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  1. It's unfortunate that Ginger was placed in an apartment where the other ladies aren't into other ladies. This was apparent early on so I don't know why RLC didn't change things? Send Ginger to GP and, perhaps, Diane to B1? Ginger and Mila would have been fun. I see Mila is packing so, opportunity lost. Maybe next time? RLC, wake up!
  2. Leora is hot, but, she's mostly about "showtime". It's a bit new to me as "showtime" always used to start just when I had to leave for work. She seems to have changed her schedule so, now I catch a bit of it. I don't know if there is or, ever will be a balance? There are some members who like watching normal life, boring as it may be. Most are here to see sex. If they don't perform, it's a case of get them out of there? Personally, I like watching Gina and the twins. Sexually, they do little, but, I don't really care? They're fun.
  3. She is a beautiful lady but, everything she does sexually is for the cams. The way she teases to attract viewers, how she positions herself for the cameras. I'm not complaining other than the fact that I get to see the teasing but rarely get to see the main event as I have to go to work. Our timings don't gel! The problem is, do I care? Would I pay for replay to see her? The answer is no. I have often paid for replay and every time, it was because of the Barca apartments,
  4. Would she and Paul still be there if she didn't? Leora is an RLC veteran, she knows what to do to attract an audience. I'm not a great fan but I do give her credit. She is one of the longest serving people on RFC and has to carry one of the most boring partners on RLC. Paul might be a fantastic bloke in real life but, on cam, he's too normal, ish? It would be easy to say, if I was with Leora, I would be humping her night and day but, in reality, after a while, sex becomes routine, no matter how hot she is.That's real life!
  5. I hope RLC doesn't go down this path.Yes, most people are here to see sex. I like watching some of the sex but after a while, it becomes boring. As I have said before, how many times can you watch the same couples screw before it becomes a bit tedious? We all have many complains about RLC but, they can never satisfy everybody, all the time. Just watch chat to see how some go on and on and on about those they don't like and want to leave. Yet, often, the people they want to leave are top oft he thumbs? Clearly most disagree with them. There are some, like Sofie who are clever and quickly figure our how to get the views, yet there are some who don't care and get accused of forsaking us Hallowed Members? I admire those like Serafima who, despite the pressure, do fuck all. Yes, they are probably in the wrong place but, I admire their stoicism. Given that Sera is merely 20 years old, I admire her even more. If you want to see sex, go to a porn site. A lot of the Barca women do "fake" lesbian stuff? While I take no offense to it, and, somehow find my computer tunes in to some of it, often, I know it's not real, I know it's just a show. The Barca places are pure fantasy, Enjoy them for what they are and stop bitching about what the aren't.
  6. There are some who dislike return girls? Kylie is a reason I don't. On her first visit, she seemed to have a boyfriend who didn't like her being on RLC and so she was pretty shit. I think she did one bate, for him, the entire time she was there? I don't know if Rus is the same boyfriend? What I do like about ladies like her is, when they return, they try to disprove our initial impressions. In Kylie's case, she seems a lot more social and very willing to have sex. Sadly, Rus doesn't seem that eager? That being said, I can't blame him. The men on RLC are harshly judged. Apparently, when we're all not perving over the RLC ladies, we're all studs who can last forever? I think Smithy would put many of us to shame!
  7. The couples may be sort of "real life", the Barca places are not. They are pure fantasy. The people who own RLC don't give a shit about "real life", all they want is our money. It's a business. They offer a product. We chose to buy it.
  8. Fair point. I've only been a member for two years so I can only comment on the time I have been here. In that time, chat has been dominated by the Barca apartments. I don't know how it was before?
  9. I think we have a good mix of couples. You have the bankables like Linda and Tibor, Nelly and Bogdan etc. You have the drama with Kitty. There are the hot ladies, Varvara, and a host of others. If swapping is your thing, Eva and Sam, not so much now, Masha Dasha and Sasha. If kinky floats your boat, Olivia and Nick. I agree that there are some that are a waste of space. I don't know if the demise of Des and Raul, Eric and Julia, Kami and Kayley etc was a sign of RLC cracking the whip? You're shit, move on? My personal opinion is, without the Barac places, RLC will survive but not for long. RLC positions itself as a voyeur website. I think most members are here to see sex? If they don't get that, many will go to other sites that are clearly set up about sex rather than voyeurism. I haven't seen VHTV or whatever it's called but, reading from posts here, it's all about sex and unashamedly so? Personally, I don't want RLC to go down that path. I want to see the Barca ladies having sexual fun because they want to, not because they they are contractually obliged to.
  10. But... Without the Barca places, chat wouldn't exist? RLC was a forerunner but now there are other sites competing. I haven't seen them so I can't comment on them. I think the Barca places are RLC's main money earners? I think they subside the whole operation? The Barca places can't be cheap. GP must cost a bit, I recall a post saying Є12000 a month and, B1 and B2 seem to be on the beachfront, those places come at a premium? Not only is there the rent, paying the participants, but airfares too which we seem to be paying for. I think the Barca places are costing them a fortune but, also making them one. For us, RLC is fun, for whomever owns it, it's all about business. If the Barca places weren't profitable, it would be so easy to dump them and do a similar set-up anywhere a lot cheaper. Romania, Prague? Given what I have read about VH, Ukraine's probably not a good idea?
  11. I have never doubted Rubberman's contribution to RLCF and I hope it continues. Some members shoot from the hip, some, like you, seem to take time to offer a more considered view. Both are good, although, I prefer the latter. I often agree with Rubberman but, just as often, I don't. That doesn't make me right, nor him wrong. If, as he says, and I have no reason to doubt him, Rubberman's comment was to create a debate, excellent! I added my opinion to that debate, perhaps a bit bluntly. Sadly, the focus seems to have become about Rubberman and I? Let's get back to that debate: Would RLC survive without the Barca apartments? I would create a poll but my last suggestion that was put to a poll got slaughtered. It was brutal! Rubberman, we will never see eye to eye. That being said, if you're ever in London, let me know and I will happily buy you a beer or 20.
  12. I regret that you see me as an enemy. I am not. We just see things differently and have different opinions. Some see it as an opportunity for constructive debate, others take it personally? What would you like me to chat about? Like everyone of us, you have a right to your opinion, as do I. Believe it or not, I sometimes agree with you opinions. In this case, I do not. I apologise for commenting and assure you, I will not do so again. That being said, you're still fucking wrong.
  13. Given our past history, I have stayed away from commenting on your posts. This time, I can't resist. You are wrong. Your comment is just fucking stupid. Like it or not, the Barca apartments are RLC's biggest draw. They may be "sucker's apartments" but who's going to continue paying $45 a month to see Maya? If RLC was just the "couples" place, I think they would be stuffed. Let's face it, most people are here for sex. How many times can you see a couple fucking before it becomes boring? For me, two or three times. Be honest, how long would you keep subscribing if RLC was just the couples? The Barca places add a bit of variety, whether returnees or not. Yes, sometimes their "entertainment" is boring and, for those of us who have been here for a while, a bit tired. That being said, I am sure they are open to suggestions? To conclude, sorry Rubberman, I think you're wrong. If subscriptions were based on apartments, the Barca places would win by many miles.
  14. I think it's like most things, after a while it becomes a bit stale and that attracts negative comments? Like any "reality" tv show, people figure out what it takes to get on and what it takes to be invited back. In the Barca ladies defence, who the hell would say no to being paid to have a holiday in Barcelona? When you've been a member for a long time, you've seen it all. It's the format that has become boring, not the participants. Unfortunately some blame the participants and take it out on them. I disagree with that. I think many of them do try to be entertaining but, if you're expecting 24 hour orgies, you're in the wrong place. Like everyone, I have my irritations about RLC and some of the places. Constructive criticism is good. When that criticism becomes personal, when some gang up against a particular participant, that's when it exceeds the boundaries of what is acceptable. If you don't like them, don't watch them!
  15. I assume what happened was something dougiestyle4U commented on earlier? "Lately, I see comments being made about someone's post and then subsequent quotes are attached to the newer poster. Must remember to use the original poster's comments to reply to that specific topic of discussion. This happened in another topic of discussion elsewhere. This could lead to angry posters, including me, by being accused of something they supposedly said but didn't." I wasn't aware of this but, now that I am, I will be more careful in future. My apologies, it was unintentional.
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