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  1. Kitty is a massive narcissist and clearly had other issues we will never know about. Spending so much time around someone never good for any relationship either.
  2. Bigger the better. Linda and Martina both have nice titties.
  3. By the sound of what happened. Was just the same BS performance that MSD and the girls do on regular basis. Thankfully was out and not wasting time that will never get back lol.
  4. Going to take more work now to get a site that was pretty much average improved.
  5. Some just love to speculate and think they know what's really happening. You just have to read the chat to realise that.
  6. Asia looks to be another Julia regarding sex. Has no interest whatsoever and just doing it for the sake of it. Whatever their game is, they have caused a stir in RLCF world.
  7. Have better and more interesting things to do.
  8. Abuse definitely but can't see them giving the boot for infidelity. Need to sort what is going to happen - apartment is just wasted on his miserable ass.
  9. Kitty will be getting her pussy "Smashed" like never before.
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