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  1. Oh wow, thats a nice little cavas in that picture!!!!  Sweet Lordy laud


  2. TigetJackson

    Leora Fan Page

    I think everyone takes the talk about a "fat ass" as an indication that someone is "not" beautiful. I'm not fat shaming Leora, but I am making a statement of my own preference. I could care less if you like thick, big, thin or take any body size, I'm just saying its noticeable that she is "gaining" and maybe it's time for her to exercise or NOT. I know many beautiful "big" women that I really enjoy being with, however, they are not on a site where they are showing their wares and put themselves out for critique! I have a right to point her gains out and any other part and am not trying to offend anyone, but if you are offended due to being so consumed with the idea of her, you have that right to be and that's how life is. I've made a statement good, bad indifferent to others input. I don't follow group think. In addition, I have no problem with being banned for speaking my mind, nor that anyone is upset at what I have to say.
  3. TigetJackson

    Leora Fan Page

    You can't get any fresher than the cow (no pun) teet
  4. TigetJackson

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Ahhhh man what a glorious day in the neighborhood - they let the two parts meet - the look on her face as Eric lunged in and out of that dried up cave and how happy Eric appeared to be practicing what he learned on his computer (look pa, no hands) LOL!!!! I'm sorry, I cannot help myself - seeing these two fuck was totally unexpected, shocking and almost like waiting for that rare birth in the zoo just so we could all say Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Well, now I know that they know how their parts work, would be nice to see them use them more often!!!!
  5. TigetJackson

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    Johnny - I so agree with you. Eric must be getting some outside or they are meeting up outside of the apt
  6. TigetJackson

    Leora Fan Page

    that ass got more curds in it than a fresh drawn gallon of milk
  7. TigetJackson

    Leora Fan Page

    she needs to start riding that bicycle - butt is blowing up
  8. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Emma & Julio

    Not bad, but boy she needs to do something about them butt krinkles
  9. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Taya & Will

    After today I don't think there will be anything normal about these two. Will just had a wild, bang up, fuck all you want, freak party where he found him some new pussy. What a show this was and Taya is nowhere to be found. Can't wait for the coming home party!!!!
  10. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Kristy

    Kamila is bad blood....she just seems to be ANGRY and not got a lot going on. Bye Bye bootie pie
  11. TigetJackson

    Fan Page for Julia and Eric

    TBird97 has it right, although i don't think its just a loose screw or mental illness, I think those kids she saw and only she saw when she was little are now joined, embedded in her everyday awareness. I'm having so much fun watch her literally change people in the room right in front of me. She/they all rock! I still think RLC needs to really think about why they are keeping her though.
  12. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Emily

    Well she does have big feet and small breast - is that an indication of anything ????
  13. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Aria

    Ex or Active Marine ? Or former military brat left to fend in Spain - not unusual
  14. TigetJackson

    Fan Page Emily

    Still haven't seen anything that is special! Spends more time out than in.
  15. Hope you return. Even though sometime your performance appears scripted, one thing is for sure, you really bring out the life in everyone. Safe Travels