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  1. Just look for bruises. Bruises = Sex
  2. Just making complete fools of subscribers and best thing current owners could do is sell up. If you have any sense don't subscribe and waste your well earned cash.
  3. Fun and interesting regular couples and singles will always outlast staged show performers. Just about finding ones with a good mix of interesting social life and sex life. Anyone that manages that will get the viewers and rewards that come with it $$$$$.
  4. Sharpening the pencil Taking the bald headed gnome for a stroll in the misty forest Pounding the punani pavement Parking the beef bus in tuna town
  5. Nice seeing two girls enjoying eachother and not looking staged and fake as fuck. All you "Lesbian" fanatics have a watch and see the difference from what you view at other apartments and think is Real.
  6. Not worth smashing your computer. At it's worse stage in 7 years and can only get better or close the doors surely.
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