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  1. Man, ain't that the truth!!! As a matter of fact, I don't want lesbians, I want none constructed, none orchestrated daily human interactions that may lead to sex and sometimes doesn't. Just the natural going on about life, that would keep me more tuned in than anything else. FIBY - the faking fuck bunny!!!!
  2. What is holding this lady back. There is something she's shying from that is very visible with how she performs. Right now there is an interaction with her, Sofie and Naomi in Sofie's room. Fiby has done everything possible to avoid the appearance real lesibian encounter. When her lips sorta rubbed over Naomi's breasts, not only did she avoid any nipple touch but she also almost immediately looked a the cam #9 for what I'm not sure. Let's see if these two tramps can get Fiby to commit to some real pussy play
  3. Jessica, Jessica, Jessica, yes I am with you. This is the 6th night in a row you've felt the urge to "lock" your room door. Ok, if you did this before and I missed it, well oh well, but you've made it a point to ensure that that door was locked. I don't blame you one bit - sometime you have to go with your gut and my gut feels the same about the two lizards that have found a home at your place. Surely, you deserve better room mates than these two cracked out/coked out/heroin out teenies who have no care for you to begin with. The look on your face when Deb was on the sofa in the LR, trip'n, made me fall out of my chair in my office. Lets set this scene: 09/14 @ 13:21 Cam: #2 - just look at Jess' face as Deb continues to scrunch her face, bat her eyes and try to clear the catastrophic enigma that she's ingested. Jess has that look that really say's "WHAT DA FUCK" - LOL. I'm gone.
  4. Now ain't this the shit!! Both Stella and Sara are fucked on some shit, don't know what the fuck it is, but they are both tripp'n H A R D!!! Stella went potty and got up and went straight to bed (didn't wipe) - and Sara is lying in her bed reaching out to something to fuck and sort of feeling herself up. Now, that just beats all and goes back to my comment about getting some mature women. Funny thing is, these girls are endangering more than themselves. Poor Jessica locks her door every night because I'm sure she's terrified of the thugs these girls are associating with. She's trying to play along, but you can see it on her face she's terrified on top of it she has to wear ear plugs to get rest because these azz holes she lives with can't seem to get of their drugs and sleep at a normal time. If they don't kill themselves through an overdose, one of these slugs they are dragging in will harm one of them. This needs to be corrected fast!!!!! Looking at Sara sleeping (it's called slopping because she's still awake but in a trance that has her seeing scenes of the Syfi channel. S E R I O U S L Y RLC - YOU Need to get the message! What I'm seeing right now, kind of resembles a heroin trip - man these two girls need to go get clean -
  5. Well, it is a funny phenomenon that some people actually believe or at least in their conversations that these trifling carpet munchers are "models". I'd just like to know - what their definition of "modeling" is ? Don't get me wrong, I ain't mad at them or nothing, it just appears to be odd that being on this site (perv peeping tom like voyeur's), seeing what they do, that anyone could even phathom that a real profession would be something that any of these girls could fit in. Ok maybe profession is too high level.
  6. FUNNY FOR YALL!! I'm watching Angelina sleeping in bed, lying in the fetal position and it looks like her Abs are so tight, you can see her asshole stretching just keep'em tight.
  7. Sir Wizard, but's it's the EU man and anything goes over there. You'd be surprised how many times I was in a park and on a bench or two down, a couple were getting down and dirty right there. Or, I've on the Metro at 2:00 a.m. and find myself with few others and couple fucking on the train. Europe (like my in-laws there) threw away their taste for religion and god and have embrased the #ItsMe culture and it shows in their elected officials. Whey you have prostitutes on city/regional governements anything goes. So I doubt that it would be difficult to find mature couples to do this, especially in Spain, since the unemployment rate is so extremely high, I bet many would jump at an opportunity to actually work, better yet from the comfort of their own home.
  8. I've spent so many years in Spain in all areas during my many years in USAF!! There was always a huge foreign presence of prostitutes on the autopistas near all of the military bases as well as good trucker routes. On my way to work, I would always see two or three cars parked along the road, with flashers on and two legs sticking up in the back seats. Many of the girls hung out at all of the clubs the American GI's were known to frequent. Now granted this was well before the internet even was thought of. Over my many years I met and became friends of many of these foreign nationals and many spainards (Especially in the NAVY locations) near work, that were let's say models for hire. Yep, that's what they called themselves. My wife (a Spainard, Castellana) had a number of girls she knows, to this day, that are still working that angle at 50+ years old. So that term of being a model allowed those girls to travel abroad, away from the family to earn a living doing things that most "industry" models don't do. In addition, working in EU, definitely in Spain, many people work on "Contract" at 3, 6 and 9 months at a time. It was that way back then, I think it's changed a little now. But many foreigners would come over just to work as "models" on contract for 6 months and get social benefits when their contract were termed. That's what you get with socialized countries, free money for nothing in return.
  9. Some have said that these girls are models!!! Huh! WHAT! What u talk'n bout Willis!!! I've not seen one or any of them on a runway, entertainment channel or magazine, so am I focussing on the wrong medium ? Maybe I should be looking at AVN because I don't see a model in any of these girls. Just because you take cute pic's with globs of makeup, does not make you a model. And, if you are standing net to a motorcycle, racing car or at an auto show, you are definitely not a model!!
  10. When your main HO tells you to put your boots on before dipping in the pussy pool, something ain't right!!!
  11. Man, I am so tired of seeing these skank azz teenies on here funking up the place. Yeah, I'm with ya! they are energetic, wild, crazy and get loaded and out of control, I get that. But it's time to have some "sane, normal, mature (freaky) perverted MILF's and their men in this monster. RLC get more like Angelina (not sure of her age, but it's obvious she brings a different attitude and character to the place) she's been around and knows how to please herself and her man. none of this pussy scalping these guys today are doing. And she ain't scared of the "man juice".
  12. Agreed man. Also, I don't get a vibe that Stella's guy likes or has it for Sara, wonder if that could also be an issue. I recall an instance over the last few days when they were downstairs and they were dancing and Stella took Sara's bo to the couch and they were kissing and going solo. Sara followed up with Stella's bo and it was like, "Yeah, I'm not like that" and he stepped back - LOL - but being as intoxicated as she was, it was like a pfffff..... thang.
  13. Fiby bate update! Taking shower back to the cam. Toward the end, showed a little rubbing. You go Fiby!!! "somewhere else" LOL!!!!!!!! Well in the long run, it appears that the gasm she had was pretty intense and took the wind right out of her. I guess be greatful what we get to see!!! NOT
  14. Now, don't get me wrong, I do have a heart. Here goes!!! I feel seriously bad for this lady. She seems/appears to be lost and confused ! stuck in a rut really bad! and not to mention the abusive nature of her relationship with this skeeza. Yeah yall, back in my hood, he's a skeeza and girls would not give him the time of day. He prays on their emotions, con'ing them into believing he's into them and can clear his conscience and move to the next at a blink of an eye. I totally recognize what's going on here and if I'm wrong, oh well, I may apologize. I watched her sit on the sofa most of her time in the living room with a look into an abiss! This girl is hurt and lost and it shows. She has no clue how she got con'd into this. It's like the news you hear or read about a lot, most people don't fall for the phone scam to send money to kenya for a larger share of the bigger prize, but those that do, fall HARD!!!!! Now this skeeza "Hak-man" had his big boned floozy over and when she saw the decorations on the walls from Asian, she scoffed and ridiculed it. Obviously making fun of the simple effort put into it, how about that. Then she turns to give Hak-man a gift in a box. Wow - my heart sinks for her, but hey, she's a big girl and she needs to figure her way around the world!!! NEWSFLASH UPDATE: I can't believe that this dog skeeza offered some cake to Asia which was given to him by his humpdy dumpty girlfriend! The nerve. Asia rightfully rejected it as you could see on her face her thinking "seriously bro" hahahaha -
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