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  1. Sometimes, I give up hope on humanity.
  2. When we start discussing the weather, it's time to abandon ship!
  3. Sorry if this appears twice. I just spent an hour of my life typing out a reply and then nothing appeared? Mr Jackson, please rest assured that I take not offence to your comments. As much as this hurts, as much I am ashamed to admit, Trump is right about Africa being a "shithole". In Africa's defence, we're trying to improve. We like to call that "development" and that is why we are the "developing" nations. The fact that we have devloped fuck all is something we'd like you to overlook, hey we tried!. In realtiy, the only things developing is our "leaders" ability to hide thier illgotten gains. As for MAGA, I think we will agree to diagee on this subject but I think Trump is an igorant cunt.
  4. I agree with you 100%. As much as this hurts every fibre of my being, every atom in my body is screaming no, I have to admit Trump is right, for once. Africa, in general, is a shithole. You can be PC as you like but it doesn't disguise the facts. As someone born and raised in Africa, I know her faults and rest assured, I take no offence to your comments.As for MAGA, the way to do that is elect HIllary! Sorry, couldn't resist.
  5. Congratulations. It seems like you did your job as a parent, instilling in your kids that the world owes them nothing. If you want to get somewhere, you have to work for it. I am sure they will go on to make you proud! PS. Us third world countries prefer to be called "developing countries" . Political correctness and all. We don't like to admit Trump was right in calling our countries "shitholes"
  6. You're clearly out of touch with the modern world, as am I. I am lucky, my condoms did their job so I have no kids. Kid's today can be put into two categories, those who think the world owes them a living and those who know the world owes them nothing, it's up to them to earn a living. Sadly, most belong in the former category. You're right about it being about the parents. Values and a work ethic come from the parents. I moved from South Africa where to the UK and was shocked by the difference. In Africa, you breed them, you look after them. In the UK, pop one out and you're all set, council house (free housing at taxpayer's expense), benefits, (the government/taxpayer pays for your upkeep). I an criticise the performance of some of the people on RLC but I won't get personal. We don't know their circumstances back home. The average wage in Ukraine is about $600 a month. Who can blame them for seeking greener pastures?
  7. I'm not too sure about this whole thing about bringing the ex-Russian tenants back as singles/CoV etc. I imagine many found themselves in a lot of shit after the purge which was no fault of their own. They were comfortable and suddenly the carpet was pulled out from under them. (I would still like RLC to explain why) I have some sympathy but not a lot. They were getting an all expenses paid gig to have sex/or not, on cam. Some seemed to think it would last forever? Common sense says it wouldn't. If they'd had any common sense, which, I admit, in this day and age, is considered something of a talent, they would have used the time to study or learn a skill. Eva seemed to be doing that, as did Paul. If they'd done that, they would be fine. Back to my original point. How many Leora bates can any human watch and still give a shit? At least in Siberia she did occasionally get laid. Lana and Robert were fun to watch because they often had friends over for parties. Lana had some good bates for the camera but, now they are in a foreign land with no friends, so there go the parties. I am happy to see Nelly and Bogdan back, but, once again, I've seen them fuck a hundred times. I liked their parties which, being away from home, means they won't have any. It will be interesting to see how they get on with A&A. Maybe we have an outside chance of Angelina and Nellie? I doubt it. I don't know if bringing back the past tenants is a sign of loyalty to long-term participants or just bringing back bankable favourite to rescue the sinking ship. I don't hold RLC in high regard but, they do seem to be trying hard to make a comeback after the purge? With almost all the empty spaces filled, and all the red-tape involved, we should give them some credit.
  8. Be honest with yourselves. Did you join RLC to see normal people doing what normal people do? I'm sure there are websites available where somebody films their shopping trip to Walmart or hey, let's make a video of us ordering a pizza! No nudity involved. You joined RLC to see nudity and sex. RLC stopped being a true voyeur website years ago. For those who still subscribe and claim they are true voyeurs, get off you high horses, you're just perverts like the rest of us!
  9. Hello, little bitch here. For the record, I have never met any of the RLC people and, sadly, have never licked any of their arses! Criticism is fair but, sometimes it gets too personal. By all means, complain about their performance or lack thereof but some on RLC seem to need a villian and, sadly, they single out some participants to be the object of that desire. Look how Mary and Neia were treated. While criticism is fair, standing up to unfair criticism doesn't make you an ass-licker, it makes you a human being!
  10. I think it was meant to be a big thing that took our attention away from the purge. Belle, a popular lady, for the first time, with a man. I can't fault Belle, she was as she has always been, happy and up for anything. Sadly, Nate didn't come to the party. While I like Belle, I found the couple they briefly shared with far more enjoyable. I would have loved Nate to say to Sophie, enough of this bullshit teasing and just given her one! I have a suspicion Sophie would have liked it too?
  11. For me, it was the opposite. Once the sexual bit got boring, I started looking for other things. My focus was on the Barca places because they used to have a bit of variety. I liked watching the relationships between the girls. It was interesting how some new girls were immediately accepted yet others shunned? It was interesting watching the dynamics when Regie/Sher, Renata and Theresa were in B1. Theresa and Renata clearly hated each other, Regi and Sher got caught in the middle and were disliked by many. Once Theresa left and the twins moved in, everything changed and Regi and Sher proved to be one of the more memorable housemates. I signed up as a perv but became a perverted voyeur.
  12. Personally, my reasons have changed over time. I've said before, Eric and Julia and the old B1 were why I joined. It was purely for curiosity and sex. It annoyed me when they'd get all worked up on the free cams them bugger off to the paycams to do the deed. Once I became a member and could see it all, it became a bit boring. Some couples made more than an effort than others but, how many times can you see the same people shag before it becomes a bit of a bore? I quickly became tired of the sexual aspect. For me, I loved the sexual moments you never saw coming. Regi/Sher and the twins, Rose, Belle and Mo, Gina and the twins. I think that classes me as a pervert.Oh the shame!
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