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  1. ed2

    Paid member versus Hero member

    Sorry that I seem to have couped your thread @CowArt
  2. ed2

    Paid member versus Hero member

    I have nothing against the Hero members, there are alot of great, and some less great people amongst the Hero members too, just like everyone else. My critique is solely about the membership policy. I could go on a rant about the Free members too. I know you belong to the growing group of members that are very disspleased of what the chatbox has become. A thing I have noticed, and that kind of bothers me, is that some of the very most active users on this site are Free members, and I think most of these guys only come here to use the chatbox, they don't really care about anything else on the forum. Just brainstorming, but maybe the chatbox is a feature that could've been made Premium, so that only Hero/Paid members could write on there. But anyway, wether we are Hero or Paid members, it has become a fact, that since the galleries were taken down, it is very little difference between us and the Free members. There is not much I can do now, that I couldn't do as a Fre member too. It is very few advatages with being Premium anymore. I have been a Paid member for 2 years now. My sub runs out in a couple of days, and I'm in some serious doubt about wether I should renew or not.
  3. ed2

    Paid member versus Hero member

    Well, if I add what you told me last year, you have partly answered my question. If I understood it correctly, the number of Hero members were getting too high. People would just become Hero members, and there were too few Paid members to actually pay for the upkeep of the site. The site were in danger of getting closed. By "locking" the Hero memberships, you ensured that more of the growth in memberships would come in the form of Paid members. Then back to the part no one has explained to me. Maybe @Admin can answer? When the decition was made to "lock" the Hero memberships, why was it decided that all those who already had a Hero membership should be allowed to keep their status? For seemingly for all future? Why weren't all the Hero members turned back into regular black members? I can imagine that would have caused abit of an uproar amongst some of the older members, was that what you were trying to avoid? But I guess you never concidered how unfair this sollution would be to the post-2016 members? In principal, and in practice, this sollution meant that it is mostly the post-2016 members who pays for the upkeep of this site, with its galleries and evrything, and we will have to pay for our access for all future, just so the pre-2016 Hero members can access it for free, indeffinately.
  4. ed2

    Paid member versus Hero member

    You didn't really answer to my post. I think most of us understand that the galleries had to be taken down, and that you had to try and find new sollutions. And creating a Paid Members Area is a totally legit solution, hadn't it been for the dilema with the Hero members. My critique was of the Hero membership in itself. Why did you decide to ditch it back in 2016? And why on earth were the old Hero members allowed to keep their status? It sounded like a really stupid decition, and that is the sourse of your dilema now. And I repeate: Either you should've kept the Hero memberships achievable to all members, also those who joined after 2016, or you should abandon it entirely, not keep it in this sort of half way possition! That is just unfair to everyone! (Also to the Hero members, who were promissed that they would be able to keep their status).
  5. ed2

    Paid member versus Hero member

    Well, we paying members ought to have some privilegies, in my not so humble opinion. Now I joined RLCF after these changes, and I can only see this system as totally fucked up! I did complain to @StnCld316 about this last year. How was this even thought through? No one can no longer become a Hero member, while the old Hero members were allowed to keep their status, seemingly for indefinate time. Let us say a member who made 30 posts like 5 years ago, or worse, just made friends with BTR on the chat, he/she will still have the same privilegies today, without having done anything, but I, as a post-Hero-member, can post 1000 posts on the forum, I will never get the same options without having to pay for it. How unfair isn't that? Either keep the Hero memberships achievable to all, or abandon it entirely!
  6. ed2

    Forum Update

    And it is no 146.48 MB limit here, like at CC.
  7. ed2

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    Yulia had a nice long bath yesterday, with lights on (!), and this is the first time I have seen her masturbate! I hope she does that more often. It was lovely! https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/23_8?ts=1542193265&from=share
  8. ed2

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    I think Yulia must be one of the most beautyful women on RLC! I even love those skintight grey sweatpants that she often wears, they really show off her great butt and thighs!
  9. ed2

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    Great! Yulia is home after a couple of days away. They had sex in the chillout room. In fact, to me it doesn't feel like Yulia&Ivan is having sex like alot of others do, they're not just having a bang, but they're making love. They often seem to take it slow, sensual, and good. Not raw and brutal. I love that way of sex! I just wish they will some day find the light switch.
  10. ed2

    Fan Page Kristy

    Kristy is gone like 90% of the time, yet she is the one that get this place interesting! Kristy is the only one that has a semi-regular sex life at home, and absoluetely all of the parties I have seen in this place, during my 2 years on RLC, have been thrown by Kristy and her crowd. It has been wild parties, and good parties, the kind of party that makes it very interesting for us viewers! The pity thing is that we have to wait for the other two stuffy couchdoozers to leave their natural habitat for it to happen, and that's not fair, because those other two couchdoozing tenants in there never do a shit worth watching!
  11. I like her, after looking abit I kinda find her better looking now, than I thought at first glance, it is not the typical tight model body, but it is more natural, and that is what I love about RLC! I have liked some of the more quiet girls in the past. I don't really care if they aren't the most social or a party-animal, or if they aren't naked 24/7. I like the more natural lightly dressed. I judge more by how comfortable with the cameras they are, that they can bate on cam, etc. or just act natural about it. I think she had an OK start so far, but I wish she was alittle bit more sociable. She doesn't seem shy, so I hope she will impress us some day.
  12. It seems Stesha&Marco are leaving the project. I remember when I saw a statistics, I was very surprised when Stesha&Marco were at the very bottom. Stesha is one of the hottest looking, they have great sex, and they have guests almost every weekend. Some guests have more sex in there, than some listed tenants. It should've been success, so why isn't it? But if I take myself as example too, I watch them very little. Only Julia and Maya I watch less. I always found the apt abit "cold". Brick floors, white walls, no pictures/decoration. There is very little personallity for us to attatch to. 95% of their time awake, they sit on the couch watching TV and/or smoking pipe.
  13. ed2

    zzak, this is us

    I think most of this was just a missunderstanding, and I hope we're good again.
  14. When did the guestroom get sound????