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  1. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    being called moron by hypocrits is self-revealing and rather a praise...
  2. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

  3. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    i do not look up wiki-BS. common sense is the only way, imho, to judge the interaction in a relationship. and the law, if it is definitely broken. having arguments, even ending up in some form of physical expressions, are quite normal and in no way abusive. and where is the difference if you slip on a wet floor compared to some meddling and ending on the floor accidentally? those two have shown a strong a strong and loving affection for each other at so many instances, so talking of intentional hurting each other is purely fabricated imho. mayby they sometimes act like children on a playground, but please not that #metoo-"Domestic Abuse"BS!
  4. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    the name of the operation is REAL LIFE cam. there is no script for the inhabitants, they are acting on their own. as long as no law of the land is broken and everything happens consentual and - most important, they are at any time free to leave - I do not see spousal abuse. I hope they get over this and celebrate kittys 21st on april 1st in good spirits!
  5. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    if so, RLC would no longer be of much interest to me. maybe sometimes listening to anabel and efim for rehearsals, that's it. my anyone above 35 think of their times and relationships between 19 and 25. how many similar dramatic scenes did occur? a lot, I suppose! so what, we all came over that. btw: many people in this part of central europe are aggressive and frustrated these days due to the reoccurrence of icy weather with no end in sight!
  6. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    there was also an anniversary of "Smith" today for which kitty brought in presents and an envelope and there was fun and happiness. had anybody an idea what it could be apart from ?birthday?
  7. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    hahah and if you look into mirror what you see there hahah or see also fake hahah...
  8. Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    HAPPY 1ST ANNIVERSARY! and good luck to whatever the two of you will do in life!