damage control BS.
  4. Wouldn't that constitute a staged show, which so many bitch about, rather than the real life those who claim to be a true voyeur would want? The shakeup is starting to show that many who call themselves voyeurs are really just wanting to watch porn.
  5. One of the reasons I've never subscribed to RLC. They are f'd up and I won't fund that.
  6. If you'll notice, the apartments which are gone are all in Russia. There has been talk for much of this year about Russia walling off its Internet access. Maybe that's what happened and it has nothing to do with RLC, but since RLC subscribers are adversely affected RLC is freaking out over the possible demands for refunds and loss of subscribers (revenue). RLC has already shown repeatedly their minimal business sense, so if the "wall" is true they are truly in over their heads.
  7. A big reason I never signed on. I don't trust autopay setups.
  8. Not me. They want way too much and I've seen people complaining about the company payments are made through.
  9. It's been about 2 weeks since this apartment and others went fully premium. I find that I have not missed it at all. Leora was nice to look at, but it's always all about her. I honestly feel sorry for nose-picker in that one respect. I mean, when a woman (more than once) pushes a guy's head out of her crotch so she can finish herself off, one (or both) of them need some serious professional help.
  10. I've enough seniority where I work to earn 3 weeks vacation a year. Being able to take all three weeks at once never happens, though. One is okay. Two I have to schedule during the normally slow times and it's frowned upon.
  11. Well, there's nothing left at RLC that I'm interested in.
  12. I've never felt motivated enough to subscribe to RLC. The one time I almost got close to doing it was when several folks complained about bogus and erroneous charges to their cards. That was all it took to push me way back from the line. I have never had any interest in any of the bimbo BS cages ... er ... apartments. I outgrew getting excited over girls teasing around in their underwear before I could legally drink. Leora and Maya were why I started watching RLC, but over the past year their schedules and mine have not meshed, and yes, Leora has gotten rather stale on the rare times I manage to catch her "show". That girl seriously needs a proper dick or two, without Paul's pathetic interference. Anyhow, from what I'm seeing on the fuzzy replay thumbs, I've not missed much at all with L&P's apartment being locked up. RLC making the most popular apartments pay-only is a smart business move. It cuts down on the bandwidth burden on those sites which will make the paying customers happier because of the reduced delays and buffering, and (probably most important to RLC) it reduces the pressure to upgrade equipment. The freeloaders (myself included) will, with a few exceptions, simply go away or be satisfied with the remaining views. There needs to be a few open cameras for advertising samples, but only a few.
  13. The window of opportunity afforded by "eventually" appears to be rather large. There are plenty of postings in the Paid Members Only areas of each apartment.
  14. Right now I'm seeing if anyone posts any photos or videos from the now-premium apartments. If that doesn't happen, there's no reason for me to hang around.
  15. I wonder how many freeloaders will subscribe now, just so they can see Leora? I'm not one of them. Yo, RLC, blow it out your ass. Bye
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