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  1. Your opinion is no more less valued than anyone elses. Some are so far up the ass of these sites, don't know how to get out.
  2. Certain members make out that RLC members are obsessed and feel the need to breakdown and discuss everything that happens. But think it's different when it's VHTV. Not happy with what members contribute on RLCF, keep to CC with the rest of the obsessed.
  3. Coming from a site that doesn't promote either aspiring pornstars or camgirls. Maybe you and them should have a look at what they try and make people think their site is any different. "People that go about their daily lives without trying their hardest to appeal to the viewers.
  4. Another site that's full of wannabe pornstars and camgirls. And I thought RLC was full of desperate attention seekers.
  5. These girls are just as lame as these people that discuss them constantly. Hard to choose who to pitty more.
  6. Vaz

    Intimidated by the chat

    Who in their right mind would ever feel intimidated. Just a bunch of sad old men obsessed with girls they have no chance in the world ever getting with.
  7. Best thing to do is put something out there that is BS and see it being said in the chat. No-one questions it and just believe it because it's come from a "reliable" source. Don't believe everything you read or are told.
  8. Well said. Yet some still say they are a couple and he's "cheating" on her. Nothing but make-believe for the fantasists and morons.
  9. Vaz

    Not the smartest.

    The lights are on, but nobody's home A few beers short of a six-pack The wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead A few screws short of a hardware store About as sharp as a marble
  10. You can be guaranteed that one or two will turn up in Barcelona or Italy on vacation. Only a matter of time before VHTV get some on board. Haven't seen the last of some of them.
  11. Sasha couldn't fight his way out a wet paper bag lol.
  12. One massive long "Vacation" for most of them now. Unless it's just a short term problem, my guess we won't see many of them again. Happy job searching.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if money had something to do with it. If nothing to do with Russia, why only the Russian apartments taken offline?
  14. World is full of them my friend. If you haven't experienced it, you have been lucky.
  15. Bottom line no one knows shit what the reason is.
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