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  1. Them being a couple might help. Know it's hard for some but, there is more than 3 apartments and ones called "Couple". Have a look you might see something Real for once.
  2. For me has to be Lana and Robert. One of the more down to earth apartments and sexually good to watch. Look to have a good group of friends and also one or both seem to work.
  3. Gia spent most of the time on her bloody phone. Shows it's not an age thing but just the world we live in.
  4. Sounds like they take no prisoners when it comes to underperformers.
  5. Some you can tell straight away have watched and even know the best position to get the best money shot and know what viewers want to see. Maybe not so much scripted but definitely fixed. As I've seen it all before doesn't put me up or down and actually like the ones that do what they want. Especially when it annoys others.
  6. Some good apartments they need to get back online. Amazes me how many they go through and always have someone lined up ready to go. Not sure if it's VHTV fault or the couple's just can't handle the heat.
  7. Maybe I missed it but this was all talk and no action. They had a meal with few friends and that was it.
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