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  1. Yes Have you ever had sex while a friend watches?
  2. Scorpio 22


    Worst part is when they actually think they look better and let's be honest most don't. Masha and kitty are perfect example. But like you say...... Their problem.
  3. 26 members online. That's got to be a record for a Wednesday.
  4. Looks like the standard VHtv moving in party. Would say maybe Dominessa's crew don't like that Alexandra is very attention seeking and always wants to be centre of attention, but that wouldn't say much, especially Dominessa as she is one of the biggest.
  5. Masha, Sasha and Dasha are the biggest joke on the site (Barcelona & D&J) not far behind. Just pure attention seeking whores.
  6. Exactly. Was always going to happen.
  7. Didn't take Ulyana long to get back in the sack with dumbass.
  8. Scorpio 22


    Must have been one pissed off bee. lol
  9. Masha and Kitty's just look stupid on them. Hope they kept the receipts lol
  10. New additions are not what you would call riveting in general or sexual. Asya not bad looking, but Asia and Donna nothing special.
  11. More likely the site getting closed down because of immature girls that can't handle their liquor. Your trying to tell me after all the years and amount of girls that have been in and out (B1 especially) that the locals and fuzz don't have an idea that something isn't kosha.
  12. So many complain about the drugs and amount of alcohol some consume, but all is forgotten as soon as something remotely sexual happens. Sure there is a word for it but Asshole(s) works just the same.
  13. Have looked into it and don't think uk has any laws on it. Only laws on actual voyeurism where cameras are set up and the people know nothing about it, which we all know is nothing alike.
  14. Nothing but Voyeur house cam girls. And pretty shit ones at that. Our project is also notable for bringing in a very varied roster of REAL people. There are no aspiring pornstars or camgirls.🐂
  15. When could you take anything seriously in the apartment??
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