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  1. And what difference is that going to make. Would a Chat Moderator not have been a better option!! Time will tell if it was a smart idea.
  2. Bandit

    Leora's First Visitor

    Welcome to RLCF. Any female that visits the majority of apartments is a sexual partner for the female tenant.
  3. Bandit

    Time used on RLCF

    That has been the case for quite a while. Even before the loss of apartments the non camsite topics get more viewing and contributed to on a daily basis. Says a lot.
  4. Still full of shit I see. If Leora&Paul and Nina&Kira do end up being tenants at VHtv they will do fine. Makes you laugh that some think they will struggle because it's more of a porn site compared to RLC.
  5. Bandit

    Revelation 22 RLC

    Shocked it's still online. The worst it has been for many years. Even early days with 6-8 apartments there was more action and things to discuss. How the mighty have fallen.
  6. Bandit

    Time used on RLCF

    With the chat being a joke and the RLC tenant fan pages not much better, only really other sites and outside topics worth looking at. RLC might not be the only thing that comes to demise.
  7. In 6 years since I found RealLifeCam this is by far the most unreal and pretty lame really. Time to close the doors and have a rethink.
  8. Some of you really are thick as shit thinking this is not just make believe and Asia doesn't know what's happening. These two are about as Real a couple as the Barcelona girls and Masha being lesbian.
  9. Best just to ignore it completely. Not worth losing your head over pathetic and obsessive weirdos.
  10. It's just because it's something different and most are curious what the situation is. The novelty will soon wear off and another dysfunctional pair added to the list in that apartment.
  11. All about making money and nothing to do with voyeurism. Just men paying to watch staged average at best sex shows. Everyone knows it but some just don't want to admit it.
  12. If it wasn't for alcohol how much of what happens on any site would actually happen. Little Dutch courage is one thing but getting plastered to perform is completely different story. Some are clearly not comfortable in some situations they are getting themselves into. Is money really worth losing your self-respect. Yes no-one is ever going to be able to make a true voyeur site but anyone that watched RLC early days, knows it can be more natural and not just performing monkeys 🐒.
  13. RLC is a kids site compared to others. Should be changed to Fake Life Cam.
  14. Maybe if they tried doing it without the help of drink and drugs, guys might get it up and girls might remember and enjoy it more. Sad state when you need to use drink or drugs to do something you're clearly not comfortable doing sober.
  15. Roughly 7/8 years and still fucking about with the same old thick as fuck Russians. Even watching the Spanish and Czech (Apart from K&S) You can tell just doing normal stuff around the Apartment, how much more smart and common sense they have.
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