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  1. thats me I intuit the idea that they have known each other for only weeks and have joined forces to pass the time in the best way and that the entire apt is related to the stock market, upward actions As a lover of the absurd and romantic conspiracy, it is the only thing we have among with other things. There must be something else, no? can not be all so cynical and simple, there must be something more and this is the brightness that can not control those who control everything . this apt in a certain way is a practical example of this.
  2. super...how are u? im good and everything its fine,
  3. I can not connect to say hello to my friends and chat about the strange exciting situation of hakeen-asia-other...so
  4. less is more? everything is fine with rlc now but I personally enjoy more of a rustic house for vacations than a 5 star hotel, about personal tastes is complicated and confusing maybe the majority of premiums enjoy more looking at the gold cage with pool than a page with simpler apts occupied with simple couples or single girls less make-up than the current ones it's hard
  5. watching before videos of alma-stefan ... i lost them ... it was before my time incredible realism and natural volcanoes, now everything is more aesthetic and with money but before less money and more interesting
  6. Is rlcf going slow or is it just me? to the subject in the room there are opioniones for everything, usually about B girls and the routine of the cages but there are also other chatters that comment on other apts ... I am quite more fan of couples than the islands in Barcelona to be honest I'm becoming an admirer of the tenants who were there 3 or 4 years ago ... it sounds weird but watching old videos gives a fascinating feeling It's easy if you try
  7. not at all It is interesting for me to watch couples who were in RLC years ago and see how they understood to live in the golden cage or how they understood love there. I do not remember when I discovered RLC, maybe two years ago ... so I could not say how these couples were but I have the feeling that everything was simpler and more real Gp or the big beautiful house represents everything that is not real, superficial and fake shows in a luxury house ... it is fine for those who like this but it gives me the feeling that RLC in 2014 was less beautiful but more real from there what I said of any past time was better, maybe now you understand better. My English is not super good 😁
  8. I wish there was a video library of couples that left rlc ... sadly rlc restricts this ... I would pay for something like that, the feeling? always past times were better, looking at the past in videos is a good feeling
  9. I dont like olivia and nick again and I dont like varara-fedor 😑
  10. It's free to say hello when we meet in the chat, my friend 😃 society, we as such, slowly turn to an idle society. Too much free time to think and with internet in the eyes we run the risk of becoming more invertebrates than we are, as an example this topic, this forum, this everything
  11. I have nightmares ... I can barely sleep when I visit the chat ... sometimes it is also addictive ... a strange world sometimes I wonder what is normal and what is not, then I look in the mirror ... you are not normal lol 😃
  12. what about desiree and raul apt? rlc has not put another couple there yet, it seems that they closed the apt ... horrible decision
  13. the beauty is in the eyes of the one who looks ... but it is true that Alberto has a distracted beauty
  14. How sad are some of my favorites .. It's been a long time they've lived there, maybe it's good that they walk in another direction but together ... always together good luck and strength
  15. if I can join the conversation of you .. I would say something I think it is a mistake to censor or ban comment, everyone has the right to express themselves and say their opinions as they perceive reality ... I really feel that my comment hurt ... I just wanted to be realistic, here someone asked the question why women do not participate in the chat and I wanted to help that change by giving my point of view If you want women to participate in the chat maybe making some slight changes they will be encouraged or if you do not want this then continue the same ... I just wanted to put some light in the conversation, my own light in terms of references to my person ... so ... so .. I am open to learn from my mistakes and change to improve as a person and friend the debate is good, and I apologize that my words bare an uncomfortable truth hugs
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