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  1. Sketch

    Intimidated by the chat

    Not at all. Just no interest in what gets discussed day after day. Has become dull and very clique.
  2. Sketch

    Fan Page for Linda and Tibor

    Might be a shock to some but not everyone is bisexual and just because they are on a cam show don't need to bring in others to improve the apartment.
  3. This couple are no fun or exciting anymore than any other couple that have been in the apartment. Just complete show and clearly drugs are needed to make things happen.
  4. Sketch

    Have You Ever.........?

    No Have you ever had sex with 2 members of the same family?
  5. Sketch

    Last Letters Game.

  6. Sketch

    Double Letter Game.

  7. Sketch

    Films A - Z

    U Turn
  8. Sketch

    Films A - Z

    Pet Sematary
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  10. Sketch


  11. Sketch


  12. Sketch

    Three words before, during or after sex.

    Shhh grandmas listening
  13. Sketch

    Shit For Brains.

  14. Sketch

    Shit For Brains.

  15. Sketch

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas all.