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  1. maybe its just me .but i don't see the fun loving girl from the old apartment she seams sad and distant now ,oh and a ton more clothes on ALL THE TIME ,what do you guys think ?
  2. i kinda like that i cant understand what their saying .makes it a bit more fun trying to figure out whats going on lol ,body language facial expressions,voice tone
  3. i dunno about Lev..ive seen this guy in his kangaroo pjs ,,go for a shower and put the same damn dirty clothes back on ,so im pretty sure the dude don't worry about socks lol
  4. she is really fckn hot...still cant believe shes with that Muppet Paul
  5. they usally look like they are pissd off at each other ,,not sure what the deal is with these two
  6. why is this apartment like a revolving door ,always new people every month..is nora really that hard to live with ?
  7. I rather enjoy watching this couple ,they always seam to be having fun and care for each-other deeply .and Nelly is always so happy and cheerful she make me smile alot of days just watching her have fun
  8. awesome pics keep it up ,she may be my new fav
  9. i saw paul check out the history on the pc or something to that effect that completely lost his chit on Leora ,next thing i know i hear a loud bang and see Pual lunging away from her while she burst into tears.the girl looked scared as chit too ,she ran away he chased,standard abuse cycle ,,why Leora just why..you could do sooooooooooo much better ,,
  10. so after a couple rejections from leora paul starts sitting in the guest room in the dark playing his sad guitar with the door closed while watching himself in the mirror wtf ..could this be the end of what ever sanity he has left lol
  11. he was in rehab?thats news to me
  12. i have never seen a balcony pic or vid in the year ive been here,pretty sure there are no cams out there ,let me know if any of you have seen any ?
  13. suzan is ok .great chest but Hector is a complete douche bag,treats her more like a slave than his queen imho
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