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  1. Masha's boobs look more real and handle a cock better than Asia also. (Joke don't get your knickers in a twist lol)
  2. Majority of it is nothing more than rambling on for the sake of it.
  3. This is something I reckon the majority of RLCF will agree on, but very doubtful it will happen. They are clearly struggling to get any new additions couples or singles, but like anything we have no idea how much effort they are putting in to actually get any.
  4. This apartment shows how fake and lame some apartments can be. Young lads with floppy dicks, girls ott moaning and viewers are suppose to think it's Real. Getting hard and staying hard might good thing to think about.
  5. Be careful what you post, some get upset easily. lol
  6. Plenty freaks that's for sure. Just have to scroll through the Fan pages and there they are. Fact majority are so obsessed and clearly can't take a joke, just makes fishing easier.
  7. Johnny

    Fan Pages

    Fuck them the best they can then tell them a bedtime story. lol
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