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  1. I like her, after looking abit I kinda find her better looking now, than I thought at first glance, it is not the typical tight model body, but it is more natural, and that is what I love about RLC! I have liked some of the more quiet girls in the past. I don't really care if they aren't the most social or a party-animal, or if they aren't naked 24/7. I like the more natural lightly dressed. I judge more by how comfortable with the cameras they are, that they can bate on cam, etc. or just act natural about it. I think she had an OK start so far, but I wish she was alittle bit more sociable. She doesn't seem shy, so I hope she will impress us some day.
  2. It seems Stesha&Marco are leaving the project. I remember when I saw a statistics, I was very surprised when Stesha&Marco were at the very bottom. Stesha is one of the hottest looking, they have great sex, and they have guests almost every weekend. Some guests have more sex in there, than some listed tenants. It should've been success, so why isn't it? But if I take myself as example too, I watch them very little. Only Julia and Maya I watch less. I always found the apt abit "cold". Brick floors, white walls, no pictures/decoration. There is very little personallity for us to attatch to. 95% of their time awake, they sit on the couch watching TV and/or smoking pipe.
  3. ed2

    zzak, this is us

    I think most of this was just a missunderstanding, and I hope we're good again.
  4. When did the guestroom get sound????
  5. ed2

    latest RLC E-Mail

    January 1, 2018 On New Year’s eve, there was no electricity in Neia, Nicole and Gina’s apartment. It was entirely our fault and we apologize for the inconvenience. As we told you in one of the previous newsletters, fixing these issues requires a serious technical upgrade of the heating and electrical systems in this apartment. These upgrades haven’t been done yet. We will let you know the expected duration of these repairs once we have a specific plan at hand. If they have no effect and the apartment remains unstable, we will have to shutdown this location and provide you with a new one – more comfortable and safe for participants, and offering stability and positive user experience to all our customers. As far as we know, right after the electricity went off, the participants left the apartment and went to a discothèque, then came back around 5 AM and went to beds. The apartment was online at 6 in the morning. We just want you to know that we’ve never done anything intentionally to affect the user experience. Please note, however, that we cannot and will never be able to guarantee 100% availability of all cameras and all apartments. It’s also hardly possible that every viewer will be interested in all participants and their lifestyles. The needs and preferences of different customers are often conflicting and contradicting. This is exactly why we offer diversity on the site so that every customer can find just the right content here. We sincerely hope that all our viewers who are not satisfied with the content offered on the site will find something that will make them happy in the coming year. We would also like to thank all the users who support us, appreciate the concept of the project and share our love for it. Your words of support mean a lot to our team members and motivate us to continue our work. Wishing you and your families health and happiness! Happy New Year! NEW FEATURES We released a major update to RLC Replay service — now the depth of recordings can be up to 7 days. The price remains unchanged. Please note, when you purchase an RLC Replay subscription, you get access to the past 24 hours of footage only, as was previously the case. But the depth will increase day by day while your subscription is active. We hope you enjoy this adjustment. More useful and interesting features are coming this year. CONTENT UPDATES Dasha returned to the project. She is now sharing an apartment with Masha and SashaJAN 01 Belle returned to the projectDEC 29 Avi joined the projectDEC 29 Mira and Kai joined the project as a couple on vacationDEC 16 Diane, Asty, Roxy left the projectDEC 29 Lana and Robert will come back from vacation on January 14. Their friends are now in the apartment. Nelly and Bogdan will be out of town until January 5. Their visiting friends will probably stay in the apartment. Kamila and Kristy are out of city until January 6. Sam will come back from vacation on January 4. TIPS To keep receiving our newsletters, please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your address book. If you find email from [email protected] or [email protected] in your spam or junk folder tell your email software that it's not spam by hitting the not spam or not junk button.
  6. ed2

    latest RLC E-Mail

    December 6, 2017 CONTENT UPDATES Luci and Kust joined the project as a couple on vacationDEC 05 Yana and Ricky left the projectDEC 04 Olivia and Nick broke up and left the projectDEC 04 Adriana and Daniel will be out of town from 7 December until 11 December Sam will be home on 11 December ISSUES There were some issues with our re-streaming servers in North America.DEC 05 A problem with the electricity in the apartment of Victoria, Neia, Beatrice and Dominica. It might be necessary to shut the apartment down temporarily in order to upgrade the electrical and heating systems.DEC 04 There were various kinds of problems (including the RLC Replay playback issues) with the house that was recently added to the website. Unfortunately, they had not been found prior to launch. We apologize for the inconvenience. It may be necessary to shut the house down again temporarily in the near future. Thank you for your understanding.DEC 04 REWARDS We value your trust and support in times of troubleshooting and reward you with 5 (five) additional days of RLC Replay subscription.
  7. ed2

    Empty Chatbox.

    Please join in then, I joined one year ago, so maybe no veteran, but I too think it was much livelier then! I completely agree that it is too much B1&B2, it seems certan members only watch them. Also, a few only talks about Leora. I think if there were more people on board, we'd get more subjects too. I'd love to discuss other topics, I also very much enjoy the discussions that are not about RLC at all, on the chat.
  8. How is the habits in other countries regarding tap water? Here in Norway everyone just drink tap water! I see most russians on RLC use water bottles or water tanks. A friend of mine studied (chemistry) 1 year in Russia, he said everyone there buy water in bottles or dispencers. They tested tap water on the lab, it was cleaner than what is considered avarage in Norway, but no one drinks tap water there... Maybe it is cultural?
  9. He might be a gamer, but he certanly is no Lev. Lev was an abusive slob! He did beat Zoya!!! Marcus seems like a very nice guy, he treats Adeline well, and even though I'm hetrosexual, he apeares to be pretty good looking. Many couples on RLC have a very monotonous and boring sex life, but A&M are more interesting sex life. It is more variating and natural, wich I like. But I would just love to see some masturbating once in a while too!
  10. It was not ment like that, I ment more like: You should join in, to keep it from being dead much of the time! I know I bitch very much, I'm sorry if that scare someome from posting, it is not my intention, just try to ignore me, or join in to help me discuss other apartments, because I agree, there is too much barca. For example, I love Nina&Kira, but not often they are discussed. Tell me if I get too bad, I might dissagree on things, but I feel very very sorry if people will not post because of me.
  11. For you who don't like the bitching on the chatbox, the chat is pretty dead much of the time, please join in then, and fill the chatbox with what you think should be on there, with the subject you want, I'm sure we can coexcist.
  12. ed2

    Zoya Fan Page

    Their apartment begin to look really empty now, even toiletries were packed, so I'd be surprised if they're not gone by tomorrow or next day
  13. ed2

    the beach

    Thanks! At CC the rooftop is only an evil conspiracy. LOL!
  14. ed2

    the beach

    I don't know, taking pillows from the apartment, coming in to pee, or to fill their glasses, also they sometimes go out in very little clothes, like only a lingeri. It might be they go to the beach some of these times, but many times I doubt they even leave the building. Maybe it is the rooftop, maybe the building has a courtyard, or a common balcony, but it doesn't really matter, what matter is that they keep everything outside. They have a very nice balcony in B2, now covered by a cam, so we could've watched them if they wanted to sit out in the fresh air, but I do not think this is about that at all, but rather about intentional avoidance of cameras. None of the tenants seem to be up with the concept, having an uncensured life on camera, no, it is just a cheap hotel room.
  15. ed2

    Zoya Fan Page

    A few days ago, I saw Zoya walking around looking melancolically at the walls. It is starting to look like Z&L is moving out. I think it has looked like Zoya has been packing ever since she returned from vacation. I thought so when Zoya sorted out all her clothes, but now there is also boxes in the kitchen.