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  1. Yeah it was the beginning of the shaved beavers. Almost to the point of extinction of hairy beavers.
  2. Yeah I agree. That baby bald pussy would look better with a little beard. Too much like a child.
  3. Make a public appearance; You have people concerned about your whereabouts.

  4. CamCaps has been targetted in the past as well. It appears they go after those most vulnerable at the time. Who ca say for sure what their motivation is.
  5. That's why so much of RealLifeCam.com videos wind up on the TubeSites. RLC would have a very difficult time shutting one of them down, because of the amount of traffic they generate. Wait long enougn and all the video caps will make their way to an openly free downloadable site. And imagine being a player on rlc and finding your nekkid ass out for all the world to see and nothing they can do to remove themselves.
  6. I have to agree to a certain extent; However, without the authority we were afforded when we were appointed, we have kinda left the discipline to the Administrators. We report, they deal with the non-conformists as they deem necessary. We had the power to use our authority when we saw it necessary and we banned the perpetrators. We, the Moderator Team, have been lax in dealing with those that didn't follow the rules and the rules have been neglected by so many. Moderators included. It's been running fairly smoothly, with the possible exceptions, which have been dealt with by Admin and the Moderators both. Some familiars you don't see anymore for this very reason. WE want everyone to come, converse with one another, share grievances over the tenants and NOT over each other. Far too much of that in the past. We've come a long ways in a short time; weeded out the bad, tried to entertain the good. The sole purpose of RealLifeCam.com is for entertainment only; and the forum, RealLifeCamFan.com is also for entertainment ONLY. We niether gain nor lose anything by being here. Other than time. Remember that, always!
  7. You do what you can; change what needs changing and stick with what works best. Some are not going to like those changes, but that's a case of Mind over Matter. We don't Mind and they don't Matter! I've always hoped for a more active participation. The freeloaders that come and 'collect' from others hard work doesn't seem fair to them. I've said this from my beginning with RealLifeCamFan.com. Some have been sharing through third party host with videos and pictures through PM. We've done very well staying under the radar.
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