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  1. Can't believe how much it's been on the news and in the papers. What a load of BS.
  2. Johnny

    Funny #2

    Now we know why things take longer than they should lol.
  3. Johnny

    Funny #2

    Much more entertaining lol.
  4. So much for all this talk about only a matter of time before RLC gets better. It's getting worse if anything. Tenants are doing less and less, and wearing more clothes than they've ever done.
  5. Johnny

    Blonde Jokes

    Two blondes are on a train, sitting in a cabin next to an old gentleman who happens to have a long beard. One of the blonde girls whispers to the other "Wow, look, it's Charles Darwin!!" "Are you stupid, he's been dead for over 200 years!" replies the other blonde. Just then, another older man walks into the cabin and says, "Howdy Charles, I haven't seen you for hundreds of years, what you been up to?" The first blonde says to the second, "Who's stupid now?"
  6. No Country for Old Men
  7. You see that from most of the apartments. Like they want you to believe it's so much better than it actually is. Overacting they call it in the business.
  8. People are about as surprised at what Masha puts on show as what the Barca girls do. So let's not make out that she needs to go any less than they do. Currently #1 in viewing that so many of you actually think means anything.
  9. Linda wondering around the apartment with her wonderful titties out more natural than you see in any of the staged apartments.
  10. Current chatters/speculators/commentators don't see it being their fault chat is the way it is, which is partly the problem and others are the ones with the problem. Neither parties are going to change so Chat won't either.
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