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  1. This is a forum and if you little bitches don't like criticism towards the tenants, don't read and move on. Not everyone is an ass-licker and thinks these people are perfect. RLCF has more to offer than just RLC topics, so keep your "Why are you here then?" The fuck out of it. Simple
  2. Called giving ones opinion. More to RLCF than just RLC.
  3. Certain members think they can control others and assert authority.
  4. Barca girls ain't shit and Masha is just a wannabe pornstar. Fake tits to go with her fake ass porn shows. Harsh but true. Don't even get me started on Leora.
  5. Sounds like someone has even more screws loose than normal. Amazing what some people come out with for one reason or another.
  6. Shit like that always makes me laugh. Young girls on Vacation have gone out for some fun (Fucking every man they meet if you believe some) how dare they and now they owe them. Fact no-one challenges or disagrees with it shows how fucked up some are in their thinking or don't want to rock the boat.
  7. The show apartments would be finished. They have clearly shown both are needed for them to do anything remotely sexual with another tenant. The members that complain about drug use, but more than happy when it leads to "Lesbian" sex just show how twisted they really are.
  8. Nothing more off-putting then when it's blatant and ott. Just makes them look desperate and pitiful.
  9. Might be a coincidence, but places she has chosen (kitchen table for example) is exactly the same as kitty. Yes the cameras placed might make it difficult, but come up with your own ideas.
  10. Complete waste of time, money and apartment.
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