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  1. Amber 💎 ought to be the most curvy beauty to ever enter the project! I love that belly, those boobs and that butt! She is purely amazing! 😍🤰🥰
  2. Roses grow wild, 🌹 in a bouquet they are neat. 💐 Cherry can be clumsy, 🍒 but also very sweet. ❤️
  3. I have sometimes wondered why Stella seem to need more sleep than others. Now I have figured it out. It is exhausting for one person to be so beautiful on her own. 😘
  4. Oh, I have no problem with saying some negative things about Gina too, or any other tenants for that matter. I just think different viewers like different things. I love the wild, "too drunk" and sometimes embarrassing side of Gina. That's life, that's being human! The all perfect, and everything in control-people are basically just very boring.
  5. Olivia&Nick has become a pretty good apartment, hasn't it....... Well, atleast I get to watch Taya visit ❤️ Don't get me wrong, I love Olivia too, she has a nice butt, fun and friendly, and lots of nice friends, but I could do without Nick, he looks like a refugee from the same asylum as Julia&Eric came from, and hopefully returned to. 🚑🔑
  6. Atlwast she is fun wathing then. I love the wild, unpredictable and drunken Gina, like we've seen her when she has been with Stella and Kylie. Jaya also has the potencial to be that wild influence on her. Gina was fun during the mid part of her first stay, her whole second stay, and the first half of this stay was great. But as long as the twins are there, Gina just becomes the third tripplet, and we get nothing but childish giggling and something that look like a parody on a preformance art show every other night.
  7. I watched Gina all night yesterday, and couldn't help noticing, she went to the toilet at 22:45, 23:00, 23:15, 23:28, 23:44, 23:58, 00:10, 00:20, 00:30, and 01:03. I know she drinks alot of water, but that can't be quite normal? Atleast I kind of understand alittle better now, how that 'incident' the other night could even happen, when she legit pissed her jeans going home from B3! That must've happened sometime close before 21:33, it took her 13 minutes from B3 to B1, the last time she went to the toilet in B3 was 21:05, but in this time Gina still managed to pee herself. That is kind of impressive though! Isn't it? That isn't the first time Gina peed herself on RLC either. She has done it maybe 3 times before! It happened twice on her 1st stay, once was when she came home in the evening, after being out clubbing for 20 hours, with a decent wet stain on the crotch of her dress, the other time was when she wet her bed in the middle of the night. On her 2nd stay, she might have peed herself during a very drunken party in B2, where she also puked all over her bedroom floor, because she came out of the toilet with a wet crotch, but it might have been just from not wiping. Also on her 2nd stay, she once woke up in the morning, the toilet was occupied, and she peed in a cup in her room. And actually, for the record, she is not the only one it has happened to on RLC. Rose peed herself twice, Lily did it once, and Adriana(&Daniel) once. And that is just the ones I've been lucky enough to accidentally catch, during my 2 years on here. I'm just waiting for it to happen to Nelly, as she always seem to end up desperate to pee. Sorry if I sound obsessed. This is somewhat of a "special interest" for me, catching something embarrassing like that, like a girl peeing herself. I think this is a kind of thing, with so many people, over many years, in a way ought to have happened a few times, but it is also a kind of thing, if it is very quick and subtile like that, almost no one will notice, or pay attention. But my eyes are always on the look out for such.
  8. Now I kind of wish that Martina & Alberto would get the Desiree & Raul-apartment instead. If they had upgraded the cams, the setup wasn't too bad. I think Martina & Alberto are a pretty great couple, that deserves something better. They have one of the poorest apartments on RLC, actually, if I judge by interior, furniture, and cam-angles too, I think it might be THE poorest apartment on RLC, even worse than Maya's.
  9. They had been UM over 40 hours, and now it seems like they're gone! Goodbye Desiree, I will miss her great butt riding on her toys, some of the hottest sights on RLC! Farewell, and take care of yourself!
  10. The the thing I said about BTR was an over-exaggeration, to try make a point, but it came out very wrong, and it was dissrespectful and wrong of me to do that, I'm cincerly sorry. I say nothing wrong about the Hero members, they are (mostly) great people. I even like the principal behind the Hero membership, those who got it had earned it by contributing to the forum, it's a nice idea! But did no one get my point at all? In 2016 it was made impossible for anyone new to achieve the Hero membership, it was "locked down", only those who already were Hero got to keep their status. I have over 30 liked posts too, and hypotethical, a guy who joined after 2016 could have 1000 liked posts, he would still have to pay for his access to the galleries. That's what I'm talking about, that is what is so unfair! So, I'm criticicing the system, not the people.
  11. You still avoid my initial issue! You haven't given any form of explanation on why this decission was made like this, on what I see as the main unfairness:
  12. Sorry that I seem to have couped your thread @CowArt
  13. I have nothing against the Hero members, there are alot of great, and some less great people amongst the Hero members too, just like everyone else. My critique is solely about the membership policy. I could go on a rant about the Free members too. I know you belong to the growing group of members that are very disspleased of what the chatbox has become. A thing I have noticed, and that kind of bothers me, is that some of the very most active users on this site are Free members, and I think most of these guys only come here to use the chatbox, they don't really care about anything else on the forum. Just brainstorming, but maybe the chatbox is a feature that could've been made Premium, so that only Hero/Paid members could write on there. But anyway, wether we are Hero or Paid members, it has become a fact, that since the galleries were taken down, it is very little difference between us and the Free members. There is not much I can do now, that I couldn't do as a Fre member too. It is very few advatages with being Premium anymore. I have been a Paid member for 2 years now. My sub runs out in a couple of days, and I'm in some serious doubt about wether I should renew or not.
  14. Well, if I add what you told me last year, you have partly answered my question. If I understood it correctly, the number of Hero members were getting too high. People would just become Hero members, and there were too few Paid members to actually pay for the upkeep of the site. The site were in danger of getting closed. By "locking" the Hero memberships, you ensured that more of the growth in memberships would come in the form of Paid members. Then back to the part no one has explained to me. Maybe @Admin can answer? When the decition was made to "lock" the Hero memberships, why was it decided that all those who already had a Hero membership should be allowed to keep their status? For seemingly for all future? Why weren't all the Hero members turned back into regular black members? I can imagine that would have caused abit of an uproar amongst some of the older members, was that what you were trying to avoid? But I guess you never concidered how unfair this sollution would be to the post-2016 members? In principal, and in practice, this sollution meant that it is mostly the post-2016 members who pays for the upkeep of this site, with its galleries and evrything, and we will have to pay for our access for all future, just so the pre-2016 Hero members can access it for free, indeffinately.
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