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  1. Does Mary have a penis????
  2. Round #2: just like a quintessential heavy weight prize fight, Mara was determined to ensure that her visiting captured penis got their just due and shoot a load that she could savoir. There is no other on RLC, including screaming Belle (and I like her) that can capture or top the essence of raw nymphatic desires of Mara. This lady is real, true and open for our pleasure.
  3. Again, the beast of Mara appeared and boy was it fantastic. If I'm not mistaken, she brutally fuck her boy toy to the floor (again) Literally!!!!! This girl is a phenom, I'd say 3 pornstars in one (Marylin Chambers; Sheena Shaw; Riley Reid). Her gagging technique will continue to be refined as this continues. She's definitely trying her best to deep throat and doing a fairly good job. I'm just impressed with her outer limits and ability to just enjoy sex. You GO Girl!!!!!!!!!
  4. Everytime I think I'm going to see this dude give Marti what she wants I'm disappointed. Today they started out on the sofa and she had herself in the perfect position to get a gasm and homeboy just could not stand the fact that she might get to Nut before him. He figured a way to drag her to the bedroom where he could stick his simple dick in and she still had to finish on her own. Wow, you sorry little, little prick!!!!
  5. I'm not sure who this lady is and I think I've seen her at this place with Angie and Sammy before. Well today man, I'm not sure how to characterize her. Let's start : 1) She definitely seemed to be on something when she arrived - when did she arrive ? Not sure, but been checking replay this entire day to figure it out; 2) She drank two (2) bottles of wine and ate a sandwich and anything else that posed as "food". 3) she giggled, giggled, stumbled, giggled, pranced in front of the mirror; changed into RED undies right there in the dinnette area and video talked to George as she played with herself. Angie had to follow her mostly around the house just in case and I'm not sure if Angie is her designated keeper and she seemed very aware that something big is off with this lady. Oh, did I say she giggled at everydamed thing!!! 4) she spent the better half of an hour talking to herself while she dranked the wine and ate a bite. She seemed to have answered every question she asked and also prayed to a God (Which God I'm not sure, but she sure appeared to be certain that its all good) - she reminds me of the addict that has fallen from heaven, if they ever can make it, irratic behavior, many burn or cut marks on her body, random Tates that seem out of place and very much so on the verge. I might be going over the top a little, but I must say, I've seen my share of drunks in my day and they can absolutely exhibit the same behavior, but this is not a drunk, she's got the mark and it's deep (poor girl). Also, from the looks of it, she really believes that she's hot as hell and sexy or at least she wants that confirmation. I'm wondering if this is her time out place for a while ????? I know this whole writing must sound negative, but I'm more concerned for her safety. Another observation that just hit me, is her age. She's definitely not a spring chicken (if so, life has been rough and painful - maybe the reason for the cig burns on her left shoulder and arm or maybe that's her specialty) - Also, when she walks you totally see that old lady ass that has lost muscle but still jiggles sort of.
  6. I really love watching Anabel. So full of life, fun and a super "seemingly" care free attitude. Lately, I'm not sure what it is, but her and F'm are off their game. I can't tell if they are suffering from a cold, flu or what. But they spend Globs amount of time in bed and dreary looking. I do hope it's only the flu.
  7. Man I've had 4 weeks vacation every place I've worked and take them all as I plan far in advance. My core family is EU and take the 30 day vacations going places (beach house, other countries and so on). 1 week is only time enough to just go home for a stay-cation and mostly nothing else. You should negotiate to get all your time off when you need it and discover what its like to re-energize before returning to work from a long, well deserve break.
  8. Does she know this is a porn site ? I do believe that being on RLC is a downgrade on her self. Most would think it was. I bet she ain't running home to tell mom and dad she took a shower in front of the camera that a bunch of horny old men subscribe to, nor is she telling them I saw three girls use brator's on each other. Nope, she probably thinks this is good money to take a time out from one the the bate/chat channels.
  9. Ok, watched this woman bate and I couldn't decide if I was more waiting for her to say something. I mean, damn, close your mouth and bate like a normal person. Is she trying to push her hand up her couchy and out her mouth? You know me, I call'em like I see'm
  10. I don't know who this woman is that is in the bed with Em, I've seen her there before. She has some facial resemblances to Em. But I tell you, no matter who she is, looks like the stork flew past this THOT!!! Many times
  11. Olivia and Tawa were prep'n the bed to put clean sheets on it and all and when they pull all the stuff off the bed I damn near puked. There was more nasty spots on that shit that would be in a pigs pen. I know that shit gotta stank! Who the hell would even think of sleeping, let alone fucking on that nasty shit. I mean seriously, this may be an upgrade from their original beginnings but my GOD all the pussy and cocks on that shit has taken a toll. I've bed mites, but this is truly wallowing!!!!
  12. Wow - you usually only get this type of action in the movies and directed by a perv. Mara is OFF THE HOOK - Seriously, I'd like the bicycle seat she rides, this woman is really a die-hard nymp and I mean the total package. She was riding homeboyz cock like she was pulling the crank on a model T for to start it; look like she was in the last mile of the MARA-thon. Damn, you just have to witness this woman fucking or self satisfying bates to understand that RLC has struck GOLD and probably will not have another like this. Other moan and groan, but None, Absolutes NONE (ya hear me) get close to the desire, feeding frenzie her pussy demands and how she knows exactly where she wants, how hard, how deep and the rhythm. Now she needs to really make my day and go anal!!!
  13. Hakeem the dream he is not - judging by the face of the last two victims who's visited him at the start of this charade. This girl - we'll call Tramp #1 - wanted to have full lengthy sex in the bed where it is comfortable and all he did was finger her and say it's time to get out. They talk to him, he looks away or places his attention on something other than them and totally ignore them. He says some to them or gestures and they "Obey" no questions asked. #1 is obviously pissed at how he ended their sexcapade and then spent all that time in the LR watching TV, where again he started playing with her pussy. So is he trying to keep the bedroom sacred or made a promise to Asia that he would. I wonder who these girls are ? I know the black girl said she was their studying, so that explains her life path. But the other two, especially #1 who really seems to want his sex obsessively when shes there, I wonder what her story it. Well, whatever it is, they all appear to be missing something in their life and think he will fill that void, and it's obviously not just sex. One thing to note. Girl #1 is wearing the same quick fuck/entry dress she did day #1. REVISED: Oh boy that did not end well. Tramp #1 got to the point that she knew she is being played and almost stormed out of the place. In fact, she darted out of the entrance door before he did and he was noticeably anxious. I can't wait for the day when one of these get to the point of explosion. Lets see what happens when Julia's physically manifested Altered personality Asia arrives. I wonder if #1 left behind some clues. He asked if she would be in prague on Tuesday because he's not working, but she said no she's got to watch the house or an 11 year old.
  14. Well if anyone should know that money talks, the Devil's right hand man should!!!!
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