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  1. Wizard

    i miss Paul

    Maybe think about making a club and you and others that miss him can chat and discuss wonderful memories and what you miss most.
  2. The lack of any new tenants is just poor. Apartments going UM for days on end and RLC given pathetic reasons as usual. The whole Masha situation is just laughable. Why "renovate" a one bed apartment when you plan on having two tenants living in it. Leora has served her purpose and about as Real and exciting to watch as Astroturf.
  3. Nothing more than paying porn watchers.
  4. Not hard being more entertaining than the twins. Haven't a brain between them to think of new ideas. Talking of brain and new ideas, seen the latest BS from Leora on the kitchen table? If not have a watch it's worth the laugh.
  5. If it wasn't RLC I would be shocked they are still part of the show. Funny thing is many still hope and await Asia coming through the door and catching Hakeem with one of his skanks. Lol
  6. Ffs Pinky and Perky are back. Things must be worse than we thought.
  7. Well said and couldn't have said it better myself. Interesting to see how they fall once they get back in the real world and have to work for a living.
  8. Wizard

    Fan Pages

    Yes, always something to make you laugh.
  9. Not all assholes thank you very much .
  10. What is in the contracts is something we will never know about. I would say more about keeping the favorite ones on side and if they are willing to get them on board. Easier and win-win for both. Also fact they have apartments in these countries, what's stopping them setting up more!. If they don't want or feel they need to change - what does that say about them. If this was a garage or a building site and the employees were not doing anything. They would be given the boot.
  11. Wizard

    Fan Pages

    Yes noticed that. Sure some will think of something just for the sake of it. Even sitting on their ass, certain members still are able to come out with theories about what's happened.
  12. Wizard

    Fan Pages

    Best thing is you know most are being serious with their comments.
  13. What for a weekend of passionate "Lesbian" sex. Yes because she's been famous for that over the years. .
  14. Can't disagree with you there and very true indeed. Even at €19.95 per month not worth it.
  15. At this moment in time both are struggling. Outside and non-related topics are only thing worth having a look at on RLCF. As for RLC it's turned into a complete joke. Better chance of seeing nudity and masturbating at the local swimming baths.
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