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  1. Watcher43

    Limp Dick

    Saw the show of Dasha and Sasha. It would have been good if old limp dick didn't have to cover up the fact that there was no real penetration. Masha I must say does run the show and yet I don't think she wants to take the chance of losing her man. So covers makes for the story of not doing anything to re-runs on replay. If it does happen then it opens a whole lot of new shows of two's, threes and other stuff. Really interesting, but the rubbing is wearing thin. They know it and stretching it all out. After last night to take more hidden stuff would get people to give up on them. All to me is very mature entertainment with a plot. Good for them.
  2. Watcher43

    What happen to Demind

    Does anyone know what happen to Demind. Sasha and him were so close. Did he go on sabbatical somewhere for a year or more. Did something bad happen to him. Odd to find Sasha with Masha. The arrangement is cool, but never intended to go anywhere while Demind is out there somewhere. There seems to be a don't go there in place with the their group.
  3. Watcher43

    Real or a show

    I know this is suppose to be real life, but I wonder if it isn't more imitation. Too many things are not real. Couples bang all the time, girls act all coy, and vacation people are really on vacation from everything. If it is imitation then of course there are no rules as it is entertainment. If it is real then it seems to apply to the fact that the cameras are hidden. The cameras are real. Intimacy is really rare. The girls apartments seem to be the most intimate, but seem to hold back allot. Rules maybe. Yet if as entertainment there should be nothing to hide. It is already rated adult. Allot relates to the calls on cellphones. Actions seem to be related the same way. Someone said about blankets being used. Privacy? Rules? Hey this is imitation not a life style. So girls should be themselves and guys should do the same. If it was really real there might be second thoughts for certain things, but the project guides a certain way. Often without regard that few lives are going to be affected by their actions. One thing I have noticed is a certain jealousy that happens and then they move on. Who made jasmine boss? She should be a nun, and not on camera. Sofie and Monica are a natural progression, the hold up is the third wheel who isn't on the same wave length. In fact some of the matchups are equally the same. The replays are of little interest when there is nothing to see. So the project offers variety and yet so far it is getting very thin.
  4. Watcher43

    Observation vs Seeing

    I have seen the comments and wondering how much is observing and seeing. Twins are a waste of time, bodies or not. Marsha has two operation cuts under her breasts, so it is implants. Sofie is obviously a sheltered person who guards herself, as once she gets attached, their gone. Sex by the couples are somewhat staged, as there is no pleasure, just doing. Eva and Marsha sets have it all together, variety equals more interest. The Girls,the cellphones is their money ticket, as it probably is by the minute calls. As far as dates, check to see that on each date they check to see if the payment is good or not. Once the check clears then they do stuff. So allot seems real but they follow a path of some form of holistic programs. Inexperience shows up allot. I am more disappointed with Kamila and her friends as they have become more distant of late and rarely even talk. Their main watching point for us was the rubbing and cuddles. Seems like allot of them have off set places to do things so the cameras won't see. Over all though great viewing and changing personnel helps when they get along as compatible.
  5. Watcher43

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    I believe they are helping a friend through some very rough times. they all seem to test each other without risking their friendship. Better though to rely on their friendship to stay safe and not get hurt again. Experimentation can heal allot of things. Obvious by the way they tend to go back to themselves from being frustrated. Doesn't always work to their complete satisfaction. Allot of kissing to somewhat soothe the pains.
  6. I think Sofi is playing the wait and see game.