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  1. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Irma

    Bye sweet Irma have a safe trip where ever you may go and thx for coming back to re open B1 and let us watch you having fun . 😢
  2. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Danaya

    Thanks Danaya that you let us watch you have so much fun on your stay and I wish you and your child and family all the best . Thx sweet Danaya .
  3. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Monica

    Monica thanks for all you gave to RLC and to us. I wish you all the best in what you are going to do next and hope to see you again on RLC.
  4. Thanks sweet girl for bringing back the real life to RLC and hope you have a good journey back home. I realy hope to see you again on RLC. Be safe and may all your dreams fulfill.
  5. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Leona

    Thanks Leona for showing us what's it like to be a model and live in B2 and I wish you all the best. So for now goodbye and maybe we will see you again when you came back to Barca. Have a safe trip back home.
  6. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Lola

    So bye bye Lola I wish you the best on the outside of RLC and thanks for almost nothing
  7. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Tereza

    So it's bye bye Tereza girl be safe and have good journey. I did not realy like you but I wish you the best out side RLC.
  8. Dutchy1969

    the beach

    Bro how do you know that the apt of B2? If I look at the pic from Lola's BR to the beach they are much higher or is it just me,
  9. Dutchy1969

    the beach

    Here are two pics from in front of B2 and the view from Lola room ----------------------------- now you can see how close they are to the beach.
  10. Dutchy1969

    the beach

    I told you but I still think they went to the rooftop that night because Irina cleaned all the mess the next day and she came back with more than only the botles they used that night (they took 4 botles). She came back with 12 botles plus other mess. I think if they went to the beach the city would have cleaned up the other botles she took with her.
  11. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Sofie

    Sofie thank you for the great time you gave to us and I wish you a safe trip back home
  12. Polya thx for all and I wish you safe trip home.
  13. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Tereza

    Happy B-day Tereza
  14. Dutchy1969

    Fan Page Vasilisa

    Vasilisa I wish you a Happy Birthday and that you may have a wonderfull day with Lola Anna and Sofie