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  1. Gina looks just like my second wife...I just need to find a way to break this news to my current first wife
  2. You shouldn't put 'beautiful woman' (agreed) and 'period' (when women become moody, temperamental, argumentative, etc., etc. ) in the same sentence
  3. Don't think it matters which is which as I don't think they use their real names on here. But I guess it helps to know which one we are talking about each time
  4. Damn, I missed that party night. Been waiting ages to see more of blue hair...
  5. Thanks for the pics. I now know that Carina is the girly girl not the boy girl
  6. does anyone else think Kami's relationship with Kristy is a bit one sided. I always see Kristy making a play for Kami but never the other way around or am I missing something??
  7. There's got to be something good about him as Zoya clearly thinks a lot of him and shows him passion whereas if you look at dasha and demid they act like brother and sister with hardly any affection.
  8. whenever I look recently there is no one home??
  9. great couple...missed their sex tonight in the bedroom tho...hope they don't make a habit of that and forget about sofa sex
  10. Yes Nelly is fab but Kami is sexier?
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