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  1. They have been an interesting addition so far and have given something for everyone no matter your sexual preference.
  2. Nice looking, sexy body and loves to masturbate... What more can you ask for.
  3. That's funny. You and others have been watching the same Bullshit for years. Can you honestly say what you are paying to watch now is any different. Only difference in B1 is the décor and girls are getting worse by the minute.
  4. Happens all the time and best thing is just to ignore certain members, because 90% of the time all they post about. Bad enough the chat has been ruined without the forum going the same way.
  5. "VHtv is to much in your face, obvious and porn". You have to just laugh at what some members actually come out with. The RLC replay thumbs say it all and prove some are complete morons. If you're going to try and put-down another site, at least come up with something that isn't Bullshit.
  6. Must be down on subscriptions and trying to intise new members. What you will notice is there will be more action to begin with then it will calm down, where action was happening will gradually stop or they will move because a camera has now become free. That is Real Life Cam my friend.
  7. Has a date been set yet? Masha given up cock is like a fat kid given up cake.
  8. All part of being obsessed and the need to know every little thing. Small majority ruin it for the rest.
  9. There are and have been useless girls. They know exactly what they're getting involved in and, blatantly take the piss and get payed for doing nothing. That's one of the problems in the world today, to many lazy fuckers.
  10. Agree it is annoying, especially when the same people say it over and over and never will because they are clearly addicted. Mixture of both addicts and suckers. At this moment in time with boring tenants and poor quality streaming, it's not worth any amount of money.
  11. Been over 2yrs since they joined and apart from few occasions where Linda has masturbated watching porn, it's mostly hidden and in the dark and never get a really good look. Maybe one day will open up and give us a really good show.
  12. And most when they get confident/cocky/arrogant call it what you want you can clearly tell when doing it because they want to and doing it because they feel they need to. Gets repetitive and predictable because most have never heard of diversity.
  13. Does anyone have contact for the tenants? Anyone know what clubs they go to? Where have they been on holiday? What time will they be home? Keep them coming as gives some of us something to laugh about.
  14. Try and defend it all you want but it's just weird and no need for it. Following is one thing but discussing and telling others where they are, where they have been is just obsessive. Getting annoyed because they have blocked you or account is private.... That normal?
  15. Would take a look at how some of you are spending your life before saying other people have "Sad life".
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