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  1. You want to act like adults.... You deal with the consequences.
  2. Have to agree and you would think they could find some Spanish beauties, it's not like the country is lacking in them.
  3. Complete waste of time and bed. Only thing she has done is make a fool of herself over and over. Not the first one that clearly has a problem with alcohol and, being in the situation she's in is not helping her.
  4. Sounds good to me. Good option for some that are bored of young and quite immature girls.
  5. Sketch

    RLC Clearout

    Not sure if it's the setup, tenants or both but, looks to me like more are getting bored easily and questioning why and what they are actually paying for.
  6. Reasons why so many including myself have lost interest. Leora debate is completely different discussion and lets leave it at that.
  7. If they are one of a few that you are paying to watch and are away most of the time it's a waste of money. Friends/Guests/Auditonees is ok if you have an interest in them, otherwise might as well be empty.
  8. Whatever is happening they are getting exactly what they love - Attention.
  9. To much interest in them for RLC to remove them. Unless they leave on their own accord can't see this apartment going anywhere.
  10. Interesting. Been going sometime then, just a shame the situation it's in now.
  11. Only they know the answer to that. Both RLCF and CC have members that have never participated. More the merrier especially in the forum I say.
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