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  1. This is the same guy that gets bent out of shape when someone disagrees even slightly with his theories/guesses/speculation about what happens or doesn't on RLC, even off cam stuff which no one can possibly know the real goings on. Demands evidence to support their opposing guesses, etc. I think he took the whole bottle of paranoid pills today LOL! To be fair, he has had some of the more plausible notions about things on RLC, but again unless it happens on cam no one can really be sure. He's been banned before, and this kind of stuff, false accusations, over the top demands for evidence and belittling those that don't provide it is what caused the bans. I saw the entire convo and it just didn't make any sense on his part. Oh well, it was entertaining while it lasted. LOL!
  2. Beware! If you’re a monthly subscriber and are expecting the new lower rate when the time comes for it to renew you’re in for a rude surprise! Unless you cancel your current 44.95 US sub it will still be that when it renews! Segpay told me the new 34.95 rate was for new subscribers only. They said I would have to go through RLC and subscribe to the new rate. They said if I would do that they would then refund the 44.95. So I did and will see hopefully by this Friday, July 12. So if you’re on the old rates you need to cancel that and when it runs out then resubscribe for the new lower rates, 19.95 for all cams but no replay, or 34.95 for premium with replays. No idea if the 90 and 180 day subs auto renew or not but if they do I would be safe to assume if you don’t cancel those also they will hit you at the old higher rates. But frankly unless more apartments come on line like Carla’s who has been a pleasant surprise even the 19.95 a month subscription won’t be worth it. As StnCld mentioned above they’re hemorrhaging viewers at an astonishing rate and things like the auto sub renewal at the old higher rates unless you cancel won’t help a bit. I will be surprised if the site lasts till year’s end.
  3. Sorry I have to correct myself. The 19.95 does not get you replay. All cams but no replay. Premium is that plus replay and a few other perks like multi screen and that is now 34.95 US a month. Even with replay that's a bit much for 8 apartments. So we get a 10 buck price reduction for losing 16 or so apartments some of which were the most popular.
  4. You raise a good point. My monthly renews the 1st of July so will be keeping an eye on that. And the monthly subscription is supposed to be 19.95 US now. I think Segpay has a toll free number you can call in the US.
  5. Meh. Think the new version of Babble was better, clunky as it was, and we were about to get used to it. Edit button does not work, if you use the @nickname feature the 300 character limit will say too many characters even if you only use 50, etc. But if you want to scroll back into the earlier posts they do load automatically, so that part is nice and they don't jump around either.
  6. Hi Marga. Yes the chat has been down almost 24 hours. Hope it is back soon.
  7. She was surprising this time. Was a lot of fun to watch with the twins and after they left she tried to get the others to join in the fun. Did manage to get Kiki and Kris to dance some. I was indifferent about her return but really got to like her by the time these 4 months ended. I know it was her third tour and rarely do girls return after that but I'm hoping she does (twins too) like Irma and Danaya did. But whatever she chooses to do I wish her well in life and hope she does well.
  8. Well, this is one of those times then LOL. Chat is still down today after going offline sometime last night.
  9. I echo my friend Cowart's sentiments about Lia and Mia. I have thoroughly enjoyed your times on RLC. You were in B1 when I first discovered RLC and have enjoyed your playfulness and the way you always got along with everyone in the Barcelona houses. This time it was no different. I wish you both well in wherever life takes you and much happiness. And if you decide to do a 4th tour, I will be watching! Wishing you 2 much success and happiness.
  10. As of 5:00 PM Eastern US time trhe chat is not working. Just wanted to report if it hasn't already.
  11. Rubberman I think she visited J&F so often so not to be involved with Sera's BS as well. Agree her stay was much too short.
  12. With due respect I think that get together at B1 was more Gina's idea than Sera's. From what I've watched of her that just doesn't seem to be her thing. She only seems to have a very small circle of.. well.. acquaintances among the Barca girls and it gets smaller every day. I hesitate to call them friends, more like clients. Seems to be down to just Mila and Daisy right now. Also Gina and Leia are friends, they and the twins have been seen together on social media. There might even be a conflict between her and Gina for who really "runs" B1. Gina's RLC seniority gives her a sizable edge on that right now.
  13. Welcome back Gina and I for one hope the twins aren't far behind, or at least visit. As far as I'm concerned if another tour is in the works for them they can have Serafima's room right now. Sera's nice looking but she does nothing for the viewers. The twins at least have fun, try to get along with everyone, and also nice looking. Also, Gina, I like that scooter you have!
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