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  1. Don't need to view her apartment to tell she's not changed routine and boring. Things called thumbs and videos posted show that. Don't even need to play the videos. As for her and others entertaining daily... Your either on drugs or watching something completely different. Even your Chat friends will agree it's Bollocks.
  2. Come on jugghead you're dying to say something about these comments
  3. Let's be honest he's done well with not only having a wife like Mira, but all the rest of the women he's managed to get with. Even Betty was out his league, but managed to tap that more than once.
  4. Definitely a lot of overacting and playing to the cameras, but that has been part of RealLifeCam for years. Leora is perfect example of that. Only difference these days are they are worse actors and more obvious.
  5. From what I have seen since being here the majority of members are neither Paid or Hero. Is there anywhere that shows the members and their status? Just curious.
  6. Some horny over 40's. Would put these young girls to shame.
  7. More chance of Alina returning then that ever happening. Good to dream though
  8. Way more interesting than BoreLifeCam
  9. One of many that are a joke. Seen women wearing less clothes in a convent.
  10. Masha is so funny the way she tries to act and perform like a pornstar. Facial expressions are hilarious. 9/10 for comedy value.
  11. Yes, she replaced Malena & Amelia. 06/15/19 would have been there start date. Ah we all get confused, comes with old age
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