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  1. They are mighty fine knockers 😀
  2. One of the most lame and pathetic performances I have ever seen. Unbelievable what some people watch and even tip for. Makes the Barcelona girls and MSD look real lol
  3. A burger short of a combo meal Has an IQ of room temperature Driveway doesn't quite reach the road Receiver is off the hook If you gave them a penny for their thoughts, you'd get change
  4. Can start a new game called guess how many times the word "wonder" was or will be used by chatters in a 24hr period. Wonder what the amount would be lol
  5. Can't be any worse than what RLC has to offer lol
  6. Enjoys a dildo up the ass too. Whatever floats your ⛵. lol
  7. Done the exact same thing today. Just looks pathetic. lol
  8. Must be the worst phone addict I've seen. Nice looking and great body, but the obsessive phone use is annoying. Your fingers are more useful elsewhere. lol
  9. That Henry sure does well for himself. Out his league with Mira and manages to get others as well.
  10. This forum would be on it's ass if it wasn't for certain members posting and coming up with new topics. If them and others moved on, how long would this forum last with just your chat room obsessives.
  11. You have to laugh at how worked up some get when ever a second chat is mentioned. lol
  12. The first and not the last I'm sure of the old tenants moved to a "couple on vacation" apartment.
  13. Doubt they have any, but wouldn't give up their day jobs.
  14. Sex and masturbation is one thing, but the lack of nudity or even underwear at times is fucking terrible. You would think it's winter going by the amount of clothes some are wearing.
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