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  1. One of the more genuine ones left. Never knowing when you might see Martina nude, masturbating or just out the blue having her bottoms and panties pulled down and pussy licked or fucked. What it's all about. Nothing scripted, or daily shows where you know exactly what's going to happen.
  2. Has Masha seriously got a cleaner!! If only she knew what diseases there could be.
  3. Calling it porn is laughable. Most can't even keep an erection. Sex is lame and 9/10 goes nowhere. That applies to most of the apartment I have watched so far. I assume this desperation to look at their phones after anything they do is checking views.
  4. Do people actually pay to watch this shite?
  5. That is exactly what it's like.
  6. Wouldn't shut it down just yet, but until things improve and there are tenants worth the time nothing will change. Other parts of the forum are only of interest if you can post images etc. Otherwise not much point sticking around.
  7. New year and same old shit is guaranteed. Best thing that could happen in 2020 is new owners, then go from there. Until then don't give them anything.
  8. Wizard


    If anything they make it sound worse. Mostly just obsessed rambling and nonsense.
  9. 10 minutes of fame and a little extra cash. Some will do anything to get it. Not sure if just the age group or culture they are from, but have no self-regard, which is quite sad really.
  10. It is a job and they are getting paid to entertain. Extra bonus just leads to the performing apartments doing staged and clearly discussed shows. You can guarantee what went on at Masha's had been discussed between them. You try and play viewers with staged crap, personally deserve all the criticism and mocking you receive. As for thinking, they obviously don't think much about themselves, if they are happy selling themselves for and extra buck.
  11. Over exaggerated masturbating and performing to the cams must be the way to keep yourself on the show and be rewarded with new cameras. More unbelievable choices made by RLC.
  12. Well you must be the only one. Even someone that barely watched them on RLC can tell it's them.
  13. You have to laugh at how much they get involved and dissect every little thing. Like a mad obsession and need to know as much information as possible. Obvious to most why only a small amount use it.
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