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  1. Now that is something worth spending time and money on.
  2. Leora has her loyal fans and will pay to watch no matter what. Calling someone that performs "The Queen" proves that. The Barcelona apartments are not much better and just as thick to come up with new ideas. Masha and whatever helpers she can recruit are just as fake as those stupid looking tits of hers. A&H are just a complete joke and an even bigger insult to the site than the others mentioned.
  3. The majority that watch these bimbo teases, lesbian loving BS are old men. Also are the most to speculate and evaluate every little thing. Like many never understand the need to.
  4. I would bet it's not lol. Probably got a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp.
  5. Personally money one of the main reasons these sites have gone they way they have. Getting extra incentives makes them over perform, put on shows and do what they can to make the grade. More your standard porn watchers rather than voyeurs subscribing. Forums are losing more and more members for that exact reason. Sure you and other long term members will have noticed the change in members and ones that were once regulars have noticed the change and no longer interested.
  6. Were clearly not a member when the site first started and before the money show apartments were brought into play. The voyeur aspect is not even worth discussing, but couples being "Real" and living routine lives was on view. Most of the BS now is just staged porn, your lucky if you even get that.
  7. Another Camera House Pornshow. Nothing you haven't seen before. Always a meal and drink, game of cards, maybe twister, then depending on how many break away to groups. Couples most of the time stick with their partners, while the singles have their own camera sex show. Read them like a book.
  8. Ffs. If you're going to do something like that you at least have a proper roof ladder that hooks over the ridge, then connect them to others if need be. Certainly wouldn't be using wooden ones either. Dumbass.
  9. Ffs. If you're going to do something like that you at least have a proper roof ladder that hooks over the ridge, then connect them to others if need be. Certainly wouldn't be using wooden ones either. Dumbass.
  10. You are basically agreeing with what another member said about interaction between viewers and tenants. In what sense is that real or even anywhere near voyeurism. Might as well change the site name (should have already) and tell them what to do and tip them.
  11. Was curious and watched some recent videos. God she hasn't changed routine one bit. Same ott rubbing, body movements and facial expressions she's been doing for years. The "Queen" of BS that's for sure.
  12. Since when was sharing at all a smart idea. No matter whether it's girls or couples sharing, it's completely not practical whatsoever. You have to be pretty stupid to think it is.
  13. I'm surprised they don't react to the cameras more especially the Barca show girls. Some of the shit they get accused of being and doing without any real proof is unreal. Like anything your going to get the ones that take it in their stride, then others that take it to heart. Why they should stay away from forums etc.
  14. Only seen one and that's @Alittle. Females won't stick around for this kinda nonsense. Unless you have an interest in VHtv or non-related topics, the rest of the forum including the chat is just a bunch of fishwives.
  15. That was from a @StnCld316 post but they should have something for everyone. Can't see it improving and if they are still operating by the summer I'll be very surprised. The streaming is just as shit as it was. The majority of us know what's needed to make a reasonable site, all except the useless fuckers that currently have them online.
  16. Very true indeed. Anyone can see RLC need to close and completely rebuild. If they were smart they would have already and started 2020 afresh. The current situation is abysmal.
  17. They offer cam streams. It's debatable if they are Real Life. Popularity is not what it once was. Interesting to see how many subscribers the likes of RLC and VHTV have gained and how many they have lost over the last 6 months or so.
  18. Pretty sure Pinky and Perky were male and a lot more entertaining than the twins. Does show what options they have and lack any new additions.
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