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  1. vampire just told me i should be gone because i am a negatif person? what that mean has he the right to through me out? I never been negatif and never been talking bad about anybody RLC tenants or chatroom members.

    Could you find out next time you are in pls.

    1. Danny


      You are never negative lol 

    2. King Hamlet

      King Hamlet

      Lets have a vote and see who the most negative ones are.

      My guess if not top won't be far off it.

  2. As soon as 2 girls live together in one room whether nothing happens, like the twins or Roxy and Asty or it ends up in a fight like with Nicole (girls sometimes need privacy even sisters or twins), and Nicoles fight was about privacy. I would suggest that even if it is a good idea to have friends coming together for vacation, each one should have her own room. Thus first she can lock away if she is angry, she can sleep whilst the other parties, and last but not least when the girl has some intimate situation, where she needs to be alone, she will not get interrupted by her friend/sister. With Bea and Neia, we are lucky because Neia stays outside the apartment most of the time, but it is the same problem as soon as both girls are in the room/apartment. Infact, this would have another advantage, we could at least identify the girls by their artist name because its on her roomlist. Like I still don’t know which is which of the Twins and also Rowy and Asty, in fact i am even not sure about Bea and Neia. Now in the new House you have 2 rooms which are very big with one or 2 beds inside. I would suggest some partition walls like those: https://www.leroymerlin.fr/v3/p/produits/cloison-amovible-osaka-medium-divers-resineux-et-feuillus-noir-e1500563636 which are easy to install and remove. For the twins you might have to add a second bed which i am sure is not a problem. You have to understand, those girls are not lesbian and even not bi-sexual for most of them, they are heterosexual and their phantasies are about men not about other women.
  3. you got this

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    2. ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

      ShaKa ZuLu Forum VJ

      man I'm out got to put in 12hrs in the next 5 lol peace


    3. philo


      Hey my bro. I can still read post but they have blocked me from chatting. Guess I was making them too uncomfortable. LOL

    4. philo


      I hope you are feeling better my Bro. Get well soon.

  4. Who ever hopes that Gina will loosen up is on the wrong track. She show us all she has and she has enough of everything to please our eyes. But thats all we will get even solo performance is not of her taste or habit, she remains also dedicated to her bf (the new one I guess). I whish her the best, but if she wants success in RLC she has to understand that she will have to be a bit inspired by Jess who left the apartment with a lot of RLCF regrets and apparently some buiseness opportunities. Anyhow whish you the best for the remaining 3 weeks and hope you make them a success.
  5. http://www.healthyhearing.com/report/47773-Swab-hearing-loss this is a link to an article stating clearly that it is Dangerous for the ears to be cleaned with cotton swaps or buds. For the girls in Barcelona I am sure (for the other countries i am not sure), we have a product called audi-spray which is salt water you spray into your ears if you have the feeling you have to clean them. This is very true for Kristy and also Violetta and many other who nearly everyday clean their ears with cotton swaps. Would be nice if you could inform them about this.
  6. I am sure you know that you are by far the most beautiful girl in B2 if not in whole RLC. I understand also besides some nice views we get sometimes in the Bathroom and exceptionally in your room we don't have the right to see any more intimacy or slightly sexual activities. You also know that this is one of the major reasons why we pay for the membership and thus also for you. I understand that you don't want to show more then what we get but the hell stop covering up everybody, the others have not asked for it and basically don't really want it, especially it becomes hot in the appartement. To underline my thoughts i add a quickshot. and i hope in the future you will remain from this.
  7. Rose you obviously have caught a cold possibly from kissing some of the girls especially your friend (I guess its your friend because she sleeps in your bed). I saw you have taken a zip of her caugh sirop out of a cup out of which she has taken also a zip just 10 minutes earlier. Nothing better to keep a cold then to share some cup zipping a sirop which want heal you anyway. Buy dolirhume at the pharmacy it will get rid of your cold within a day or 2. A friend who likes to see you without a cold. At the same time if you could get rid of your friend (we call her the ghost because she is always covered with sheets) you would do me a big favor and you will also recover you bed. tks a lot.
  8. The absence of Gina starts to be disturbing. 3 days in a row is longer then what Nicole ever did. Besides that Gina is typically the type of blonde girl the spanish would fly for. Thus I think its no surprise that she found a fuckfriend who even can house her. What I don't understand is, why she is not removed from the house, she could stay where ever she wants until her visa is over except that she has to declare it to the authority which should not be a problem. So I Wonder why RLC keeps her in the appartement and reserves a room for her whilst I am sure many other girls would be happy to join in. It would make us customers certainly more happy then watching an empty room.
  9. Nowadays she spends more time in her bed and in her room then anywhere else. She does not participate in anything even not eating together (whilst Lola has cooked an excellent diner). It looks like she is heading towards a depression. She knows that she is beautiful and spends a lot of time in front of her Mirror. She only goes out to purchase food without even enjoying the beach. I have the fealing that she is restraint to this kind of live by a boyfriend who forbids her any kind of fun, dressed or naked. We are Lucky to see her naked in the shower. She absolutely has to get out of RLC and find better ways to make money. I think she should also tell her boyfriend to fuckoff. It would be a good idea if she could have some contact with some of the former models like Angelina or even Kristy, who is quiet active modelling. The best idea for RLC is to replace her by somebody else and send her back home, or if they had any connection to arrange something with some model agencies. I don't know if she speeks good enough English but she has a tablet which would allow her to learn very quickly some English. But RLC please for her mental health sake get her removed and send her back home.
  10. I think Masha was drunk to begin with, second if the girls did not react which means wether they did not care or knewed that the guys did not do what Masha wants. However when masha asked them to leave they should have gone.
  11. Rose did Something really unforgettable last night, she watched some porn on her laptop and bated. it took at least an half an hour and was fully Under cover including her head. She had a big orgasm and the fell asleep. All this totally under cover. I thought girls are selected because they are at least slightly exhibitionist in all matters. But Rose as well as Belle are there to make fun of us possibly thinking we a re perfect bumholes to pay for watching them eating and sleeping. It is unconceavabel that RLC does not do anything about that. I don't mean they have to masturbate permanently neither to have fun with a guy permanently but those two are really below anything I would eve imagin.
  12. I could not have said it better. The only thing which was funny, was the argument between the twins. May be each of them told the others that they should have gotten all the way until satisfaction, and also that they had a great hour making fun of everybody (ie the pervs watching you). In the chatroom at least 9 out of 10 where quiet angry.
  13. Jessica/Lia/Mia/Irma appartement have only one small bathroom. there should be a cam with mic, a lot of talking is going on in there the time to stay in the bath should be limited, very often the twins can not use the bathroom because of Jessica in there 2 hours or more. The Cam is on an absurd place, it should be on either wall above the shower idealy because the Mirror does the rest.
  14. The KKH appartement could be in public access there is never anything happening there. The only Heidi saved the game 2 times in onz month the girsl there are eating, sleeping and then go out. What the hell are those girls doing there it lokks to me as if they where partially Call Girls and the other ones nothing else just sleepers or kitchen nuns. They should change those girls.
  15. I saw it and cap it, icluding good enough quality to know what type of porn Kristy is watching.
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