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  1. Robwin

    I am done...

    So after my second ban a couple of years ago I said fuck it and never been back since. Glad to see it's still the same crap either under blankets or nothing lol. Usually nothing except prick teasing. The only real sex was with Nora and her b/f. Was his name Kiko or similar? Everyone then always slagged her off but at least she fucked on cam out in the open.
  2. Robwin

    Leora Fan Page

    Have never understood how so many people seem to go mad about her, she has been rubbing herself out for years and must be the most boring person imaginable. Never has any friends round so that says a lot about her just borrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnng.
  3. Robwin

    prostitute or not ?

    Yep you have a valid point and i am sure RLC would say they are just showing real life which in a way is true. Having said that 99% of people don't watch these apartments to see them eating, sleeping,watching tele and playing with their phones The viewers expect to see sex which is basically the only reason they joined up if they are honest about it, obviously not 24/7 but certainly sex is what most expect to see. A prime example is Leora lol which mastebating seems to be her prime talent i think and is what everyone is always talking about with Paul just being a bonus really
  4. Robwin

    prostitute or not ?

    Well to be honest the dictionary definition of a Prostitute is...……..a person, in particular a woman, who engages in sexual activity for payment.....They say the truth hurts lol Say no more eh but we all watch them.
  5. Robwin

    Leora Fan Page

    So Paul has a boomerang dick as well then ?
  6. Robwin

    Leora Fan Page

    Ooooohhh you are so sceptical I always thought Leora was real lol you mean I have been taken in all these years lol
  7. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Well we sure had a good fucking session tonight with some new bloke who dropped round. felt a bit sorry for Calvin (we have renamed him from Goofy seemed a bit cruel) however the way Ruby cosied up to this guy early on right in fron t of Calvin made me feel a bit sorry for him really. He may not be the sharpest knife in the box but no need to humiliate him like that but later calvin went out and this guy and Ruby had a good old session. Later Calvin returned and they all seemed to be getting on ok so why i am worried fucks knows its a shame we don't understand the language.
  8. Robwin


    Afraid Kira puts me right off watching that apartment and that photographer bloke i can't stand i only stay watching if those two ain.t around. And that girl with the bandage on her foot sometimes its on then its off duhhhhh they don.t half have some funny buggers there though some are quite nice. Never understood Nina & Alan getting mixed up with them surely they ain't that desperate lol.
  9. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    Don't understand Ruby now as she seems to have settled with Goofy for the time being who is an embarrassment to the male what with his 10 sec fuck attempts lol. I thought her stay here was gonna be great after her fucks with a couple of guys the other week but she has certainly changed her ways now and not for the better either.
  10. Robwin


    Yeah must admit i was disappointed to see Joe am afraid he does nothing for me. I really thought Edda was rid of him following her recent exploits with alan etc which was well worth waiting for and really thought they had parted as didn't think Joe would have allowed that but just goes to show how wrong we were as you say. Wasn't too keen to see Edda cosying up to Slime ball George the other night but i think Edda is pushing for her own apartment again BUT if it is with Joe we shall only end up with the boring stuff we used to see in her old apartment unless Joe has had a brain transplant and is letting Edda off the leash now but would rather she had an apartment on her own then i think we would see more of her girly tendencies then as she was having a right go at Sina that night too.
  11. Robwin

    Dana & Chris

    In the morning when Chris had left the girls had a great hour or so of intimacy I think Dana has a side to her we haven't seen before and it was great. Roll on Tina's next visit eh wow.
  12. Robwin

    Ary & George

    Personally i find these 3 getting a bit boring now as Ary has obviously issued George orders like you can touch but not fuck
  13. Robwin

    Dana & Chris

    Dana is a little firecracker would love to light her fuse.
  14. Robwin

    Ruby & Calvin

    I think Ruby is in training for a monastic existance as she has done nothing now for about 2 weeks. Think she has already ordered the nuns habit lol.
  15. Robwin

    Leora Fan Page

    ooooooh you bitch