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  1. TigetJackson

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Rabbit eating his food in her crotch (dec 2, time: 13:37)
  2. TigetJackson

    Young Blond with Nelly and Bogdan ?

    No disrespect intended, but you might want to travel the world a little more - it's not weird for many at all - it all boils down to economics - some have and some don't. There are many many places in the world where the way to make a living and keep the family afloat is by being employed in the sex industry. I've been many places where mother, sister, aunts all work in the trade or are part of it in some way. What many people don't know is that the industrialized nations around the world have made this industry a household career and the governments allow it. Families in many parts of the world rely on their offspring to deliver income so as to the keep the family afloat. Surprisingly, in many cases its just enough to keep them afloat, take Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries who's population have large pockets of low salary laborers.
  3. TigetJackson

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Y'all, this couple is broken! Like a twig on a tree in a hurricane. Yeah, I like watching her every now and again, but the bottom line is they are they "anti-anything", slugs, deplorables of life. I am not wasting my time further to be part of the zoo show.
  4. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    I'm not sure what to think about this apt. Although I do like seeing Amanda tramp around with those loose swinging boobs (would love to motoboat with her). I guess I don't see the point, are these try outs or just those two testing the waters ? Even though that sound bad of me, I really like watching these two as you never know what you are going to get. For example: I call them the laurel & Hardy of RLC - It's almost as if they are not sure what sex is. She's content to bate and sometimes it feels like she's a cam girl instead of being of RLC. And I'm not sure what she's doing with her lips. I may seem to be putting them down, but I'm not, I just get a kick out of them.
  5. Ok you awake - Harry Potter should be over, now what you do'n

  6. I bet you live in a top shelf suite on the east side

    1. Alittle


      nope boring suburbia

  7. give us another Avatar


  8. What a surprise seeing you in Chat, that really touched me and I was super happy that you were there


    1. Alittle
    2. TigetJackson


      Like I said, it's fun chat when you around

  9. Hey there, I can see you

    1. TigetJackson


      Well, at least mentally!!!  You are just as cute either way!  Is it cold outside ?

    2. Alittle


      yes, it's a bit chilly tonite.

  10. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    And again, my favorite nutcase is talking to a door with smitty locked inside. hahahahahaha - this is so funny and I feel so sorry for Kitty having such daddy issues that she just can't recognize that this guy wants really nothing from her but the free room & board and pussy. She just can't listen to mom and dad and let the jerk go and move on, find another guy, get a girlfriend or whatever. She just continues to create ulcers in her stomach praying and hoping this guy stops fucking her girlfriends or other girls and falls in love with her to be her knight in shinny armor. Poor Kitty you only got 9 lives - don't waste them all on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit, i would give anything to understand what they are arguing about (really; girls, money, food, looks, LOVE) doesn't she realize they are on a game show. it's called Smitty in a Minute.
  11. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Jasmin & Jim

    I know and boy what a shame. If RLC played it right, they'd be good to offer her/he a nice little contract that provided their own spot somewhere in Barca or another liberal EU country. They would surely bring in the bounty as the interest in their day to day would exceed any other. That's just my opinion. I'll keep my caps and eye out for their return some day.
  12. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    I guess I stand corrected or something like that. I still believe that this lady is not into this fantasy island like voyeur site. She just doesn't fit. I'll continue to watch and see where this goes.
  13. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Adeline & Markus

    Ok, they've returned. After all the excitement their house sitters provided (a woman who shows her boobs while fucking) its a shame to see them go. Honestly, I think Adeline may need to see a woman's doctor, with all the commercials I see regarding painful intercourse, and there are others on RLC, just saying J&E, she should really have that looked at and see if there is anything that can help. Sometimes, there sex is painful to watch. So i guess I'll settle back and look in on these two from time to time, not very exciting and don't really have me anxious to see them, but occasionally I'm surprised. Let's see
  14. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Jasmin & Jim

    Jas by far my favorite woman on stage (cam) and seeing her with Jim in this place for a return has really made me happy to find a fun and exciting couple to watch. I'm all in for her to succeed here. She should definitely get a raise from RLC, I think right now she's really carrying the show.
  15. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Yulia and Ivan

    So I guess now the question is "when will RLC reclaim this unlucky apt"? It's obvious that Yulia is bothered by something in this rat maze and it just may be both RLC and bf expectations. If I were a betting man, and I'm not, I'd say she's taken off for the final time and will not return. Don't think that the bf, if that is what he is, can convince her to return. Recall; 4 time she's left after what appeared to me to be a vicious sexual encounter with Ivan, some say it's how they are, I'm saying not so - she did not demonstrate that she was all in on the game. As I've reviewed the past few months overall, I get the feeling of a "mouse trapped in a cage game" with exception of some, but most of these folk don't appear to be happy with what they are doing, they are going through the motions based on the need for something, maybe money, maybe paying off a debt, but there is an angle I have not been able to understand. Oh well, lets see how this one play out and I'll add more thoughts.