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    OH SHIT, another genital wart.........
  2. Gaining Access to the gallery

    I must address the newbies that are posting one word responses and smilies to gain access to the gallery; your posts are being deleted and if you have managed to get Hero Member status; that status it being reverted back to newbie, and you will need to post something significant. If you continue to disobey the rules you WILL be banned and your IP recorded; in other words; YOU ARE HISTORY. I am aware of the sudden influx of idiotic post to gain access to gallery , they may think they have won there own little battle ,but rest assured i visit forum on a regular basis and am deleting certain post i feel are part of a scam to enter gallery ,and every time i delete a post that member will be warned about it , then if that member proceeds with the scam then we can all say GOODBYE to them as they will have there account terminated