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  1. The obsession has massively changed, but doesn't surprise me. Some always have to take it that one step further.
  2. RLCF has lost a lot of good members over the years for reasons we will never know. Chat is just daily commentary from quite frankly obsessed boring Aholes. Still some good members trying their best to keep the forum going, but also wondering why they bother. These sites are becoming stale and monotonous which doesn't help either.
  3. Just shows what sort of people you have viewing now compared to 5/6years ago. "Lesbian", threesomes, foursome shows are what people want and they get. Yet RealLifeCam is still more Real than other sites according to some. Get Real.
  4. Majority of the posters are long term members 3/4years and were regular chatters. They clearly stopped for one reason or another. Go figure!
  5. So many forget about that when they are porn watchers, then act like their dads and want RLC to do something about it. Talk about being fucked up. Basically fine with it as long as something comes out of it and get their money's worth.
  6. Porn camera show sites. Rarely see much from any sites that are not staged and set-up for financial purposes. Over the top body movement, moaning and facial expressions are also getting more and more laughable. Wouldn't take up acting or give up their day jobs.
  7. Must have missed that. As far as I remember Chloe and Tyler first appeared being friends of Lana and Robert.
  8. So is this going to turn into a forum where only positive topics and comments are allowed. Pretty sure that's not what forums are about. And before getting onto others... Practice what you preach.
  9. Queen of boring and being fake. Her shows are like Paul's underwear, full of shit and have changed in years.
  10. Here is something to think about for the Chatters and Chat defenders. So much is said that all the hate is mostly from members that have never been on. Which I think you'll find is crap. Also what about all the others that still visit the forum and were regular chatters 4/5 years ago, why don't they still chat??
  11. And what difference is that going to make. Would a Chat Moderator not have been a better option!! Time will tell if it was a smart idea.
  12. Bandit

    Leora's First Visitor

    Welcome to RLCF. Any female that visits the majority of apartments is a sexual partner for the female tenant.
  13. Bandit

    Time used on RLCF

    That has been the case for quite a while. Even before the loss of apartments the non camsite topics get more viewing and contributed to on a daily basis. Says a lot.
  14. Still full of shit I see. If Leora&Paul and Nina&Kira do end up being tenants at VHtv they will do fine. Makes you laugh that some think they will struggle because it's more of a porn site compared to RLC.
  15. Bandit

    Revelation 22 RLC

    Shocked it's still online. The worst it has been for many years. Even early days with 6-8 apartments there was more action and things to discuss. How the mighty have fallen.
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