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  1. What do you expect when you have people disrespecting females and calling them all the names under the sun. Being crude about them being on their period or not and if they are wearing a pad. Really any need for that. Questioning if they are really female won't help either, and that has happened on several occasions.
  2. Customer service is a disgrace and if they struggle to get viewers back, only have themselves to blame.
  3. Sleeping or looking at their phones is mostly what you see.
  4. Nelly is one of a few that could do with gaining some weight. Lovely girl but look better and healthier.
  5. Little extra meat always better compared to a skeleton, but not that much you nearly do your back in just trying to get in.
  6. Interesting couple but yes once again get overlooked by the performing monkeys. Just because they don't get talked about doesn't mean they don't have viewers. The performers can only last so long before the show gets old.
  7. Is Masha quite happy for D&S to go and fuck in her bed while she is out?? If not is Masha entitled to some of the money when her bed is used!
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