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  1. Best Penis

    For me has to be Bogdan: Nice look, size and knows how to use it
  2. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  3. Open letter to the lady members

    Just relax and watch. No need for trying to guess and workout what is going on, you will just get worked up and irritate others. Just my opinion and most will just do what they keep doing and you have every right. Just don't complain when the chat is dead. One more thing: Just because you don't chat doesn't make you a Lurker.
  4. Films A - Z

  5. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  6. Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Smart move Masha doing her masturbating shows while listening to Dasha and Sasha. Keeps everyone happy and more viewers.
  7. Leora Fan Page

    Has to try new things because new and better looking girls are doing better and more natural shows. Have to say RUBBERMAN I thought you were smarter than others. Kitty real....... Seriously!!
  8. Speculation

    "Speculation is a dangerous thing without any evidence to back it up"
  9. What's your poison? (Alcohol)

    Sex on the beach Suck, bang & blow Sex on my face Red headed slut
  10. Couples sharing

    Never going to work but what do I know
  11. " Blue Balls "

    Some fools never learn
  12. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Sure RLC has done well out of the show they have put on. Dasha gets her apartment and Masha and her lap-dog look for the next one.
  13. Limp Dick

    Sounds like they have achieved what they set out to do...... Bravo
  14. Films A - Z

    Babette's Feast
  15. Last Letters Game.

  16. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  17. Artists/Bands A - Z

    Rachel Platten
  18. Double Letter Game.

  19. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  20. A - Z Two Vowels Only.

  21. Famous Name Game.

    Cameron Diaz
  22. Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Have noticed that a few times top 3 cams have been nothing and they have been one of them. Maybe some mice fighting more fun to watch than some of the apartments.
  23. Fan Page for Jane & Dick

    Wouldn't surprise me one bit.
  24. Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Personally they have turned their apartment into a massive joke.... Quite sad and pathetic what some would do.
  25. Nelly Fan Page

    One of my favourites so maybe biased but one of nicest and down to earth couple to watch, agree you can tell they are older and more mature than some of the others. They don't need help.... but I'm always willing to if they need