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  1. This will be interesting. Of all the people on RLC, Sofie is the most business like. She sees it as a job and does what it takes to make as much money as she can. I admire her for that! I didn't see her first tour but, her second suckered many. Innocent girl, getting used to the cams, going a bit further each time? I fell for it! She played us like fools. Good on her. Her third tour, she tried it again, this time with another lady, I don't remember her name. It fooled nobody and she came in for some heavy criticism. I hope this time she stops trying so hard to get the views and just has fun. Being the business minded lady she is, I doubt she will? I predict, this time she will get a man involved? If she's in Barca for three months, it will be 2,5 months of teasing and 5 minutes of sex before she goes home? I hope I'm wrong!
  2. You are right Why would any woman want to be with a man who hits her and cheats on her? Uly is a beautiful lady. I am sure she wouldn't have any problem finding a man that would treasure her. I don't know what Moron said to convince her to take him back but, it's a lie. He got away with it this time and he will do it again. It's almost like she would rather be in an abusive relationship than face the prospect of having to find a real job? Uly, you know what a piece of shit he his. Walk away!
  3. I frustrates the hell out of me. How can they not see RLC is a temporary thing. It's not going to last forever and at some stage, they are going to have to find a real job. Take advantage of RLC, study, learn a trade, while we pick up the tab? If RLC shut down today, how many of the participants would be able to find another job? How many could sustain themselves? I am guessing, very few?
  4. I have little interest in them but, Sasha, I think that's the guy, seems to be used. From the little I have seen of them, he is nothing more than a dick that the two women use to stay on RLC? He seems to have no personality at all? I don't think I have ever heard him speak?
  5. Do you have replay? I have and can go through it and give you the times etc. where she hit him on the latest occasion. Sadly I cannot go further back to the other incidents. This will provide you with the evidence you seek. However, it will be pointless if you don't have replay so, if you don't, I'm not going to waste my time.
  6. I think the problem is, he isn't getting one or at east seems to be in no hurry to get one!
  7. Silly girl or all faked? I think the latter?
  8. Have you watched them? She is "a" problem as she gets violent and hits him. That is an indisputable fact. This is not based on chat, I and many others have seen it, more than once! My understanding of Russian is very limited so the reasons were merely speculative, which I clearly stated. If you read what I said, "the" problem seems to be about him getting a real job. I have been with RLCF long enough to know not to believe anything said in chat. Contrary to your statement, I am not trying to influence anybody into believing my view. I am merely giving my opinion. Believe what you want. Let's hope Santa doesn't see your comment. If he does, you're in for a lean Christmas. Don't give up hope, the tooth fairy and Easter Bunny are more forgiving!
  9. Asya disturbs me. She seems unable to control her temper and resorts to hitting Artem which is just as unacceptable as a man hitting a woman. From the little I understood from their last fight, it all seems to be about a job. She mentioned that, ad nauseam. Some have said that she doesn't want to be on RLC? If this is true, I am guessing Artem talked her into it as a stop gap measure while he found a job? She doesn't seem to think he's trying hard enough? (pure speculation on my part) Artem seems like a nice, laid back chap. He deserves better. They are in St Petersburg, as are the newly single, Uly and Marat? Just a thought!
  10. So long Gina. Her arrival was met with criticism from some. On her departure, many of those critics were saying how they'd miss her and how ladies like her were needed on RLC to teach the newbies. I share dizzo's opinion, I miss her already. Come back soon Gina.
  11. I hope I'm wrong but I think she will take Moron back. While Uly was clearly upset, her "trashing" of the apartment was carefully done. I understand this where RLC property is concerned but she was careful not to break anything of his that was of value. The laptop was carefully placed on the floor, the X-box controller was thrown angrily at the soft sofa. It was more a case of, she untidied the living room, rather than trashed the place. I got the impression Marat's reaction was more for show? Put the torn pictures together on the table, pull out the guitar and sing mournful songs, cry a bit! What a sad lament. I don't know if that was for our benefit or he was hoping Uly was watching? If it was for ours, you're pissing into the wind. Hitting a woman makes you a piece of shit. If it was for Uly, I hope she proves me wrong and gets herself a real man who knows domestic violence is unacceptable, whomever is the aggressor, Asya!
  12. I have heard and seen them enjoying some songs I recognised. Contemporary pop, I believe it's called. To my ears, it's just noise. Many seem to like Russian rock music but, apparently Guns n Roses, Metallica etc. have yet to catch on in those parts of the world. Their loss. If you're hoping for Andre Rieu or Richard Clayderman or Mozart, best chance is Anabel.
  13. Now that the triplets have been broken up, Gina looks bored. Kris climbed into bed with her this morning and it looks like they are friendly but I don't have high hopes anything will happen. Gina looks like she can't wait to get out of there.
  14. It has got to a point where is's barely worth watching. I timed it a few nights ago and I was losing the feed every 8 to 9 seconds, either buffering or the picture freezing. If your business is based on streaming, you would think the first priority would be to make sure the streaming works properly? At the moment, RLC is the equivalent of a car salesman selling you a car that looks good but has no engine. It's not fit for purpose.
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