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  1. I'm hoping they add a balcony camera and a Camera beside the kitchen.
  2. The guest guy please can you turn facing the cam so we can see your cock when you shower.
  3. I wish RLC would give Nelly and Bogdan a new apartment. They have guest round more frequently and they have no guest room for guests to relax when having sex as Nelly and Bogdan can open the door at any time and have a full view of the guests on the sofa. The cat is able to open the door also so if it opens then they could get up to close it. The couples also can't be loud as they can be heard a mile away in this apartment.
  4. Another new couple they speak english anyone been listening.
  5. The guest couple left so no sex from them tonight.
  6. Thanks Yulia and Ivan for the 2 rounds of sex please shower with the lights on and have sex also with the lights on please no need to be shy.
  7. They do speak english the guy that if getting close to Masha is from Russia and is on tour for 6 months he asked the other guy if he would go with them i didn't hear what he said.
  8. The apartment isn't working it's not loading.
  9. Samantha finally had sex last night thanks for this. Please next time get him to go without the covers.
  10. Masha, Sasha and Dasha if you read this please can you get your guests to shower with the lights on please or do something so they can't turn the lights off. All 3 guests today has showered in darkness and they all just took another round in the dark again. I don't get it it really annoying the nightvision doesn't work on these cams.
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