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  1. One tit short of an udder. Not the sharpest hook in the tackle box. On/off switch is stuck in off position. Million dollar body and a two dollar engine.
  2. Chebs Chubby chest cheeks Headlamps Traffic stoppers
  3. Flume


    Personally don't think it would look right with mature women in the villa set-up, but guaranteed would see more and better masturbating and sex. Mature women are so much more hornier and adventurous.
  4. Flume

    Funny #2

    Thankfully don't get much or if any in Oz, but funny to watch and more entertaining than RLC lol.
  5. Thanks. Time zones are roughly the same and always look to be doing nothing. Interest in wearing off and looks like many have lost interest also.
  6. RLCF much more enjoyment as for me in Oz RLC is dead when I have time to view. Comments made doesn't look like I am missing much anyway.
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