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  1. Nothing proffesional about what went on in B1 the other night. Anyone professional wouldn't get that wasted and just make themselves look foolish.
  2. Didn't take long for MSD to get back to happy families again. Never been sure what to make of the whole situation and just looks like an act most of the time. Not sure about Asia and Hakeem but looked liked they had never had sex before.
  3. These so call "camgirls" are mostly just tease and hardly ever go anywhere. Can see better on Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.
  4. They must waste a lot of money on relocations. Relocating tenants that are clearly useless, tenants that they have not long moved in and then moving them again. Unless it's others causing them problems, seems a lot of moving around for nothing.
  5. Yes obvious what is coming and no real surprise.
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