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  1. come on kim.... play with that pussy .....
  2. buzzy


    there is a blonde in Lana's apt....who is she? anyone seen her play alone or with Lana?
  3. did Nelly play with that girl ?
  4. these girls need to go.... so boring
  5. buzzy

    Fan Page Emma & Julio

    anyone seen her rub her pussy yet?
  6. I think masha and dasha is getting it on... can anyone send me a vid?
  7. need to dump your friend and bring in another woman..... you would luv to have another woman play with you
  8. buzzy

    Maya Fan Page

    boring,boring, boring.... we need new blood ... send them home
  9. has she every played with herself at her computer?
  10. who was having sex in bed earlier today?
  11. did sasha just have sex with dasha?
  12. have they ever had a three way yet?
  13. Linda needs to not be nervous and have a one time Masturbationfest.... she needs to really get into in on the couch and have multiple orgasms.
  14. has dasha and masha conducted a full blown lesbian activity yet?


    1. nicechumley455


      hi nicechumley here they have just kissed alot at this time no pussying licking yet maybe stay tuned