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  1. Should never of had so many all based in one country, especially within a country with so much corruption. The police are one of the worst. Russia getting the World cup was not good for showing how corrupt, racist and homophobic the country is.
  2. Beautiful sight to see no matter what age you are. He will remember that till the day he dies.
  3. Bringing old ones back just going to see things we have seen time after time. Need more adventurous singles and couples that don't just fuck and masturbate the same way.
  4. Kitty and Smith must have moved out and now renting "their" apartment out to U&M.
  5. Not the brightest light in the harbour An intellect rivaled only by garden tools Another brain would be lonely Not the quickest horse in the stable If their nose was on upside down they'd drown in the rain
  6. Quite fitting really for both RLC and VHTV.
  7. The acting is awful and more laughable than a turn on. Don't mind them doing it occasionally, but when it's the only thing they do time to go. For a site that says they don't do aspiring pornstars and camgirls, they sure have a fair amount.
  8. Another returnee with different partner. How hard is it to find new people ffs.
  9. Nice big ass and lovely pair of juicy melons.
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