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  1. This has been a fun ride with the likes of you perv's. I must bid you all a farewell, hasta la vista, or whatever your language may be that signals farewell. This 3rd world bus is really getting skunky and I'm more into the mature skunkbags. Off on my search around the world, touching, feeling and looking through windows for my next adventure. Hope you all enjoy what's left of R.L.C.
  2. Looks like "Real Life" is not selling. Hahahahahaha - how funny RLC conglomerate. Well, I guess you are living up to the page name. Honestly, I'd rather have a bunch of girls living life, not doing drugs, not partying to the point that it distrub the neighbors and no skanky, funky Ho's!!! Now with that said, I've the first that want to see some form of "real life" sexy from couples, and bate sessions from the singles (I don't care at all for the lesbo thing, but that's a thing for some so OK). What next RLC - I think the animals are starting to leave the zoo.
  3. Awful, just plan awful. My gramps used to say the emotional struggle that women go through in many amount to some form of psychosis. I don't know how much of that is true, but I've sure met my share of obsessed, phycho, OCD, rollercoaster women and this one certainly demonstrates these conditions very well. Well RLC seems to be pretty consistent with their selection of women. As much as I was getting to love this couple, I had to stop watching them after the last episode where Angel left after pushin, hiting and scratching Arnold. What a pitty and shame she's got this mental issue and maybe that's what drives her over heated sexual demands. I mean, when I first began watching them I thought it was hot, erotic, arousing and just down right dirty and kinky. She whispered as he fucked her; she moaned as he ate her out; she cooed when he finger banged her. He talked in her ear as he drilled her holes from the rear. What a fuck couple I thought. Now I have a very clear and different picture. Angel, hope you get some help soon! It's too bad your slave could not live up to the requirements and you had to resort to violence to get your demands across. I hope this is goodbye forever; I'm not into fighting, hiting or bad insults. Let's see we had Julia (manic deppressed); Asia (lost in her own mind and trapped) and now this one, the HOBO.
  4. Evelyn is in her frog position getting ready to spring into action under her tent some time.
  5. Watching Naomi taking a shower and still amazed at the size of that catcher's mit between her legs. No matter how she tries to hide it, that turtle pokes its lips out front and rear. What a sloppy, slippery, suck fest that would be to get her off and I have huge lips to do so. SMACK, SMACK
  6. Hey dougiestyle4u although I agree with most of what you lay out here I do believe there is one major point that most are overlooking. I've seen many say that you should send a complaint and sometimes see some change that resembles their core complaint, but I think everyone has to remember, this is a porn business and has nothing to do with the Title, subject or perversion. If this concept holds true and it's porn in any fashion, I would stand to bet that RLC or whoever the REAL owners are, have tons of linked porn, whorecam sites that more than make up the losses they may experience on this site. Lots of these type of sites consolidated over the past 10 years due to the economic downfall, however, the big boyz that play in this game are very few and each own turf (or a large number of sites based in countries that they cannot be touched by restrictive government, most of the time!). So, although I agree, sites such as this does not bring in as much revenue that we all assume it would, what really bring in the money are the free porn, webcams (all worth billions and owned by big corporations that you and I probably have worked for like Disney). Besides, I've said this before - So much of the work in Spain and a number of EU countries is based on simple contracts 3 to 6 months at a time, I would wager that RLC makes a ton of money on this site from the new subscribers alone and more so if the girls are not performing, which If I owned a business of such, if you don't get the views, you don't get xtra. That's just my .02 cents!
  7. There is a theme developing on the channels!!! These girls are selecting bate positions that provide no intimate visibility or they are covered as Evelyn does with her sheet tents. I have to say that she is a pro at making a tent out of a sheet.
  8. OMG - Is laughter her stimulant or is she just demonstrating how little his dick is and it tickles. Oh Man, that look on her face @23:21:50 10/16 - that look says "Ahh this is just like the little pony toy I had with spings on it's legs. Boy - send them home. Also, she's looking at him while riding and he's got his eyes closed and probably thinking (man, I just want a nut)!
  9. Cherry and her Cherry!!! Oh I feel weird touching it!!!! Do I have to ?
  10. What a Lame, Lame, Lame bate practice she has. Build a tent with 1 leg and covers, watch porn, play with clit - Oh it's not my fault that the blanket got in the way and they can't see it!! hahahahahahaha - please get rid of these floozies!
  11. Holly appears to be the only one in that place that is taking her stuff a step further by doing a bate now and then. With Megan out, she's a little lost on where her pussy is and how to make it give her an orgasm, but at least she tries. The other's are lost, drinking too much and just plain stupid. Childish games, late night outs and all the phone calls, social media watching is just boring. If it were not for Leora, Angelina (who appears to be acting out like a little bratty bitch), Nelly and the guests, there is not much going on. L&T, M&A,Masha, L&R and the rest don't bring anything to the table that is of any interest. I don't care about sex all day or that shit, but just a little might do. Oh well, I guess as long as we have the young and immature tenants, we'll continue to see the slum dogs waste our time. JMO -
  12. Just saw the guest at this place preparing to sleep in the freaking guest room. With all those rats and very bad government medical, I hope this poor girl does not have any breathing or respiratory disorders. I bet those stink, nasty as rats put out a lot of spoors from their shit in the air. And since that room is mostly closed off all day, I can just imagine how much of that shit is floating in the air. I would not let my animal sleep there.
  13. I was eating when I read this and damn near chocked on my fucking food!!!!! Bahhahahahahahahahah - I love this
  14. I've been totally out of touch. What the hell is this ? I must have missed it!!!!!
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