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  1. In what dumbass world was that ever going to work!!
  2. Personal messenger will be on overdrive. Lol
  3. Don't believe for a second they would struggle finding tenants no matter where they went. All depends on how much effort they are willing to put in and how much payment. Can't see them changing ways anytime soon.
  4. You can't but laugh at some theories, especially the ones that make no sense at all.
  5. Don't watch her so wouldn't make a difference.
  6. It's laughable really, especially then saying he's an ex-participant.
  7. Would say there would be a lot of cams freezing, but no different from RLC.
  8. I know in the UK many are aware of the site, because of a magazine article. Mixed reviews with many thinking it's creepy and perverted. But I'm sure will be the same all over and still many willing to participate.
  9. Without the consumption of alcohol, drugs or both a lot of what the show apartments do, especially the 3somes would never happen. Amazing what some will do, just to make some extra cash.
  10. Just obsessive and sometimes disturbing crap. Rambling on about girls that do the same show over and over. Even the "Couple on Vacation" apartment has it's own BS script. Then you have the weird Leora nutters that would eat her shit given the chance. Makes you realise you're not that weird after all.
  11. A super hot chick walks into her church and says to the priest, "Forgive me father, for I have sinned." The priest says, "Tell me dear, what's on your mind?" "Well father, I am a sex addict, and lately I have discovered that I like doing it with priests. I had sex with the one from the church two blocks from here, the one five blocks from here, and also the one from the church nearby." The priest says, "It's ok, just pray three times a day for one week and it will all be okay." As the girl tries to go out, the priest says, "Oh, and don't forget that I will be here for you!"
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