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  1. CowArt has summed it up nicely and why so many are tired and no longer get involved. Yes maybe a second chat won't be a success, but can't be any worse than the one we have.
  2. No difference at all - Some members just kid themselves that they apartments are more Real and less porn than what there is on VHtv or any other camera sites.
  3. King Hamlet

    RLC Clearout

    Like anything in business if it's making money why change it. Also means they don't have to get off their lazy ass and make changes.Tenants bringing in friends/acquaintances is also less work for them.
  4. Most tenants and apartments you can read them like a book, like their employers most have no drive and do the same thing over and over.
  5. Getting the tenants to bring friends in or work colleagues means less work for them to do. Not sure about anyone else but getting bored of these young wannabe porn stars. Time expand and try different age group, countries.
  6. King Hamlet

    Chat Box

    The BS just flows out of some people's mouths.
  7. Rose is not the only one it has happened to and agree some do have strange obsession with some of the girls. Also find it weird that they dislike them but chat non-stop about them. Chat mod is definitely needed.
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