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  1. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I just watched a recent video on another site of Leora getting licked by Paul and noticed that she has pubic hair. In some other recent videos I thought she had some pubes but the videos were not zoomed close enough. But in this video it is zoomed much closer and it is clear she has a closely groomed racing stripe. I and others in posts a few years ago thought that she had her hair lasered so no shaving required and to my knowledge no one has ever seen her shave in the shower. This new video confirms she has pubes. I think the pubes make her more sexy.
  2. rayjay6

    Fan Page Kitty & Smith

    With all the social media on the web today and especially the sites like "Chaturbate" shows are more common. Some of the girls on RLC are doing shows on the cam site which these shows are their real life. The web, social media, digital cameras and smart phones have changed people's lives immensely in the last 10 plus years. What is or was real life to you and to me is not real life to the younger generation. It is a whole new game and what we see now is their real life.
  3. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    Since she has been watching more porn the last couple of years her performances have improved greatly. She's learned a lot from porn and maybe outside of home too. Her sex with Paul is much better though he is still a dud that has a time of keeping his dick hard. Leora needs a guy like Sasha or Bogdan that would make her scream for more.
  4. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I am late in commenting on this subject as I have not been online at RLCF lately but I have to agree with: "she has blossomed into a quite appealingly attractive woman". Leora looks more like an adult woman rather than the teenager she was a few years ago. Sure she has some cottage cheese on her but and thighs but how many women do not especially after their mid twenties. There will be those that disagree but many women that are very fit and toned have some cottage cheese. It's just a fact of life in nature that women will have cc. Leora may not be the prettiest compared to some of the other girls on RLC but she is beautiful to me. She is still the queen of RLC.
  5. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I agree with PoeBoy that she does it so well. Her pussy is worth the price of admission. In my opinion her pussy is the most beautiful pussy of all the girls on RLC. I have never seen a pussy (in person or on the web) that is more beautiful than hers.
  6. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I agree. When I began watching RLC several years ago Leora looked more like a teenager and as time has progressed she has grown into a lovely woman.
  7. rayjay6

    Fan Page Mira and Kai

    Mira and Kai were visiting Nelly and Bogdan a few hours ago
  8. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    Also when she was riding the pillow she put two fingers in her butthole.
  9. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    You did not miss anything. The photos posted by mikeusa are old. At least a year, maybe two years or more.
  10. I think Masha, Sasha, and now Dasha are teasers.  Last night they were in sexy nities and a little tipsy.  They would dance(close and kiss) and when things got a little hot they would stop for a smoke break.  They did this for about three hours and never got sexy.  I think they are there to get us to watch but nothing is ever going to happen.

  11. rayjay6

    Masha and Sasha Fan Page

    This morning Barcelona time, 7 am or so, Masha and Dasha went to bed. Both were topless. They kissed and Dasha cuddled up to Masha, placed an arm around her and went to sleep and they are still asleep at 5 pm their time. So maybe things are looking up for some action between these two soon.
  12. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    What I saw within the past 2 hours is not what I would call a version. If you were watching you must have seen something I did not see because I know what I saw and it was Paul losing interest in Leora when she was definitely horny and practically throwing herself at him for some dick. End of story.
  13. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I do not agree that my post was hollow. Sure they are together a little more of late but like in the past Paul seems to have little interest in her when she is horny and wants some affection. Just in the past hour or so they were on the couch cuddling a little as in he was rubbing one of her legs and belly just above her pussy then seemed to lose interest. Got up and went to his computer and ear buds. She was hot and horny. Fluffed her hair, smiled, flitted around, sat in the chair next to his computer table, which I am sure her pussy was on full display, wanted some dick but no interest from Paul. So she went to the guest room to do some make up touch up, looked at her phone and her hornyness subsided. Same old thing, different day.
  14. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    It seems he is able to last a few minutes more now and she appears to enjoy it more though he does not satisfy her completely. And as usual she has to finish herself into a writhing orgasm. A few days ago she was naked and flitting around to excite him and he was not interested. Just gave her a go to hell look and just kept watching tv. I do not understand the guy. A gorgeous woman that is scantily dressed and or naked much of the time with a high sex drive and very little interest in her.
  15. rayjay6

    Leora Fan Page

    I commented to a similar post a few months ago and since I have been a RLCF member of over 2 1/2 years Leora has transformed from a teenage looking girl to a very beautiful woman now. As you said "she has filled out quite nicely...". A little weight gain has made her butt and legs much more beautiful. Her breasts seem to be sagging some but they are still awesome. She is not as camera shy was a few years ago as she lies around fully or almost fully naked much more with her legs spread wide showing her amazing pussy. Although I do not understand their language, at times in the past, Paul would tell her to put on some clothes when she was lying naked. She probably told him to fuck off and does what she wants. Also Leora seems to be in a better mood as of late. She smiles more especially when on her phone. RLC would probably fold if she left the project. Only Irma, Jessica and Nora could keep it going if Leora was gone.