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  1. This Apartment especially always attracts at least one dickhead. These girls and others should really choose the men better.
  2. My choice would be Nelly & Bogdan. Sex and masturbating is always enjoyable but they also have fun together and with friends. More to come from them in 2019 I'm sure.
  3. Much prefer being the one getting some. Vacation with family or Vacation with friends?
  4. Have sneaked away before and started so we were when the bells gone. Have you ever been overseas to bring in a New Year?
  5. 69.

    RLC Clearout

    Lets pray 2019 brings more enjoyable tenants and less amateur performers. More Real and less Fake for 2019.
  6. All the best for 2019 RLCF. Hopefully new and enjoyable tenants for 2019.
  7. No. Have you ever masturbated at work while thinking about a colleague?
  8. Smith would be top of my list. 1. Smith 2. Sasha 3. Paul 4. Julia 5. Markus
  9. 69.

    RLC Clearout

    Any form of interaction takes it even further from voyeurism as it is already...... And for me a major turn-off.
  10. I would bet they stats have massively changed for the good and bad.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!
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