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  1. Yes Have you ever had sex while a friend watches?
  2. Scorpio 22


    Worst part is when they actually think they look better and let's be honest most don't. Masha and kitty are perfect example. But like you say...... Their problem.
  3. 26 members online. That's got to be a record for a Wednesday.
  4. Looks like the standard VHtv moving in party. Would say maybe Dominessa's crew don't like that Alexandra is very attention seeking and always wants to be centre of attention, but that wouldn't say much, especially Dominessa as she is one of the biggest.
  5. Masha, Sasha and Dasha are the biggest joke on the site (Barcelona & D&J) not far behind. Just pure attention seeking whores.
  6. Exactly. Was always going to happen.
  7. Didn't take Ulyana long to get back in the sack with dumbass.
  8. Scorpio 22


    Must have been one pissed off bee. lol
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