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  1. Why Leora has to be is pretty obvious. She gets and keeps subscribers, easy money. Nelly and Bog are a popular couple with both sexes, but Nelly buggering off every now and then will soon, if not already get on people's nerves. Kristy ain't shit, boring and gives very little. Masha always has something up her sleeve, which will attract a certain amount when she puts something in motion.
  2. Even they are struggling. How many returns has there been in the last six months? The new girls they have brought in haven't exactly excited, even the most diehard fanatics are getting tired of the shit.
  3. Some assholes just produce more shit than others. Lol
  4. Dull Kristy and now friends of her have now turned up also in COV. Just when you think RLC might have found "new" participants lol. Come on WhySoSerious you know better than that.
  5. As another year draws to an end, personally been disappointing from RLC. Loss of apartments maybe out of their control, but could have put more effort in, and tried to get the site more worth while for all viewers. Will 2020 be any better. Wouldn't bet on it.
  6. Seems the Ass to Camera is popular with camera sites, no matter what ones you decide to watch. Nice to view, but gets old pretty quick and stay in the same position for far too long.
  7. Tenants that do this sort of fake ass shit don't last long, especially if they do the same routine day after day. Plus we already have a perfectly good site if it's something some enjoy.
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