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  1. Max 2017

    Who Will Win World Cup 2018?

    World Cup Quarter Finals France: 6 letters Uruguay: 7 letters Brazil: 6 letters Belgium: 7 letters Sweden: 6 letters England: 7 letters Russia: 6 letters Croatia: 7 letters Games played on 6 & 7 July 6+7 = 13 13 letters in It's coming home.
  2. Max 2017

    what means to be banned

    Yes because the rules are followed in here
  3. Max 2017

    What the happened to the chat????

    Oh where do we start!! Anyone got any ideas?
  4. Max 2017

    What Happened To The Real Meanings?

    What are we not allowed to have a laugh and a joke now!! Maybe it does show how boring it's getting and some have to find something to keep us entertained.
  5. Max 2017


    Make the flight more interesting
  6. Max 2017

    Celebrity F**k?

    Emma Marrone
  7. Max 2017

    Artists/Bands A - Z

  8. Max 2017

    Films A - Z

    Ken Park
  9. Max 2017

    A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  10. Max 2017

    Famous Name Game.

    Willy Caballero
  11. Max 2017

    Mature couple or single Lady

    Single women in their late 30s or early 40s and horny as hell
  12. Max 2017

    RLC Spy

    You think you have heard it all then you hear one of the apartments has a "spy"......... Really!!
  13. Max 2017

    leora and pauls friends

    Leora is in love with herself to much and girls like that never have much friends. Make up as many reasons/excuses as you want but I would bet she doesn't have many.
  14. Max 2017

    Code of Conduct while here in the forum

    Still the same, this rule is complete waste of time and the only ones that get shouted at for not doing it are the ones that don't chat 24/7.
  15. Good to see Chloe back on RLC again, has wicked body and great to watch solo.