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  1. Never really been voyeurism for obvious reasons but agree shouldn't be interaction between tenants and viewers. Personally think criticism is fair especially if they are being lazy, covering up and doing nothing for days on end. No matter what some think, they are employed and paid to do a job at the end of the day. What they do off camera is just pure speculation and quite frankly none of our business.
  2. Going by forum posts and topics looks to be 2014.
  3. Respect to these girls. So many will let any old Tom, Dick, and Harry do what they want. Sometimes looks as if these girls are just sex objects more than partners, and friends, acquaintances can come on over and do what the fuck they want. Ante is nothing but a sleaze.
  4. Totally agree. Also the selling of underwear and tenants recieving gifts from viewers, since when was that part of being a "Voyeur". Yes it's not proper voyeurism, but let's try and keep it close as can be. Becoming more like porn shows and Chaturbate.
  5. End of the day they are getting paid to do a job, and if they are not up to the job time to go. Like many don't expect them banging, fingering and rubbing 24/7, but come on some of them barely show any flesh never mind anything else. "Girls on Vacation" more like "Nuns on Vacation".
  6. No-one that has watched RLC recently can say it's in a good place and entertaining. Apartments being occupied mean nothing if there is fuck all worth viewing. Far too many are getting away with doing nothing, yet still get keeping their job.
  7. Pussy was often on show, but after a while soon gets boring. Give Julia some credit, at least she masturbated occasionally.
  8. Would happily do the same if had any hair left.
  9. Save these two anymore embarrassment and throw them out.
  10. Over performs no matter what she's doing. Her and others seem to think they need to do it so they make it look more entertaining, but in reality just makes them look rather pitiful. You might say they have watched too much American porn.
  11. RLCF is more entertaining than RLC or any of the other sites on offer. Even if it is reading the hilarious chat and fan pages.
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