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  1. The sites are all just as bad as eachother from what I have seen. No variety in sex or masturbation and if they played just a recording and adjusted time and date to suit how many would know the difference! If they are this boring at this age, hate to see what they are like in their 40/50s. Not worth paying for what you get.
  2. Some really love to get involved and know everything they can about certain tenants. Even down to what underwear they will wear for the day pmsl. Doesn't surprise me if you even know what time they take a shit.
  3. Let's see how long before the hating starts.
  4. Wow the comments on this page are just as weird and fucked up as the tenants. RLC should employ some of you to be writers for there porn/comedy show.
  5. Not something that interests me but whatever floats your boat. 🚤
  6. Quite funny but sad at the same time what certain people write. Some actually think they know how the girls are feeling, what they are doing outside the apartments, what they will do next. Just have to laugh about it.
  7. Julia and Eric and definitely a interesting couple but not what you would call fun and exciting. Both have moments where they try and get something going and the other rejects. RLC must keep them for a reason or completely forgot they are still on the books.
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