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  1. The amount of camgirls has increased massively. Have no problem with it occasionally, but when it's the only thing they do and quite frankly just looks pathetic and fake... No thanks.
  2. You know just as well as anyone else. You give viewers what they want and that makes you popular, no matter how boring and predictable they become. 6 years is going to build up a following as well.
  3. Why? Leora has just as much obsessive and weird followers as the girls apartments do. She put on daily shows and for some that's what they desire. Wouldn't surprise me if some even cried when she was no longer available to them. Lol
  4. I hate Russian dolls, they're so full of themselves. (Not just the dolls) Where there's a will, there's a relative. My friend is selling a load of broken yo-yos, no strings attached. I always wanted to marry Mrs.Right, but I didn't know her first name was "Always".
  5. Bet it's other people that have the problem and they are not the reason members don't want to join in. They welcome everyone and don't try and dominate the chat when others are chatting. Lmao
  6. Just shows how long these boring discussions and theories have been going on. Disrespecting others views because they think they are right and also telling others what they can and can't chat about. Anyone that says it doesn't happen and hasn't is a liar.
  7. The same porn watches talking about the same wannabe pornstars Apartments. Tragic.
  8. I asked my pilot if she'd be okay having sex with me on our flight. She replied, "I don't give a flying fuck." My nephew found a cassette tape in my house. It was like watching early man discovered fire. You'll never have a successful relationship with a woman if you can't tell the difference between a smile and a warning. I had a job selling security alarms door to door and was really good at it. If no one was home I would just leave a brochure on the kitchen table.
  9. Doesn't care about the cam (or use it for all it's worth) now that is some funny shit. Also interesting at how many that originally signed up because of her still watched her.
  10. The whole Putin unplugging from rest of the world has been known for months, and if that has anything to do with what happened RLC only have themselves to blame. Should have better prepared. Ones willing to move should have been months ago.
  11. Some of you get so excited when the show apartments are top views on replay. All that says is that they are doing what they are getting paid for and how lame the other apartments are. Shows how bad it's really got.
  12. Some just think one is because it makes them feel more like "voyeurs" rather than dick beaters that watch planned amateur shows.
  13. Make-believe camera porn site.
  14. Pure Barcelona obsessive. How much does RLC pay you to come out with the shit you do?? Trying to help improve their so-called Voyeur Site.
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