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  1. You quoted me on your opinion on it and I gave a response. Don't quote someone if you get your knickers in a twist when they give you a response. Simple.
  2. Rubberman and some of you chat friends speculated about her return because a friend of hers joined the show. I was just giving my opinion on it.
  3. Not a big surprise. Both are just left with die hard porn watchers that will watch anything whether it's staged and fake or not. Members are just as pissed off at what VHTV has become, just as much as RLC. Leading to more finding other things to do with their time.
  4. Bet it's tragic. Some just never know when it's time to go and just making fools of themselves.
  5. More returnees in other words. Let's remember what she done in Barca apart from lust after Kamila like some lame ass stalker.... Very little. How many got strung along thinking her and Kamila would end up being "Lesbian" lovers. Which resulted in them getting an apartment lol. Take more than her and her "Angels" to make Barca or RLC watchable. All you Barca porn watchers are the same. You complain about returns one minute, but the best use can come up with is returns. What gives?
  6. As long as certain members pay to watch the same BS routines from the same performing apartments nothing will change. All you Leora fanatics would you know the difference if RLC played a week recording and, just altered the time and date to suit! I would bet not. As for her getting dick from someone (on camera) other than Paul is ridiculous. As for the Barca stage porn performers. Not even worth discussing. Masha should have gone when Dumb & Dumber left. Views mean nothing if it's only guests that are viewing the topic. Like the chat they CAN'T contribute.
  7. RLC sure know how to waste time and money. Not be better introducing new couple/s instead of installing more cameras in an apartment that's tedious as hell. Add as many as you want, not going to change how monotonous the current tenant is. Also. Not about time you moved your "Fake" couple on and replaced them with an actual "Real" couple. Most realised they were BS in the first 20mins give or take.
  8. You can only do what you can do. There nothing they can set-up so you or any other Admin/Mod can fix the problems?
  9. Just messing. People will be freaking out tho it bet.
  10. @StnCld316 Must be a wanted man. CC and Chat not working.
  11. Chat not working. Must be clogged up with bullshit.
  12. I would bet she will return if she wants. RLC are good at that.
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