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  1. I think they saw your post Adelita took off her sheets and washed them and I have seen B&M take down the sheets them self on their last stay so they could be washed . But your right those that get into a bed never wonder if those sheets are clean and what happend on them LOL
  2. If they want to do something like you say with Rus they better hurry because it's almost time to leave for the Twins ans Gina . I know that your right about the Twins but at least we knew what we would get the moment they came back and all they did after that , shows and things like it, are something I never saw coming so a nice surprice. We wil see what they do next LOL
  3. Your right on the money about that one. Show just before they go UM get back online they all are more or less dressed and go back to what they where doing before they went UM . This group knows how to get the views and the money that comes with it LOL But at least something was done to not be boring .
  4. Diane thinks because she did her bid with her guy she doesn't has to do anything else. It's ashame because she could be fun if she didn't leave each party to be on her phone in her room or be away so often. I agree on Loraine , ok she changed a bit with the last time she was on . She now at least does those fake lesbo shows but like you said claims Blair and even get Blair to make Mike sleep on the couch (if Blair was my GF I would say to her to let Loraine sleep on the couch ) . So now i hope at least B1 becomes fun to watch with Kelly there and it looks like Amy changed and it's as shy as she was on her first stay so hope she joins when the triplets have on of their Crazy parties.
  5. I agree, they realy could do with at least one girl that could bring all those girls together again. No idea who can do it . Loraine should maybe move into B3 LOL . And Diane does only her own thing and seems not to care about the others. So that leaves the couples E&A that stay together and the same with O&A . Pam is on her own let's hope she does not gives up and leaves early.
  6. Bye sweet Irma have a safe trip where ever you may go and thx for coming back to re open B1 and let us watch you having fun . 😢
  7. Thanks Danaya that you let us watch you have so much fun on your stay and I wish you and your child and family all the best . Thx sweet Danaya .
  8. Monica thanks for all you gave to RLC and to us. I wish you all the best in what you are going to do next and hope to see you again on RLC.
  9. Thanks sweet girl for bringing back the real life to RLC and hope you have a good journey back home. I realy hope to see you again on RLC. Be safe and may all your dreams fulfill.
  10. Thanks Leona for showing us what's it like to be a model and live in B2 and I wish you all the best. So for now goodbye and maybe we will see you again when you came back to Barca. Have a safe trip back home.
  11. So bye bye Lola I wish you the best on the outside of RLC and thanks for almost nothing
  12. So it's bye bye Tereza girl be safe and have good journey. I did not realy like you but I wish you the best out side RLC.
  13. Bro how do you know that the apt of B2? If I look at the pic from Lola's BR to the beach they are much higher or is it just me,
  14. Here are two pics from in front of B2 and the view from Lola room ----------------------------- now you can see how close they are to the beach.
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