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  1. RLC is a kids site compared to others. Should be changed to Fake Life Cam.
  2. Maybe if they tried doing it without the help of drink and drugs, guys might get it up and girls might remember and enjoy it more. Sad state when you need to use drink or drugs to do something you're clearly not comfortable doing sober.
  3. Roughly 7/8 years and still fucking about with the same old thick as fuck Russians. Even watching the Spanish and Czech (Apart from K&S) You can tell just doing normal stuff around the Apartment, how much more smart and common sense they have.
  4. Service recently has been shite. Should be getting better as the years go on, not worse. The whole thing has just become a laughing stock. Like a building if you don't maintain and invest, sooner or later it will crumble.
  5. A fun and enjoyable Chat turned into a complete joke. B.T.R will be turning in his grave.
  6. Easier to choose what body part you would like to lose. Not what you would call the most exciting bunch. Maybe RLC have some big changes coming
  7. Not forgetting if they have tampon or not.
  8. 100% not better quality when it comes to tenants. Even with smaller amount of apartments the couples were more enjoyable sexually and sociable to watch. Have as many new cameras with clearer picture as you want but, if nothing interesting to watch complete waste of time and money.
  9. Only difference is VHTV get down to business and don't take weeks/months with some BS storyline. Also if the girls are going to eat pussy, they eat pussy in full view and none of the Fake shit, some of the RLC girls try and get away with.
  10. The other apartments being second best clearly shows and complete waste of time. Big changes will have to be made before I give them any more money.
  11. Totally agree. Even the chatters still left from 2014/15 era would admit it was better and more enjoyable than it is now. Saying it's dead because the apartments are is just a feeble excuse.
  12. Bandit

    Social media accounts

    Good to know many others agree and some good responses.
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