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  1. Leora and the Barcelona apartments are the main money bringers. Doubt very much many would care if the others mentioned retired. Personally think they just try as many as they possibly can, and hope some of the popular ones agree. Look how many they have brought back that have been useless time after times. Unless you are a Barcelona or Leora obsessive, RLC is like the chat..... Waste of time.
  2. Looks to be a trademark for these so-called voyeur sites. Aim your goods directly at the camera and see how many views you receive. You've seen it once - you've seen it a million times. Once more showing how many lack any ideas of their own.
  3. Mossy Cleft Cooch Hoo-haw Snapper Pink Panther Breakfast of Champions Toolshed
  4. Certainly in need of new couples. Current selection are tiresome and don't really have much more to give personally.
  5. A wife and husband had been on a strict diet and the wife said, "You know we have been good about our diet, lets have a cheat night tonight". The wife came home with KFC and Wendys. The husband came home with Sylvia from the office. My wife asked me to help cure her from sucking her thumb. So I drew a penis on it. What's the difference between a potted plant and your wife? The first is easier to bury.
  6. Little Johnny was sitting in class one day and the teacher was talking about life and asked him, "Little Johnny, how would you want your wife to be like". and he answered, "Like the moon". And the teacher replied, "That's such a beautiful answer, because its calm and peaceful?". And Little Johnny said, "No, because it appears at night and disappears in the morning".
  7. Worth a try but can't see them doing anything about it, this has been going on long enough and haven't done anything about it.
  8. If they do have friends they seldom visit and they barely leave the apartment. Friends are not for everyone.
  9. Another long "vacation" and not one but two couples housesitting/auditioning while they are away. Pretty smart if it is there intention as it gives them some sort of idea how popular they will be "if" they get an apartment. Time will tell.
  10. Like you say it's a game and all part of the RLC show. Most do fingering and some dildo play but big difference when it comes to licking pussy. Neither would give up cock completely anyway.
  11. Could this be the end for her boyfriend as she starts a new life with her lover Amina!!
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