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    Massive improvement
  2. Another bright idea from RLC. Couldn't have picked a worse couple (Elisa is ok) to move in with another couple. Fima must have done something right in another life.
  3. A-G-S not the best if you are after sex and masturbation
  4. One of the best bodies on RLC and seeing her lovely boobs is nice way to start any day.
  5. Think some of you folks need to change the record and stop speculating about what the girls are doing outside the apartments. Many including myself try and chat about different apartments and just get ignored. Sure many will agree. Irma is a lot of things but Goddess is not one of them.
  6. Some of you have a strange imagination and come out with some far- fetched stuff
  7. You never know Sasha and Dasha might run away together as they are so in love
  8. I'm sure they will all get good pay out off this. Sooner Masha gets her own apartment the better. Some of the theories that some come out with are laughable.
  9. Some real fucked up people in this world we live in.
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