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  1. Max 2017


    Not really been the big return a lot of people expected. Been rather boring and choice of men are questionable. Not sure one guy had a clue what he was doing .lol.
  2. Another apartment that seems to like to do shit in the dark .wtf.
  3. Yes we could use it, but who wants to mix and share with some of these assholes that use it. I for one don't and I'm sure others feel the same. You ever notice no-one has the balls to question so-called facts/allegations made. I have and seen others try and use it when dead and just get rudely interrupted with some bullshit that most couldn't care less about, then all of a sudden the rest turn up. No thanx.
  4. With the site being in the state it is best way to keep some money coming in is keep the staged and performing apartments viewers happy. See how many that have said they are not renewing actually do, and not full of shit like always. Sounds more like them trying to get their way, as they also mention girls they would like back.
  5. These girls might be a lot of things, but models they are not. Need to employ mature women and remove these floozies. In reality never going to happen.
  6. The 3 most staged and unreal apartments on the site.
  7. Go to the Chat and ask that. Anyone that says people are free to chat about anything and no-one has ever told others what they can't chat about, are either liars or don't know what they're talking about.
  8. The sites using "Voyeur" is always questionable for obvious reasons. Them not only knowing about the cameras, but blatantly in view just throws the whole idea out the window.
  9. Christmas 2020. Them moving house was never on time either. Gia and her "Fun" friends never escalated. If it ever does come online, time will tell what road they are going down.
  10. Myself and others use to discuss VHTV and rudely reminded chat was for RLC only and to go to the forum and discuss it. One member in particular needs to be knocked down a peg or two.
  11. Just when you think the Chat couldn't get more weird and dysfunctional..... It does.
  12. Max 2017

    Fan Pages

    Leora and Barca apartments will always attract the crazies. Good reason to give out as little information as needed to keep them safe.
  13. If the scripts were written by the Chatters they would never leave the apartments, masturbating 24/7 and have no contact with the male species. Lesbian sex morning, noon and night. Because that's how Real "Girls On Vacation" act when together.
  14. Max 2017

    Fan Pages

    Why would anyone waste time and effort if there's a good chance they will be removed. Also apart from CC also, must be the only forums that don't have Click to choose files option. Much easier for posting.
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