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  1. Bet you wouldn't say it to his face though. Double dare you lol
  2. Spot on my friend and couldn't have put it better myelf. 👍
  3. Wouldn't think many can these days. Majority of them would have to leave the chat first even if they could.
  4. Some might say another thing ruined by money and greed.
  5. Is anyone really surprised with the lack of interest in VHTV recently. Persistent problems all over the site, mole sex, original tenants leaving and letting any old Tom, Dick and Henrietta take their place, uninteresting tenants, boring sex and cam shows. Get the feeling members here are more interested in the Voyeur aspect, compared to CamCaps where they just post anything sexual. The Leora fanatics would lose a body part for used panties lol.
  6. Yes, USA based as far as I know. You see some sights in stores all over the world, but any from Walmart just makes you think. WTF.
  7. Both sites were much better in the past. Currently they are a joke and not even worth watching for free.
  8. See for me the genuine, getting on with life apartments always have a downfall. Marla&Hector, Nicole&Karl for example. Not enough or if any masturbating. Yes no-one masturbates 24/7, but they hardly ever done/do it. Even nudity is/was rare. Need a balance of nice genuine couples with good sex life, where the women enjoy their "me" time.
  9. Complete waste of utilities. If you have a hair braiding fetish, it's the apartment to watch.
  10. Not so much the gullible subscribers, but Hardcore porn viewers. That's what it's all about now and the sites are more than happy to give them what they want. You take away the 24hr performing apartments, Camgirls and what is left! Everything is just false, staged and nowhere near reality (well not in my world).
  11. Looks to be acceptable as long as they do it in PM. But nothing is done when members say they have information about locations of apartments, tenants and blatantly say they do in an open chat. These dumb fucks don't have a clue who they are giving this information too. The female tenants have been accused of being all sorts. Don't think there is much they haven't done.
  12. Without outside help they are fucked. Not interesting enough as a couple to keep viewers entertained and wanting more. Melissa use to be good to watch, but god one of the most boring now. This "I've got a broken toe and can't do much" is a load of bullshit.
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