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  1. Ok, I just watched this girl named "Gina" scoff down something on a plate and she ate it like a dog that's been crossing the desert for 3 months without food or water. Right after that, she grabbed a banana and damn near had a nervous breakdown peeling it. Beauty, if this is what some call beauty, man they need to clean that patch on their eye and get something to take the super glue off. Nice rack, sure I'll give that to ya; Beauty ? Man, I know that people living in cold climates will take anything to fuck and keep warm, but beauty is not one of the qualifications (I think breathing is as far as they go) you gotta be kidding me, come on. Besides the fact that she walks around naked and fucks anything, there is nothing that closely resembles "beauty" - sorry I know that word is in the eye of the beholder - is this channel in Braille ?
  2. Well I'm not sure what everyone else is saying, whether speculation or not. Anyone that's been around enough crack, weed and drunk heads can take a gander at the strange behaviors of some (many) on this channel. Hell, the amount of alcohol consumed should be enough. If that does not make you sit back in your chair and say "wow" then I guess nothing will. Hey, I only speak for myself and don't hold anyone to my claims that many of these tenants (if they are in fact tenants) are using some form of drug. Sure, I drink good whiskey (to enjoy) not abuse and what I see here gets close to being abusive. Oh, btw anyone watched taken part 1 yet ? And this is only my claim no facts here (so I'm not an authority) but I do find it odd, right or wrong (and I've been wrong many times) but moving women across borders/countries under the guise of business is just another form of, you guessed it. I'll leave that as my thought - don't shoot the whiskey bottle
  3. I think I read somewhere here that it was great to have color on the channel - Hmmmmmmmm - I don't know. In any case, I think I've made it clear from some of my posts that I'm not a fan of crackheads - I've seen too many of them and what that shit does to them. So as far as I can see, this girl combined with others is just another swinging bag of drugs floating through. I wonder is that part of the good o'l contract they've got. Never know I guess. NEXT!!!!!
  4. There are very few, very few women on this thang that I would consider something close to beautiful. Lot's of phyco's and druggies and I think this girl fits right in with them. Not sure what it is about everyone else, I don't anything to get hard over. there is nothing beautiful or sexy about drugs and girls that turn me on. Sorry to be a downer!!!
  5. Man I've like this girl from day one. She's hot and is a little fire cracker. She, unlike her two room mate trolls, wants to have fun, enjoy life and get something out of being here. If nothing else, she's sure is fun to watch and experience.
  6. Darn, for a moment over the past weeks I was having a great time visiting this place, but she's returned (Kamila the NON-Thrilla). I don't know where she goes, don't care what she does, if you are watching her for her pretty face, nearly sagging tits and you enjoy - wow more power to you. I don't think I've read any posts of her that were complimentary, pleasing or flatterring - in other words, she's a dud!!! I hope whatever money she makes on the outside really pours in so that she can quietly go her own way and allow some new blood (maybe one of Kristy's friends come in) or RLC wakes the F up and drops her. In any case, she sure does have the right name for her tude!!!
  7. hahahahaha - Oh you are so right about that - I've seen the fear in Mila's eyes when she charges at her in the big room bed (DA MASTA)!!!! hahahahahaha I just love how she lumbers around like an "Egor", but with a fairly sexy side to her after her prey for that evening. Man, you can just see all the girls like looking around wondering who will be tied up in her torture chamber. So much fun to watch - OH!!!! and yes, it does not matter man / woman (can we say that now day's or do we have to be gender neutral) she's zero's in on her target!!! The Houz that BigOx built!
  8. BigOx reminds me of the syndicate equalizer - when she spots her target, she goes and gets it. Just look at her. Sometimes when she's facing the cam standing, sort of hunched over with a hand behind her back scratching, she is freaking intimidating - hell if she looked at me that way I'd give up the pussy TOO!!! LOL BigOx I love you
  9. So am I reading this correct - Marat dropped little o'l Ulyana ? For a Christmas skank or a holiday stand-in ?
  10. Rabbit eating his food in her crotch (dec 2, time: 13:37)
  11. No disrespect intended, but you might want to travel the world a little more - it's not weird for many at all - it all boils down to economics - some have and some don't. There are many many places in the world where the way to make a living and keep the family afloat is by being employed in the sex industry. I've been many places where mother, sister, aunts all work in the trade or are part of it in some way. What many people don't know is that the industrialized nations around the world have made this industry a household career and the governments allow it. Families in many parts of the world rely on their offspring to deliver income so as to the keep the family afloat. Surprisingly, in many cases its just enough to keep them afloat, take Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and other Asian countries who's population have large pockets of low salary laborers.
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