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  1. The Sexy Blonde

    She is a psychopath and he is 3 second man, they are perfect for each other. Last night they had sex, everything was nice. They lay beside each other after, he with his hand on her arm, half sleeping. Suddenly she started crying and that ended up in a shouting contest and slamming of doors. Sure, many would have had a one night stand with her but I would never have lived with someone with such a split personality. She isn't normal at all.
  2. New Boobs.

    I don't know the language so I never know what they are fighting over but they must be the couple that fights the most. They had sex last night, everything was hunky dory. After that both lay in bed, he was half sleeping half watching some tv-series on his phone. He was holding her arm like lovingly and stopped watching his phone and tried to sleep. 2 minutes later she was crying and screaming. If this was a one time thing I would guess the new boobs hurt, but this is more like very week. That guy have the patience of a champion. An hour later or so he was back in bed stoking her hair. Trying to calm her down.