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  1. 100% not better quality when it comes to tenants. Even with smaller amount of apartments the couples were more enjoyable sexually and sociable to watch. Have as many new cameras with clearer picture as you want but, if nothing interesting to watch complete waste of time and money.
  2. Only difference is VHTV get down to business and don't take weeks/months with some BS storyline. Also if the girls are going to eat pussy, they eat pussy in full view and none of the Fake shit, some of the RLC girls try and get away with.
  3. The other apartments being second best clearly shows and complete waste of time. Big changes will have to be made before I give them any more money.
  4. Totally agree. Even the chatters still left from 2014/15 era would admit it was better and more enjoyable than it is now. Saying it's dead because the apartments are is just a feeble excuse.
  5. Bandit

    Social media accounts

    Good to know many others agree and some good responses.
  6. Personally think following their every move is not only weird and creepy but not part of being a "Voyeur".
  7. Most is exact same no matter what group they have. Parties, Lesbian scenes, Rubbing/climbing over eachother and 90% of the time goes nowhere. Couples Vac - at least one girl joins the apartment and starts some kind of lesbian "show" while the dumbass male plays with his phone.
  8. That is the difference between the old and new. Yes old knew they were on cam but didn't make it obvious and play to them. Leora is perfect example of someone old changing her ways to keep up with new generation. Might be turn on for some but personally just makes them look pathetic. RLC still not as bad as other sites though on positioning, cam interaction, over the top BS.
  9. Unless you chat the same shit and hate on the same girls it's waste of time.
  10. Eva not had one of her many men over while Sam is away. Must have been told to be a good girl or been doing it out of sight where we can't see.
  11. Some get way to involved and that is what annoys most. Have to dissect and have an explanation for everything that happens.
  12. More like wannabe porn stars, drug users and sex avoiders.
  13. Was much better and proves quality over quantity. All about what makes the most money and screw the original concept. The main priority is obviously the Barcelona apartments but you can clearly see they are struggling to get new tenants or just going the easy route and bringing shit back.
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