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  1. Robwin


    Hi pal long time no chat, yeah was good to see Red there, was quite a shock really. Good to see Alan has lost none of his bull in a china shop approach lool. Lucky bugger. Romina would be the icing on the cake so to speak lool. I lapsed my membership a few months as it was getting very boring and reptitive, may consider renewing if action picks up here but not at the moment. Been very quiet in this apartment for months now.
  2. Yeah dam shame really but after my second ban lol I said fuck it and called it a day on RLC. Had about 18 months on VH and then decided to pack in my sub about a couple of months ago. Many apartments on VH but you can only watch the same old thing for so long before it gets boring, well I think so anyway and so many if them now are web cammers which you can see for free if you want it. Might join again sometime but for now am saving my money lol.
  3. RLC not getting any action then so their chat site has to rely on VHTV lol how the mighty have fallen eh
  4. Fuck me 22 piccys nearly all the same lol. That's what I would call fucking boring lol.
  5. Yeah very true in fact I think most of them have fucking homing devices in their pussy's linked to certain cams as they are always only feet away with legs wide open lol. Think I have sussed out what a pussy looks like by now 😜🤪
  6. Maybe not everyone has your intellect dear sir
  7. I can't comment about RLC but in the last few months nearly everything on VH is contrived and a show put on solely to get more views as VH tenants are paid on views or if you like, productivity lol. The shows or coming events are even advertised on Twitter. And so much attention by the tenants to get the right cam angles is laughable really. Even when the women masturbate its always directly in front of the nearest cam for the best close up. Real life went out the window a long time ago and now its just a glorified porn channel. Even I recently stopped subscribing because of the so much crap being shown. Also the life span of many tenants is now measured in weeks rather than months. My rant over.
  8. Robwin


    Hi me old mucker not chatted with you in ages as not really been coming here very much this past year only just to be bloody nosy lol. Have relinquished my membership on VH about 3 weeks ago after about a years use as was getting a bit bored with much of it and all the coming and goings. So am relegated to mainly kitchen views now and posted pics lol. Basically agree with all you have said as i can't stand George either. Don't honestly think Giselle is suited to the goings on we have been accustomed to as she seems too decent for this life but who knows she may surprise us all. Good to see you are still holding this lot together
  9. Forgot what i came in for now
  10. Myst admit since I was kicked off RLC a couple of years and their banning of posting pics & vids etc my interest in RLCF declined massively and with the rise of VH migrated to CC, sorry if that's s rude word lol. I do pop in every so often but not that much, it's a shame as I miss great members like Dougie and Plank and a few others but have also decided there is a life outside of this stuff lol perhaps I got a big bored with the porn thing as most posted pics are are all basically the same but with different faces lol. Must pop in more often though as was always a good laugh.
  11. Good idea they may have buy one get one free on offer 😁
  12. Good idea must go shopping in the morning
  13. So after my second ban a couple of years ago I said fuck it and never been back since. Glad to see it's still the same crap either under blankets or nothing lol. Usually nothing except prick teasing. The only real sex was with Nora and her b/f. Was his name Kiko or similar? Everyone then always slagged her off but at least she fucked on cam out in the open.
  14. Have never understood how so many people seem to go mad about her, she has been rubbing herself out for years and must be the most boring person imaginable. Never has any friends round so that says a lot about her just borrrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnng.
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