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  1. Hi Scotsman


    Another thing that pissed me off with the forum is the newbies they talk you down like your nothing i mean we are the law around here who do they think they are and what happened to all the mods around here everything seems to have gone downhill since i left

    1. dougiestyle4u


      Welcome Back, Sir. Now you are talking. Newbies took over since the mods disappeared or gave up. Newbies and Barca talk control the chat. Old timers gave up and walked away completely or only make appearances in the forums or log in to check the daily happenings.

    2. Rob1


      Talking of mods that was a lot to do with why i left the forum in the first place because after i left my mod job by mistake it took me ages to get over it and Texl kept saying hold on and now it's been 2 and a half years and i still ain't got it back that it's a shame because i thought i was a fine mod one of the best not to sound to cocky.

      That and the Chatbox,RLC and the Forum it's self all got boring nothing happened on it it died but now i have got over the mod job i no longer want to be mod anymore because it is to boring on here anyway.


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