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  1. Shadow V

    Nelly Fan Page

    Best couple and one of a few that are genuine on so call Real Life Cam.
  2. Shadow V

    Leora Fan Page

    Omg Really!!!
  3. Shadow V

    The One Word Song Game.

    Spectrum - Florence and the Machine
  4. Shadow V

    The One Word Song Game.

    E.T - Katy Perry
  5. Shadow V

    The One Word Song Game.

    Roxanne - The Police
  6. Shadow V

    The One Word Song Game.

    That your favourite!!
  7. Shadow V

    Chat Box

    Being Sofie I'm sure most can guess who started that.
  8. Shadow V

    What stops you getting involved in chat?

    5 year olds are more mature and behave better than some on chat do.
  9. Shadow V

    Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Sounds like they have been a joy to watch
  10. Shadow V

    Artists/Bands A - Z

    Howling Bells
  11. Shadow V

    Double Letter Game.

  12. Shadow V

    Last Letters Game.

  13. Shadow V

    Films A - Z

    Addicted to Love
  14. Shadow V

    Yes Or No Game

    Yes, when younger by my mother Been caught nude in a pool while on vacation?