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  1. Grown Adults???? When do they come on and chat?
  2. You're always going to get weirdo's when you are involved in something like this - just the crazy ass world we live in.
  3. You take Bogdan and I will have Nelly. lol
  4. Alina and Anton doing it in the living room and Alina was one of the best. Good they moved on and not got stale like others could mention.
  5. Shag - Eva Marry - Nelly Kill - Smith
  6. You always get some that get uptight especially If it's one of their favorite's lol
  7. Real life aspect has never really been anyway as most are just lazy ba***rds but will say if you are after sex, masturbation than it's the place to go. Not sure the girls are that much better(jmo) but Stella is gorgeous.
  8. Alina and Anton were genuine and just "living their lives" compared to most of the wannabe porn stars we have now.
  9. Would serve her right if they did, but I'm sure she would find some more muppets to join her doing her shows.
  10. If you want a good comeback you should go lick your mums face. You'd better hide, the garbage collector is coming. Since you know it all, you should know when to shut the fuck up. There maybe two sides to every story, but you are a douche in both of them.
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