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  1. She was literally in the middle of nowhere . It was a city but ten minutes out was wilderness. I use to look it up on Google Earth. There are pictures. Beautiful mountains but, I think this girl needs a life. My niece lives in Prague. I may have to visit and walk the streets looking for Leora . Actually ,I can't afford to leave town and my niece is crazy so I wouldn't visit if I could .
  2. I'd like to be the guy to try.
  3. Hung7


    Has RLC gone full membership to view any of the apartments? I have tried and it says Adobe has been blocked . Not that there is anything to see
  4. Hung7

    Revelation 22 RLC

    Prediction on when the end of RLC will come? I figure by December 2020 it will be forgotten history
  5. I remember when chat was fun. People actually related to each other about reality and the site. You could ask a question without being attacked for asking a question not pertaining to the current conspiracy brewing in chat.That all died to become the Alex Jones conspiracy hour and "we rule chat" . It use to be paying members didn't care if you weren't a paying member to RLC,now those with enough brains not to pay are shit on and belittled . What's it like paying the same price for 1\3 of the apartments ?
  6. Why was it only the Russian apartments? Did Putin crack down ? Was there a threat to the apartments? Or is RLC using meth ?
  7. Oddly, I was just looking at other stuff and RLC came up with Leora in the guest room in stockings,panties and a bra playing with herself. I clicked on others that remained that I could see. The times were current . How was Leora there even though there was no listing for her ? That's why I came here to see what was going on. I haven't been here in a few months
  8. Spend money on what? I can see all these people doing this stuff for free on other sites .And I don't have to waste my time sitting and watching and waiting for it top happen. I can see it on demand.Paying to see Leora is like having sex with every women in town for six years and then told,you have to pay for it from now on, when the next town over ,it's free . It's not like she invents a new exciting way to masturbate each time. It's like watching reruns of a show that only lasted six weeks
  9. I was visiting my sister in the hospital after she had a baby. It was off hours for visiting so we were sitting in the hallway. I look up and there is a woman walking down the hallway in a hospital gown who was built just like this woman and her stomach was hanging down to her knees. I couldn't eat for days lol
  10. You guys all happy you are paying for this shit? Most of the time no one is home . Paid members keep carrying on about how fake and scripted this crap is and yet,keep throwing cash at RLC. You're paying to watch Leora masturbate for the 20,000 time . She's a beautiful woman but it's like eating hamburgers every day. At some point it gets old and now you're now paying for the same old shit
  11. Now go back a reread what Alittle wrote
  12. Facts tell us different. The woman stay until they end up dead. If they wanted out they could just leave with being charged with murder but they don't. They are brainwashed into thinking they deserve the abuse for something they did wrong and or that they couldn't find anyone else that wants them. How many times have we seen a beaten woman screaming at the cops to not arrest the guy because she loves him? Abused women can easily kill their mates but don't .
  13. What a joke. After years of her going out and coming home the next day and instantly washing her panties out,now they make it pay per view so people can watch her paint and sew
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