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  1. Naively, I initially bought the Real Life bullshit After actually signing up, with a few honourable exceptions, it soon became obvious that the focus was rapidly shifting to porn/stage managed events. Trawling back through assorted sites, I found it astonishing how many "regular" couples had previously been guests of one or other couple, obviously auditioning for jobs One of the most common "guest" males was Dick - is he their recruiter?? Those with more experience will no doubt be able to put a date on when/if the emphasis changed, but my guess would be about 2 years ago Happy to be corrected Any views
  2. and I have to say, its a damn sight more interesting than anything going on the live site at the moment. More greatest hits, MORE!!!
  3. Interesting - RLC seem to be playing a showreel of action from people no longer there, presumably in a desperate bid to sucker in newbies Nelly & Bogden playing naked ping pong MSD doing yoga Leora and dog, Leoara playing couples fucking Barca party Kitty dancing etc
  4. I logged on to see whether anyone new had joined and it was playing a Kitty clip?? Is she guesting at U & Ms apartment?
  5. Yep, im out of there now - are there any sites left worth watching, or all just porn couplings?
  6. I notice theres no mention of "Sasha and Dasha have left the project|" so I assume they will pop back up in their own apartment
  7. Anybody else get disappointed/confused - I see the room, furniture and action and think ooh, Emma & Julio - then realise its just Carla and yanai AGAIN!
  8. I see he struck out with the large lady this afternoon - had a right sulk after she rebuffed his dubious charms
  9. Well with sex about 4 times in the last few hours, I see they've gone into full on porn movie mode for this apartment Obviously trying to keep hold of a few, whilst alienating many more RLC grew on the back of normalish relationships - flooding the place with faux lesbian/party apartments and obvious manufactured couples looks like what brought the authorities down on them - they can ignore something "experimental" but when it just became an online brothel, the outcome was fairly predictable Comes to something when a) I'm missing Kitty and Smith and b) MSD look like the normal kids in town!!!!
  10. Emma & Julios old apartment I see
  11. ANYBODY understand how he uses a condom with Asia, but not with any of hisrandom hookups. Is he protecting her from them?
  12. well even when shes not there M&A sometimes sleep alone. Ive always thought of him as on the abusive end of the spectrum - it seems to be if he wants sex he takes it , precious little before or after affection - Ive seldom seen a smile on her face while with him pity, i like her, she deserves better all IMHO of course
  13. Activity levels seem low all over. Do you think theyre all running scared of also being cut off?
  14. MSD seem more cmfortable around each other than they have been for quite some time. Do you reckon RLC hierarchy will be dictating 3some action again soon?
  15. PS - from the little Ive seen of the other possibles, they all seem to have embraced the "faker the better" approach
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