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  1. Fan Page Nicole

    Funny how some of you hate certain members then they do something sexual and you completely change your opinion of them. lol
  2. Real or a show

    Depends who you watch but let's be honest the whole "Real Life Cam" living their routine lives is bollocks.
  3. Candy & Dean

    Wondered how long it would take for Dean the asshole to get his own apartment.
  4. Yo Momma Jokes.

    Yo momma is so stupid she gave your uncle a blowjob because he said it would help his unemployment. Yo momma so ugly she had to get her vibrator drunk. Yo momma so fat when she backs up she beeps. Yo momma teeth are so spaced out it looks like her tongue is in jail. Yo momma is like a fast food restaurant she takes orders from the front and the back.
  5. Observation vs Seeing

    Couldn't agree more. Never seen so many young, single, girls be so boring sexually especially when they know what they are getting involved in. Don't expect them to be slags but some never have sex for weeks and hardly ever masturbate either. RLC needs to be tougher with some of them especially the ones that keep doing it under covers.
  6. Valentines

    All about money. How many would still be part of it if you had to work like most "Real" people do.
  7. Your rating list / Gender Top - Bottom

    Update 2018. 1. Linda 2. Nelly 3. Angie 4. Stesha 5. Eva 6. Lana 7. Glasha 8. Belle 9. Martina 10. Desiree
  8. i wonder whos is more sexy

    All are very boring sexually but Glasha is best looking but Angie has the better body and tits.
  9. Favourite Porn Stars.

    Alexis Fawx.
  10. Porn Gifs.

    Going to mention trying this to girlfriend and see what she says.
  11. Maya Fan Page

    Maya single and Stepan gone finally, lets hope for more solo action and her "friend" visiting for more fucking.
  12. Favourite Funny Lines From Movies?

    "My plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activities where balls fly at my nose"... "Well there goes your social life". Clueless. "My teacher tells me real beauty is on the inside". "That's just something ugly people say". Liar Liar
  13. Famous Name Game.

    Snoop Dogg.
  14. Films A - Z

    Last Holiday.
  15. Artists/Bands A - Z