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  1. Need new tenants urgently. Older and more experienced would be welcomed. RLC are stuck in a rut and need to get moving forward.
  2. Looks like no. Only lasted 2 months. Was hardly worth adding her name to the apartment.
  3. Well, don't think many would disagree that the past was much more realistic than the present. Like anything in life sadly money talks and the main priority. Can't see either changing and will probably go even more off course, if that's possible.
  4. Not sure if the site itself is unsaveable, but does need new ownership and setup. Start afresh for 2020.
  5. Linda a little premature with the Christmas 🌲 luv.
  6. Wazzer


    What "new" apartments? All the undercover promoters in the chat lol. Good one. They are a lot of things, but promoters is not one of them.
  7. Wazzer


    Have to pay for the new cameras some how. Take more than Kristy rejoining to get old subscribers to join again. Interesting to see how many have rejoined and how many new have since apartments loss over 5 months ago.
  8. Wazzer


    With what they have to offer it's not worth any amount.
  9. Agree with you there. Chaturbate is one of the worst for it. Not hard to get views or tips depending on the site from the male species let's be honest.
  10. Just look for bruises. Bruises = Sex
  11. Just making complete fools of subscribers and best thing current owners could do is sell up. If you have any sense don't subscribe and waste your well earned cash.
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