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  1. Or "Queen" Leora as some refer her as. Have many subscribed or resubscribed since she returned?
  2. Wizard

    Leora's First Visitor

    Some of you certainly have a vivid imagination, especially when it comes to the females and any other female they come in contact with.
  3. If their brain was on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a pea rolling down a four-lane highway About as intelligent as a brick wall
  4. Can't wait to see the responses to this. Pmsl. As for incest happening......Really!!
  5. Just shows some will do anything to attract viewers and add some money to their bank accounts.
  6. Some right Aholes and clearly don't like comments that don't fit how they see things. A lot that think they know everything, but actually know no more than the rest of us.
  7. Bringing in someone new would take time and effort. Did she really have the time for that??
  8. I suggest you appreciate the members you do have posting. Forum is not exactly in the best state and could lose even more members to CamCaps. CamCaps always welcome.
  9. To make people think she's single. You and others were clearly fooled into thinking she was. Lol
  10. When all else fails bring in Dick and Jane.
  11. Same shit different girl. Soon as they don't play the game they are fake and trying to control other girls. Maybe we should get all these big men in one room and see how they like being picked on.
  12. Keep up the good work. Anyone that gets grown men acting like little bitches gets my vote. Sure she gives a fuck what old men with nothing better to do think of her.
  13. Same in your face, over performing porn. What most want and these sites deliver.
  14. We all know by now RLC will do what is easiest and makes the money. If it means returning girls then so be it. Girls that done nada and bringing them back who knows... Easy option, lacking ideas. Most you know what's coming anyway.
  15. You very rarely see the girls bring anyone home and have sex. More about them doing acts with each other and keeping members happy and attracting new ones. The guys that are seen on camera are questionable as to what their position is, i.e boyfriend, friend, or some random brought in to help make money.
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