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  1. Max 2017

    Tenants before Leora & Paul

    The accommodation is going to be better but pointless if you don't have the tenants to pay for it. Putting all your effort into Barcelona apartments and not keeping to a satisfying standard is only going to last so long, even with the super die-hard members. Couples and singles are also lacking anything worth watching.
  2. Max 2017

    RLC 2019

    Chat especially have no right calling anyone weird, strange.
  3. Max 2017

    Films A - Z

    Air America
  4. Max 2017

    Models A to Z

    Ursula Mayes
  5. Max 2017

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    The end of RLC if this couple leave.
  6. Max 2017

    RLC Is Not Pornography.

    This should be in "need a laugh when rlc is dead #2". lol
  7. Max 2017

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Why should they be sleeping?? 1. It's the weekend. 2. It's not like they have work to get up for. 3. Guarantee they haven't done anything to be tired and need sleep.
  8. Max 2017

    Nicole & Karl

    Has been slow start especially for someone that has been on cam before, but yes things are looking up.
  9. Max 2017

    Wedding ring?

    Nose-picker finally make an honest woman of her.
  10. Max 2017

    Great Place...NO!!!

    It's part of the Vacation/Show apartments..... Do you expect any less!! Most know the script better than RLC and the tenants.
  11. Max 2017

    If Leora left RLC would you stop watching?

    Now that would be entertaining to watch. Pissing and puking over the floor then doing a klinsmann
  12. Max 2017

    Quickie Sex.

    For some it does look like it's just a job, lets get it over and done with so we keep our apartment and get our viewers bonus. More bothered about looking at phones and playing computer games. Don't think anyone has or ever will work out Paul.
  13. Max 2017

    RLC Clearout

    Same shit different year. Nothing will change unless they get new owners or the existing owners get a grip and get their ship back on course.
  14. Max 2017


    That is a certainty
  15. Max 2017

    Show Apartments Vs VHTV Apartments!

    Leora is just as lame but smarter (not by much) to do the looking at the camera rubbish. Any rules about interaction went out the door when they brought in performers and wannabe porn stars. The whole RLC Vs VHTV is like the Chat "Bullshit".