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  1. Lisa

    Fan Page Neia

    Get a life you poor excuse for a man.
  2. Lisa

    Double Letter Game.

  3. Lisa

    Artists/Bands A - Z

  4. Lisa

    A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  5. Lisa

    Films A - Z

    Riding in Cars with Boys
  6. Lisa

    Fan Page Nicole

    Welcome back Nicole.
  7. Lisa

    Betty & Rick

    Not just men that need them.
  8. Lisa

    Films A - Z

    I Spit On Your Grave. 2010
  9. Lisa

    Last Letters Game.

  10. Lisa

    Artists/Bands A - Z

  11. Lisa

    This Or That Game

    Arm. Sinful or righteous?
  12. Lisa

    Beavis and Butthead

    Sorry lol. Yes I can get you some hot chocolate and those tiny marshmallows.
  13. Lisa

    Beavis and Butthead

    I do apologise shouldn't have said all.
  14. Lisa

    Beavis and Butthead

    All you men seem to do is moan. You moan when they don't do anything then you moan when they do something. Make up your minds. God help your wives/partners.
  15. Lisa

    Masha's Boob Job

    Her boobs go with the rest of her over the top and fake.