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  1. One thing I can not figure out since early 2019 that m & s split the masha we did not see it in either a lot of erotic games with dasha or even in many solo masturbating as we were used to. Why did the rlc managers tolerate it not offer and why allow it to be absent so many nights outside the apartment without having an impact?
  2. I remember that Dick and Jane came back for an evening after Dasha came to the apartment. A few hours before arriving Marsha got Dasha and disappeared from there and stayed with them in the apartment o Sasha.
  3. It was once one of the most remarkable apartments. It is now the most monotonous with very little sex and very little communication between them. Before Masha was the chief now very few hours are in and they are asleep. The best they could do was move somebody to another apartment and Masha to show us a new lover.
  4. Masha the Last days simple resident in the apartment, does not participate in the erotic life of the apartment. He went out and did not come back. Did the downhill start for the apartment?
  5. It was once one of the most interesting apartments in the rlc. They came to the point of making them alone in the apartment for example chess even sex. As they have separate relationships apart from the apartment. I hope soon to change something. I'm sorry but they've been very tired for the spectators. 🤔
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