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  1. Dasha has served her purpose and helped all 3 earn some easy money. Time to move on before they embarrass themselves even more (if that is possible).
  2. Sounds like Masha has new business. No matter what happens Masha will be the one that comes out with the better deal guaranteed.
  3. Sounds like the Chat and Forum has been going downhill for some time going by the comments. Looks like it was a lot more pleasant and sane than it is now. Looking through the Forum the amount that haven't been on for years is quite a lot, many being quite active with posts.
  4. That will be a NO then - lol
  5. Maya and boyfriend playing games while the friend looks into space wondering WTF he is doing there.
  6. Definitely at an all time low and who ever makes the decisions is fucking useless. If this is the best RLC can come up with - might as well pack it in.
  7. Now that is some funny shit.
  8. Linda would be #1 no problem if she masturbated regularly.
  9. If this couple are quick doesn't say much for the rest. A quickie for Nelly & Bogdan lasts longer than most other couples doing it normal.
  10. Nelly enjoying some pussy and anal play in the living room. Sure enjoys giving her ass a good seeing too and good to see her enjoying it.
  11. Should be first on the list to get booted in 2019. Complete waste of time and money for RLC and members. Must be love for Eric to put up with such a frigid boring cow.
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