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  1. Johnny

    Paid member versus Hero member

    If you only allowed Hero/Paid members to use the chat would be even more dead than it is already. Doesn't bother me but would maybe give others a chance to voice their opinions without being disregarded.
  2. Johnny

    Add Additional Lesbian partners.

    Need to have something for everyone and not put all their eggs in one basket, better to fix it before it sinks completely.
  3. Johnny

    You've Got More Chance Of...

    Donald Trump being sexiest man alive.
  4. Johnny

    You've Got More Chance Of...

    A flea fucking an elephant.
  5. Johnny

    Best euphemism for masturbation

    Beating the bishop Jerkin the gerkin Pam and her five sisters Squishing the squidgie Dialing the rotary phone
  6. Johnny


    Question is who is more boring, the tenants or the people watching them!! (Some even stupid enough to pay for it)
  7. Most wouldn't get a job at McDonald's never mind anywhere else.
  8. Johnny

    Masha, Sasha, Dasha Threesome.

    Sometimes you get what you pay for.
  9. Johnny

    Linda. What A Body.

    Very true. That's why chaturbate can be good change if you are after sex and masturbating, you find the right ones you get more of a variety.
  10. Johnny

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    Another returnee. All 3 look uncomfortable as fuck around each other. Time will tell how this plans out.
  11. Johnny

    Motivational/Demotivational Posters.

    Gorgeous indeed.
  12. Johnny

    Fan Page Irma

    Amina is nothing but a snake and thinks she's smart doing it while he is around, Karol has even pushed her away when trying to feel her up so obviously feels little uncomfortable at times.
  13. Johnny

    Fan Page Angie

    Could be a model no problem. Not all about looks but if you compare her to others that some say are models, she is leagues apart.
  14. Johnny

    Fan Page Amanda and Pablo

    Amina is a selfish cow but more fool the ones that let her get away with it I say. Fans of these girls will stick by them no matter what they do.