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  1. Sketch

    Seeing things that aren't

    If you believe some all the best stuff happens outside the apartments or just out of view but only they have the powers to see and hear.
  2. Sketch

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Poor thing finally died of boredom.
  3. Sketch

    Alternative for breasts

    Babylons Titties Brad Pitts
  4. Sketch

    What Happened To The Real Meanings?

    Forum topics are the only thing worth getting involved in. Take away the jokes and images and see what you have left.
  5. Sketch

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Guaranteed entertainment that's a certainly
  6. Sketch


    Who mentioned bullying?
  7. Sketch

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    Seeing they are married (Dasha and Sasha) sooner or later they will want to move on and get a place of their own. Masha will turn into a crazy women with loads of cats.
  8. Dislike him or jealous he does a better job satisfying his partner than most of the others.
  9. New chat version but same old shit.
  10. Sketch

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    Exactly that..... rumour.
  11. Sketch

    Fan Page Eva and Sam

    What proof do some of you have that Sam was cheating and that Eva didn't know it was happening.
  12. Sketch

    I can do her better than Paul

    Smith 2mins is the worst and surprised he doesn't high five himself
  13. More to life than RLC and RLCF.
  14. Sketch

    One Of Your 5 A Day. :)

    I'm sure it would fit perfect.